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  • Sophie Watson
    Sophie Watson

    0:48 Joe Elliot is that you

  • Junior Bravo
    Junior Bravo

    Eh he needs it for me

  • Black Pink Luv
    Black Pink Luv

    It reminds me of seventeen again with Zach

  • Cool boy
    Cool boy

    😳 you do not have to play



  • Someone else
    Someone else

    While porky dressed as the dababy:PULL UP

  • james Laurence Abella
    james Laurence Abella

    what if a amirecan lion faced that ngandong tiger

  • Salam Sundip Singh Sundip
    Salam Sundip Singh Sundip

    Where can I watch this movie

  • Inkable

    Huh? AH.

  • Aserid Rodríguez
    Aserid Rodríguez

    Muy kill l look de ver la the move

  • Suzy Cook
    Suzy Cook


  • Gab yt
    Gab yt

    i learn on this story is money isnt everything its about you and your family siblings yes you dont have money but your family is always there to support you no matter what

  • Suzy Cook
    Suzy Cook


  • diamante 20
    diamante 20

    It’s funny that the phone is from toy story 3

  • Bobchonky Blamey
    Bobchonky Blamey

    But the baby is way different than at the end of the first movie!!!!!

  • El pajaro crot meme cars
    El pajaro crot meme cars

    Sad >:)

  • Happy hufflepuf Ayala
    Happy hufflepuf Ayala

    That ahhh

  • Starman Crusader
    Starman Crusader

    There’s nothing more scarier than an angry mother

  • Jennilee edwards
    Jennilee edwards

    Janna and Rani Are the same lions

  • Jesse Bell
    Jesse Bell

    tim has such beautiful daughters😻 so cute🧡

  • Dinakar Dev K Jayan
    Dinakar Dev K Jayan

    2:50 the fact that his arm withstood such force for quite sometime 😳

  • Elvia Perez
    Elvia Perez

    It was sad

  • Maranatha Group
    Maranatha Group

    Let's just say that you can live in a world without K pop

  • Naleah Murphy
    Naleah Murphy

    Naileah Murphy

  • ‎ً


  • Fernando Roa
    Fernando Roa

    the worst movie ever

  • Owen Peredo
    Owen Peredo

    If BL movies are aimed towards kids

  • Games Rock
    Games Rock

    Subscribe plzzzz

  • Oreva OrumaAkufie
    Oreva OrumaAkufie

    Is Jerry laughing sound like ku fu girl from Scooby doo unmasked from the game


    I love stranger things


    Can you tell me the song goes like tadada at the beginning

  • cristina trejo
    cristina trejo


  • cristina trejo
    cristina trejo


  • RnR Mira Lavarias
    RnR Mira Lavarias

    Well that’s funny

  • Play boy Carti boy
    Play boy Carti boy

    Say answer of room

  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones

    MJ is and always will be the GOAT

  • Ugly_rat27

    He has a shirt 😐

  • Stephanie Cover
    Stephanie Cover

    By this time , I watched half a quarter of the movie.

  • Jack The Weirdo Thing
    Jack The Weirdo Thing

    Hmm, monke movie

  • Soha Desoky
    Soha Desoky

    Erica’s face was hilarious 😂❤️

  • Gael Badillo
    Gael Badillo



    Weak as hell just like his shoes. Will never come close to MJ. Black Jesus !! 😂😂

  • Yousef Magda
    Yousef Magda

    gamed awee

  • ฅ º ᴥ ºGuada Lunaฅ
    ฅ º ᴥ ºGuada Lunaฅ


  • Joe Adams
    Joe Adams

    This animation is moving too fast i cant keep up

  • Moive rivews
    Moive rivews

    Icarly reference. 0:47

  • Kalena Skolnick
    Kalena Skolnick

    I love this

  • Luana Fabiola Claudio Reyes
    Luana Fabiola Claudio Reyes


  • Carson Barksdale
    Carson Barksdale

    It is a great movie when I didit watch it

  • Dosey Ardy
    Dosey Ardy

    1:11 his parents

  • The Cousin channel All about the best cousins ever!
    The Cousin channel All about the best cousins ever!

    Awww It’s Tim’s Parents! They’ve grown old together!!!

  • draw corn
    draw corn

    can we agree that them loving their “Uncle Ted” instead of their actual dad is very similar to the “Daddy’s Home” movies

  • 한보원

    Tim's glasses is so cute😍 And Tabitha doesn't seem to notice that the boy is her father

  • Jessica S
    Jessica S

    I think the reason why boss baby acted the way that he did is because he forgot about Tim because if you see in the show which is apparently cannon. Keith forgets their whole bond from the 1st movie. Then I think boss baby starts actually remember the adventures they had. Because he didn't remember in the 1st place because his memory was wife'd so he kind of learned about Tim all over again.

  • Gwen Stacy
    Gwen Stacy

    Mum of the year, this movies was one of the best this year has to offer

  • Leonard Chery
    Leonard Chery

    Khoi can’t skip movies so stop and no skipping movies like raya andthe last dragon and trolls world tour bc you suk and you fired