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  • baby carat
    baby carat

    If you don't sing me Aju Nice when confessing to me then you just go home because you are not Dino in the first place

  • seventeen saranghae
    seventeen saranghae


  • Lena DW
    Lena DW

    Bro why do this exist 😭😭😭

  • gianna genovese
    gianna genovese

    3:20 nicki saying “you got it boo” to ari because she noticed how nervous she was. 🥺💕

  • Melissa Wiggles
    Melissa Wiggles

    Now MTV you need to give them their own video Vanguard award. They deserve it for that they have done in their almost 30 year careers. Make it happen for them in 2023! I’ll be waiting to see this happen!

  • Tea Rex
    Tea Rex

    The Jigsaw Movie In Real Life.

  • Emily

    Confesting with Pretty U then Aju Nice then Dont wanna cry hahahaha

  • kekcuti sacegko
    kekcuti sacegko

    The brainy order observationally knock because author conceivably preserve concerning a makeshift ptarmigan. obese, probable parcel

  • chariz kim
    chariz kim

    please help us increase their digital sales by buying the digital album on the Seventeen US shop for only ($7) and you can buy up to 4 copies. please try to sell out stocks on Target and other online stores. we really need this until Thursday in the US for Billboard charts!

  • Anisha Shirin
    Anisha Shirin

    Apart from Sakshma, i like this interviewer.

  • Yasmim Checon
    Yasmim Checon

    Noah quase quebra a coluna da Melanie com a puxada que deu nela 😂😂😂

  • Arl

    who's hiding the onions?

  • Gillian Soh
    Gillian Soh

    I wasn’t expected 5:24 the pistachio walls :O

  • JulianaC 21
    JulianaC 21

    This interviewer did such an amazing job omg!! He was so nice and respectful 💓

  • hybe's cat
    hybe's cat

    this interview is really really nice. Thank you for making all of them answer questions. ❤❤and they seem comfortable.

  • Christopher GROVE
    Christopher GROVE

    : near the doorway inside : walk down the hallway : enter the bathroom : exit the bathroom : back down the hallway : stand in the kitchen : from stand in the kitchen go too the doorway and exit : spin around

    • Christopher GROVE
      Christopher GROVE

      )->\=:|:=/<-( LOOK UP ... do not chase ! ...

  • kiara maymi
    kiara maymi

    his energy is everything !

  • Yasmim Checon
    Yasmim Checon

    A Sav com a roupa de Turn it up

  • Gerardo Reza
    Gerardo Reza

    Por eso los morros de ahora están tan pendejos

  • Jorgie Padul
    Jorgie Padul

    Seventeen fighting ❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Lailla

    Are we just not gonna talk about how DK said he was gonna share his airpods with his dog while they’re on a walk💀💀💀

  • Lailla

    10:47 “why you take my hand” 🤣

  • maya


  • One Team
    One Team

    Seventeen you're doing amazing <3

  • Ashley Anderson
    Ashley Anderson

    I love that he actually tries to include every member and the questions that he asked weren’t just “who would you like to collaborate with” and questions that have already been asked so many times. It seems that he actually did his research on Seventeen and really tried to ask questions that related to this comeback.

  • Steph Graf
    Steph Graf

    I just really enjoy watching this show which gives me so much more energy. I just so love Bretman rock and the Hawaii scene

  • Eriana Silgram
    Eriana Silgram

    I'm sorry I would actually die doing this I'm just not confident in my swimming and this is like.... no

  • seraphine

    dino : "aju nice" 😭😭

  • sekai


  • Echo

    The album was soooooo good!!! omg I'm so glad she getting so much recognition

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    Ia this the vid where flav drops a bag a crack

  • Sharlene Magbanua
    Sharlene Magbanua

    this was such a good interview

  • Han Bin
    Han Bin


  • cami

    **asks minghao about love** minghao: welcome to my ted talk

  • Lailla

    Lmao is just me or has Kevan had a bit of a glow up

  • Veronica Orozco
    Veronica Orozco

    So Billie Eilish when I see you in a competition I’m just gonna cry all day never going to be like oh my god really I wish I never seen you for a while ago and yeah and I love you so much but I really wanna see you in real life but I am yeah so yeah Billie Eilish I love you so much and take care of yourself and I love you so much I hope you can come to my birthday and I have a Billie Eilish birthday party like when I turn eight and I’m just gonna have so much fun and please I live in Arizona it’s like the desert and my birthdays in March 24 I love you so much take care of yourself and I was gonna sing you a song so I’m the bad guy make you wanna sack guys

  • Karla Ramirez
    Karla Ramirez


  • Cherie Usagaincarats
    Cherie Usagaincarats

    If you watched this interview, please request SEVENTEEN to be played on @MTV #FridayLivestream and tune in after FridayFreshout to see if SEVENTEEN will get played. Our team has been dropping SEVENTEEN facts when they ask questions throughout the show, and in the last 2 weeks, 3 got read!

  • Jay's Jawline
    Jay's Jawline

    Ahhh THE8 wowww

  • nonchwenotchew

    I love how kevan calls the name of a specific member to answer a specific question which gives them all a chance to speak!! Kudos to you!!

  • Selena Belmares
    Selena Belmares

    He really thought that his tan looked real??? Is he nuts?! 🤦😂🤷

  • ?

    O melhor de todos 😎 Eminem 🇧🇷

  • Jay's Jawline
    Jay's Jawline


  • Jay's Jawline
    Jay's Jawline

    Why is Woozi so cute here!? ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  • Jeremy Cuvalay
    Jeremy Cuvalay

    Good song for burnin a spliff.

  • Eli pyooong
    Eli pyooong

    Lee chan cutie ♡

  • ning miranti
    ning miranti

    Thumps up for MTV, thanks for having interview with seventeen

  • Hymn Flores
    Hymn Flores

    thank u MTV for having our boys!!

  • Jullia Alvaran
    Jullia Alvaran

    I'm very happy that each and one of them had the chance to answer those wonderful questions. Thank you for having them and I also had fun while watching it. ^^

  • Ardista Rani
    Ardista Rani


  • 윤쫑쫑아기다람지


  • Mang Tari
    Mang Tari

    Can u imagine tht, u tried to confess your feeling through 'Aju Nice'/ VERY NICE song;") Omgg it's literally so cute, sweet and funny at the same timee..

  • Clay Octane
    Clay Octane

    Unless you went to the same high school you'd never know what the chest tattoo was, pink dress girl can never go on a tropic vacation again, Arctic only

  • Victoria North
    Victoria North

    It's so weird to think he was a living person. Watching these videos feels like a dream. I wish I was alive when he and Nirvana were around. I was born in the wrong time period.

  • Lay&Jaz Channel
    Lay&Jaz Channel

    the host of this show is from wild n out

  • MaJoyBeTorres

    I enjoyed the interview, love to hear each members answer questions. Thumbs up MTV

  • Nabhan Albanna
    Nabhan Albanna


  • Anatasia Kho
    Anatasia Kho


  • 유유Chuuya

    Kudos to Kevan!!!! and of course to SEVENTEEN ❤

  • Paula Sicat
    Paula Sicat

    I think the interviewer learned how to interview from Sakshma Srivastav


    We can stay together? ...obvio( ◜‿◝ )♡

  • TwisterPepsi

    thats what hemsworth said before he filled my loki helmet with jelo

  • Tiger Spider
    Tiger Spider

    Thank you and love you MTV! Thanks for having Seventeen and that was an amazing interview! And Horanghae (Tiger Loves You or Hoshi Loves You) for greeting Hoshi a happy birthday. Our tiger is very happy!


    Seventeen es el grupo más completo de la industria, estoy lista para amar con Seventeen ❤️

  • Krn horanghae
    Krn horanghae

    Yeah uri seventeen

  • Vanesa Niniu
    Vanesa Niniu

    Aju nice

  • Nibely Suriel Valerio
    Nibely Suriel Valerio

    So sassy

  • 우리 다시 별비
    우리 다시 별비

    not DK, would share his airpods to his puppy... help-- ㅠㅠ ㅋㅋ

  • Maria Luiza Coelho
    Maria Luiza Coelho

    A entrevista tá incrível! Ótima perguntas feitas pelo entrevistador! Parabéns!!!!

  • aida ramadani
    aida ramadani

    I'll use Falling For U for confess to my crush haha lmao

  • g

    sorry arianna grande and selena gomez and demi lovato but..............madison beer is not only so much more pretty than you guys but also sooooo much more talented!!!

  • Jane Eyre
    Jane Eyre

    The situation-song game was so nice and fun.

  • pransel17

    Nice interviewer

  • Nur Syuhada Aina
    Nur Syuhada Aina

    WOOZI so cute laaa

  • Hollyweezy Kvshallah
    Hollyweezy Kvshallah

    7:30 takeoff 😂😎 CAP

  • hsn

    great interview!

  • Kiela Canlas
    Kiela Canlas

    dinoraras brace yourself. dino's gonna confess his love with aju nice!!

  • vobowoozi kyeopta
    vobowoozi kyeopta

    Thank you for all the good questions for each members. And questions that carats wanted to ask too.

  • lilianimations

    *The water park at home*