I Asked Her to Be My Girlfriend...
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  • ShermanTheVerman

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    • Lakerimagi


    • Lakerimagi

      I don't even know who you are

    • Sini Philip
      Sini Philip


    • Adam Natividad
      Adam Natividad

      Bro built it up and pulled her in to where she want more 💯🙏🏾 Respects , you can tell by the way she looked at you at da end

    • Yaaas

      Next title "she asked to peg me"

  • Crow Of Truth
    Crow Of Truth

    The real question is...Do the panties match the ensemble and is she cool with you wearing her underwear? That could be a deal breaker

  • err0r_n4m3_wr0n9

    Bro this is kinda sad, all that just to ask someone out, lmao

  • Level BlxZe
    Level BlxZe

    I’m proud of you brother well deserved

  • Nicolas Ambrosio
    Nicolas Ambrosio

    She says u are Soo cute about 1million times a day but congratulations

  • Josue-_- fag22
    Josue-_- fag22

    Brooo some tell this girl not to do what jakie did to Brandon plsss

  • Jayden Rodriguez
    Jayden Rodriguez

    You’re so cute counter 1,533,755 😭

  • karen lemley
    karen lemley

    That's so romantic congrats to you both

  • Ray Faerber
    Ray Faerber


  • Ashley Silva
    Ashley Silva

    If she says no she going off the balcony lol

  • Miguel D
    Miguel D

    Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough.♥️

  • Gaby Perez
    Gaby Perez

    I want the puppy 🥺🥺🥺❤

  • Ben Day
    Ben Day

    Congrats Sherman!


    Im so glad it didn’t turnout likes Brandons video

  • Dangelo Plays
    Dangelo Plays

    she said yes

  • Ytkid09

    Were you already together

  • zoey the max
    zoey the max

    she be a keeper

  • Jesus Castillo
    Jesus Castillo


  • Lindsey Ramirez
    Lindsey Ramirez

    Awww so cute and happy for y’all

  • Jurnei Whitfield
    Jurnei Whitfield

    Couple goals 🤟🏽

  • Lindsey Ramirez
    Lindsey Ramirez


  • Israel Corona
    Israel Corona


  • Rylan

    What is that your 25th girl


    Damn so this foo Sherman lookin fit!😎Now he got a lady 💯

  • McDonald’s Clan
    McDonald’s Clan

    I love Sherman

  • anani moose
    anani moose


  • anani moose
    anani moose

    ahhhhhhh I love her

  • anani moose
    anani moose

    ight sherman, don’t break up with her this time you dork 🤍

  • Jesus Gamze
    Jesus Gamze

    Ur such a goat

  • FaZe KHEM
    FaZe KHEM

    she is person but that "you are so cuteee" 100//

  • E J K 93
    E J K 93

    Beyda male!


    he got lay 4sure

  • Horror Inside
    Horror Inside

    I wanna see with ur pov

  • Jacob Egli
    Jacob Egli

    Are you unloved? There is one who loves like no other... Jesus Christ. Talk to him.

  • Marie Grace Flores
    Marie Grace Flores

    Yo finally!!!! 😍 One more to go guys.. we will wait for you're new gf Brandon...

  • Swatenergy

    On trending congratulations

  • Georgia Carney
    Georgia Carney

    I’m sorry but why is there so many comments like “why are they calling each other babe before he asks her to be his girlfriend” They’ve been speaking for so long, they’re comfortable around each other, I don’t see what’s wrong with them calling each other babe, they’re clearly at that point where soon enough they’ll be together so being called “babe” before it being official isn’t that big of a deal🙈

  • youyou uk
    youyou uk

    That’s was your 2 video with 1 million views well done 👍

  • Mr -_- Slayer
    Mr -_- Slayer

    So she wasn't your girlfriend all the time? 🤨

  • Lei._.


  • 360 Bernard Jappah
    360 Bernard Jappah


  • Chino Chino
    Chino Chino

    He piped

  • Bandz

    She is bad asf😍

  • Renée Kazarian
    Renée Kazarian

    Congrats Anthony! You seem extremely happy ❤🌹

  • Ezra Rod
    Ezra Rod

    I hope you’re really only that obnoxious in trying so hard to be “funny” on camera because if you’re really like that all the time, you’ll only succeed in annoying your partner and driving them away.

  • Jerry Bonilla
    Jerry Bonilla

    im jealous 😩

  • Noah Omar
    Noah Omar

    Congratulations bro 🎊

  • Noah Omar
    Noah Omar

    Wow 🔥

  • America Carrillo
    America Carrillo

    Congratulations ❤️❤️😭😭 so happy for you 2❤️

  • Caroline Pantoja
    Caroline Pantoja

    Yea yea I’m happy for them but am I the only one who lowkey had/has a crush on him

  • BlitznTV

    Bro Please change your hat you look like an generic mario bro

  • BlitznTV

    Why do I like your vids more the rugs

  • talen dumas
    talen dumas

    Wtf is wrong with him

  • Jesse Barrios
    Jesse Barrios

    Anthony i am really, really happy for u bro

  • Drippin Drexler
    Drippin Drexler

    Cute couple, I could see her having your kids and being your future wife

  • Sasha EL
    Sasha EL

    17:32 Sherman loves cake!

  • Karan

    What if he would say it's a prank by picking up the camera just for fun

  • Jnthun


  • Francisco Lazcano
    Francisco Lazcano

    this shit don made a young nigga cry 😭

  • Antonio Horta
    Antonio Horta

    Hopefully she don’t do you like Jackie did to brawadis

  • lil sanchez 00
    lil sanchez 00

    Congrats Sherman

  • Addy


  • Sean Watson
    Sean Watson

    Congrats homie

  • Sarkam

    2 year old account with nearly a million 'subs', just say FaZe Rug more. Why is this trending? It's obviously boosted by bots.

  • James

    Dammit who’s cutting onions?!!

  • YoungLewis 25
    YoungLewis 25

    Congratulations Sherman she is the one

  • OFB Big penis
    OFB Big penis

    Take the KZit serious dawg. Make this ur job

  • TherealJon 1
    TherealJon 1

    We really watched Sherman grow up, from the tunnel scary videos with rug to this

  • Nick B
    Nick B

    Sherman back in his Fuck boy days 19:04

  • Ethan Fennell
    Ethan Fennell

    I wish I could’ve done something like this to ask my shorty to be my girlfriend at the time in the summer but covid was really hitting hard so I made up my own surprise. Way to step up and be a man fr. Peace love and prosperity to you both❤️

  • Angelo Reyes
    Angelo Reyes

    damn u simpin simpin

  • Alejandra Ruiz
    Alejandra Ruiz

    She's so beautiful!!!!

  • Xonify2k-

    Dam me knowing I’ll never be like dis with someone...

  • Kathy S
    Kathy S

    Dude the amount of effort and money and time he put in was just insane keep up the good work man ur doing fantastic. 😉

  • Diamond wd
    Diamond wd

    I wanna grow up one day and put in the same effort for my future girl. Anthony is a G

  • RubberBand Clan
    RubberBand Clan

    Lame simp

  • Mathew Kouchoukos
    Mathew Kouchoukos

    She’s a gold digger..leave her now bro😂

  • Axer Playz
    Axer Playz

    I feel like shes a gold digger☹️

  • Angelise Figueroa
    Angelise Figueroa

    Congrats! 🙏🏽💞

  • 702stackinnn

    Congrats Sherman !!!! She’s a keeper good job not being a f*ck boy no more lol Subscribe to me help support my channel 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • David Cervantes
    David Cervantes

    His first 1 million views

  • Jose Juarez
    Jose Juarez

    Bro ... you did your thing on this I’m so happy for you and I really love your vlogs thanks Sherman this made me smile ❤️

  • Xavier torres
    Xavier torres

    Hope she doesn’t do the same as Jackie

  • Ernesto Ramos
    Ernesto Ramos

    Sucks to know she only in it for the clout. Can’t bs a bs 😕

  • Maine Everyday
    Maine Everyday

    KZit Trending..... Came to thumbs down and instead left my opinion and thumbs downed. The fact people actually watch this type of garbage is comical and really sad. In addition, me leaving this comment may be considered 'sad' by some but I'm perturbed, youtubes algorithms and its higher-ups have made these titles and creators money while still being incredibly lame lying content. Titles like: "We broke up" or "I've decided to stop wearing my ring" or "What does our cleaning lady think of our relationship" ect ect; nobody important cares and even more regular people care less than that. The mathmatical sliver of those that do think this content is great are young dumb kids and young dumb adults. In other words there are dumb videos for dumb people and videos like this one takes a piece of the cake. They're all kind of the same b.s Real people dont have time to watch this garbage They have to work 40 hours a week or more to feed their kids. -Thanks but no thanks youtube. You were great many years ago but cease to amaze anylonger. You're a great service but more people would like to see actually important or even educational titles on KZit Trending not these hyperinflated lies.

  • TheSwampDude

    This was great to see, so happy for Anthony, hopefully Brandon can end up with something like this in 2021

  • Gael Cortez
    Gael Cortez

    i’m so happy for u sherman keep it up

  • 1rvin Tx
    1rvin Tx

    Damm from fboy to full on gentleman nah jp but she seems dope congratulations sherman!

  • desiree reinhardt
    desiree reinhardt

    don’t let nothing get in the way of y’all.

  • Extant Ace
    Extant Ace

    look at sherman man so inspirational

  • Baylin Barrett
    Baylin Barrett

    Milli views let’s fucking GO

  • Tony S
    Tony S

    He fasho piped that night

  • J. Rivas
    J. Rivas

    lmfaoo anthony got a girlfriend and i lost minee TUFF😓

  • Francine F.
    Francine F.

    She’s so pretty, perfect couple! ❤️

  • Bolivar Pineda
    Bolivar Pineda

    😢 they grow up so fast

  • Emmanuel Bernal Higuera
    Emmanuel Bernal Higuera

    She's a gold digger

  • Caylem Farquhar
    Caylem Farquhar


  • Humaid Al Kaabi
    Humaid Al Kaabi

    It’s like he is paying her to be his gf


    “ omg your so cute “ counter 😭😭😭

  • Tino Gaming
    Tino Gaming

    I thought he was gonna just skip the gf stage and purpose for a second lol