Machine Gun Kelly ft. Halsey - forget me too [Official Music Video]
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  • Agrimn Bura
    Agrimn Bura

    he fucked up with em his albums are flop now

  • Laura D
    Laura D



    If you like this you here to hear rap js tho ain't haten wtf dewd where's the fuckin rap tho?

  • Luan Cafi
    Luan Cafi

    ichigo kurosaki

  • matt garner
    matt garner

    Can we talk about how absolutely incredible MGK sounds punk??? Like he was killin the rap game but I've always been more of a punk fan and he's slayiiiiing

  • Sam

    It’s crazy how I used to listen to this man songs 8 years ago of him rapping in Cleveland on the block and now he a rock/rnb artists.... a big change but ion know how much I dig it, it’s fye but his old music slap ngl

  • Taylor Bee
    Taylor Bee

    Kind of glad he started doing some rock and roll music

  • Snowy2020


  • Rob Brooks
    Rob Brooks

    "We all know your salty cuz young Gerald's ballz deep inside of Halsey" XD

  • Dragon Bravo
    Dragon Bravo


  • David Soto
    David Soto

    Me: I am gay Halsey: *sings punk rock* Me:.... okay maybe I am lesbian

  • Elements

    Nice shirt Halsey! #45 Trump 2020!!

  • Immary Mendoza Chua
    Immary Mendoza Chua

    You have to admit this is the best song of all 🥺🥺🥺

  • arc angelz
    arc angelz

    lol,lol,lol,lol the Ramones are rolling in there graves.

  • Jes Lozano
    Jes Lozano

    Lowkey want them two together 😍

  • Vincenzo Mingione
    Vincenzo Mingione

    Oh men...i love this band!!!😍😍😍

  • Aj Baker
    Aj Baker

    Yes bitches

  • 태태V

    i fucking love this song

  • Lee Knight
    Lee Knight

    This HAS to be one of Travis' creations; neither MGK or Halsey are capable of a pop punk banger like this by themselves.

  • Lee Knight
    Lee Knight

    Why the F@%! do I like this? I hate MGK...

  • J.D. Piland
    J.D. Piland

    Taking nothing away from the song (it's much better than I expected), but, damn, Em really did a number on him, huh?

    • J.D. Piland
      J.D. Piland

      @Jonah Valdovinos Fair enough. I can't say I'm terribly familiar with him, but just noting the genre switch and timing.

    • Jonah Valdovinos
      Jonah Valdovinos

      J.D. Piland I prefer this mgk

  • Miranda Billings
    Miranda Billings

    The pink and black guitar for his daughter

  • Brandon Harrelson
    Brandon Harrelson

    Go to the time 1.25 me when my cousin leaves

  • Karl_Drogo55

    2:18 her back up vocals sound so good

  • Valerie

    Halsey comes in with a Bratz walk

  • Orias X
    Orias X

    This album slaps harder than Vasiliy Khamotiskiy

  • Samuele

    Pop punk is back.

  • MoreDanFilms

    Halsey just completes this song!!!!

  • Maxime Vermeulen
    Maxime Vermeulen

    What is she throwing away?

  • Desiree Smith
    Desiree Smith

    people are actually surprised that halsey sounds good???? she always sounds good

  • Desiree Smith
    Desiree Smith

    it's weird watching this knowing my brother in law has met Travis barker and had a kick back with him lmao

  • Isabella Papalia
    Isabella Papalia

    Halsey gives me Paramore vibes here. Anyone else get that?

  • Christos Spirou
    Christos Spirou

    Anyone remember when he dissed Eminem and then he turned into this

  • Ruan Kirsten
    Ruan Kirsten

    This is literally the Emo of 2020.

  • K. Sajak
    K. Sajak


  • LCF Motion
    LCF Motion

    Is MGK having a seizure 1:27

  • funkadiktou

    What is Travis doing here? Drums on this track are fake and sound like ass... if you're going to sell rock, record a fucking real drumset for fuck sake.

  • Laiba Imran
    Laiba Imran

    can we talk about how much angry chemistry these two have?

  • charles torres
    charles torres

    I think its awesome that they used to date


    Buenardo Travis Barker en la batería

  • Cold Thoughts
    Cold Thoughts

    Did I come from a paralel universe or weren’t they exes

    • Bethany Harrington
      Bethany Harrington

      For a short period of time

  • Joseph Toohey
    Joseph Toohey

    This is my favorite song ever I feel happy

  • Karik permeh
    Karik permeh

    Big fan bro mgk ❣️

  • Kyouko Wonderland
    Kyouko Wonderland

    omg i like MGK sing this more than he rap, he looks like an pop rock star. well im gonna start remember BMTH

  • Андрей Рогачев
    Андрей Рогачев

    Не,ну это жиза пацаны )


    Dude go back to rap man..heck is this stuff..

  • vin griz
    vin griz

    from rapping to pop rock, hey hey not bad

  • Jess Raspberry
    Jess Raspberry

    This song makes me wanna dye my hair black and bring back the thick black eyeliner....

  • flyingfish

    this is so good you just don't her songs like this simple but so complicated at the same time.

  • Eddie C
    Eddie C

    Gotta love the sound of her voice

  • velli payne
    velli payne

    Came in winning off black culture, now he's pure rock N roll. Get a name through using blacks, then take the money and success fill in the rest.

  • せっしー

    802聴いて知ったけどめっちゃかっこいい! 流れる度にめっちゃリズム刻んでしまう👏

  • Mo Moghaddasi
    Mo Moghaddasi

    Hahahahah eminem hit him so hard he changed genres

  • ScumbagDan

    What happened after rap devil?

    • odvedokikrema


  • Sarah Wheatley
    Sarah Wheatley

    Just had a flash back of Green Day times!🤷‍♀️ I love Hasley just not this one

  • Miss Hayley
    Miss Hayley

    Best collaboration of 2020

  • Benno Kreher
    Benno Kreher

    Spotify said this my favorite Song 2020 and i must say this is true

  • Paweł Zieliński
    Paweł Zieliński

    Every fan of MGK and Halsey must comment this video:

  • fiki rudin
    fiki rudin


  • kazu bem
    kazu bem


  • Слава Никакая
    Слава Никакая


  • Corti Beats
    Corti Beats

    I love Halsey so much on this one, she fits this rock-punk shit so good.

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay

    This sound he's got is everything

  • Артем Базарный
    Артем Базарный


  • Boom

    Wow this is garbage. Lmao

    • Loser

      Not sure if you know but, even negative comments/dislikes only help the video trend. We get it, you have shitty music taste. Thanks for getting Kells an extra 1000 views, virgin

  • Im Bored
    Im Bored

    Hiphop rappers be like: 👁👄👁 no no no they soung better and it's not even their job.

  • riplys

    the old pop post punk rock we know from 90's .... damn nostalgia !

  • Alok Bijlwan
    Alok Bijlwan

    yesss this a new song yet it sends me back to my childhoods days

  • tvtime2122

    This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you

  • August Bishop
    August Bishop

    this song is from this year??? god i got scared and thought i accidentally time travelled and woke up in the early 2000s

    • Sai Spandan Panigrahi
      Sai Spandan Panigrahi

      @August Bishop Not sure if you know but, even negative comments/dislikes only help the video trend. We get it, you have shitty music taste. Thanks for getting Kells an extra 1000 views, virgin

    • August Bishop
      August Bishop

      seriously this shit is so bad

  • mille pach
    mille pach

    feels like i'm in 00's

  • Nick

    I need more motivational music and videos like this one in my life 😂💀🍻👍

  • Past & Present Cards
    Past & Present Cards

    MGK punk > MGK rapper

  • sirenio ramirez
    sirenio ramirez


  • JT Lowry
    JT Lowry

    stay together for the drummer

  • KHoward 95
    KHoward 95

    Did they start filming this before lockdowns happened, because MGK’s hair is significantly shorter in the water scenes vs. the rest of the video?

  • Reed Limoges
    Reed Limoges

    How does this only have 14 million views

  • Eric Moore
    Eric Moore

    damn eminem really did kill you

  • Lex_ Breezy
    Lex_ Breezy

    Um yes🖤

  • Brandi Kullenberg-Hayden
    Brandi Kullenberg-Hayden

    Where were u when i was in my 20s. Punk rock is so hot.

  • Eléa Bv
    Eléa Bv


  • Chris Antoon
    Chris Antoon


  • Terry Hooke
    Terry Hooke

    Halsey is a natural. She belongs in the punk rock scene. Currently In love

  • Clips 3rd Round
    Clips 3rd Round

    This song is fire, def gonna be in a movie soon

  • Shawn Naquin
    Shawn Naquin

    Evanescence looks different here 👀

  • Shawn Naquin
    Shawn Naquin

    This is horrible in a way I can’t even understand

  • саша шаршкнов
    саша шаршкнов


  • GDR HeadShot
    GDR HeadShot

    never followed MGK, i listened to a couple of his rap songs they were ok but this whole punk vide with the pop rock is so good

  • cjcirca88

    Oh fuck, the 8ball reference made me seriously go wtfffff

  • Kathy Wollschlager
    Kathy Wollschlager

    hate the video but love the sing for life

    • Kathy Wollschlager
      Kathy Wollschlager


  • Its_Jelyo

    a friend recommended it.. Glad he did

  • Thalia Ryan
    Thalia Ryan


  • Dekab naeb
    Dekab naeb

    Eminem straight kicked this douche out of rap 😄

    • Sai Spandan Panigrahi
      Sai Spandan Panigrahi

      Not sure if you know but, even negative comments/dislikes only help the video trend. We get it, you have shitty music taste. Thanks for getting Kells an extra 1000 views, virgin

  • R K
    R K

    Halsey is like a new aged Avril Lavigne here.

  • Gen-Z Hippie
    Gen-Z Hippie

    This music video is incredible

  • nathan bartholomew
    nathan bartholomew


  • Alexandre Guerreiro
    Alexandre Guerreiro

    I love her voice

  • Lincoln Garcia
    Lincoln Garcia

    Hadley looks like Amy Lee from Evanescence there I said it

  • Gabriel Robinson
    Gabriel Robinson

    Awesome fucking song!!!!

  • Skylar Yee
    Skylar Yee

    I'm obsessed with this song!

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