France v Croatia | 2018 FIFA World Cup Final | Full Match
Fans voted in numbers on Twitter to have their favourite World Cup matches streamed on KZit. Now, it’s time to enjoy these classic games with fans across the globe.

It doesn’t come bigger than a FIFA World Cup™ Final. Relive France-Croatia in full as Paul Pogba, Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann et al helped Les Bleus to a second star!

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    3:46 Kick off in Moscow 21:36 GOAL: France 1-0 Croatia (Mario Mandzukic OG) 31:29 GOAL: France 1-1 Croatia (Ivan Perisic) 38:17 VAR Check: Penalty awarded to France 41:08 GOAL: France 2-1 Croatia (Antoine Griezmann PEN) 52:09 Half-time 55:15 Second half kicks off 1:08:40 GOAL: France 3-1 Croatia (Paul Pogba) 1:14:45 GOAL: France 4-1 Croatia (Kylian Mbappe) 1:18:17 GOAL: France 4-2 Croatia (Mario Mandzukic) 1:45:16 FULL TIME 1:50:32 France lift the Trophy

    • Aditya Raut
      Aditya Raut

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      Cavine Junior

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      Cavine Junior

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  • Ibnu Prabu
    Ibnu Prabu

    PES player felt dejavu hearing the commentator LOL.

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    Dima Ynyh

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    O P I R F A N/ F F

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    Hugo Llors

  • Youssef Eltawab6
    Youssef Eltawab6

    Congratulations France

  • Jiam 4664
    Jiam 4664

    was the first goal an own goal?

  • Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan
    Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan

    40:52 *Gross* , so this the technique Griezmann do to take a penalty

  • Jahin Bhai
    Jahin Bhai

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  • Tony BB77 Noisiel
    Tony BB77 Noisiel

    I say it again, Mbappe is the king and he`s going to prove again Euro 2021.

  • Matthew S.
    Matthew S.

    I thought the Croatian president will finally smooch her French counterpart.

  • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    16:46 Vladimir Putin!

  • Dante Roa
    Dante Roa

    Croatia was great in the first half but tired out in the second. France just had overall depth and substitution of a sick Kante brought stability in the midfield.

  • Roberts Zonīs
    Roberts Zonīs

    24:00 Modrič fell for no reason............

  • Roberts Zonīs
    Roberts Zonīs

    21:00 Griezamn jumped before contact.................

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    Robert Negron

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  • Robert Negron
    Robert Negron

    Saw this game when I was on a cruise in the Mediterranean. What a way to watch it.

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  • aroundandround

    Croatia will rue that unlucky own goal and the totally avoidable handball with if-onlys for a long time but no matter what, Croatia had a dream run in 2018 and deservedly so.

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    Asdfgasa Ioplkee

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  • Leonardo Padilla
    Leonardo Padilla

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  • Natalia Lozano purizaga
    Natalia Lozano purizaga

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    Garth Vader

    "Lifted the thing"? 🤷🤣😂

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    france 2022🇫🇷

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    Who's the commentator?

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    My fav word was “himself”

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    love sports

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    This was actually a very bad game lol

  • deng tompo
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  • Jean Poulain
    Jean Poulain

    Bravo pour la première fois de l'histoire de l'Afrique ce continent remporte la coupe du monde de football. Encore bravo aux Africains...Heu pardon Arabo Africaine...

  • Honlem P Konyak
    Honlem P Konyak

    Crotia played very well

  • Honlem P Konyak
    Honlem P Konyak

    Crotia won in play and French won in luck. Love from India 🇾🇪

    • Jebaldo 3.0
      Jebaldo 3.0

      alalalala soyez pas mauvais perdant les gars 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🏆🏆

    • A S
      A S

      Agree 100%, never really cared for the way France played. Belgium and Croatia - that would be a better final.

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    Africa vs Croatia

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  • Josh Cristopher
    Josh Cristopher

    I never win anything, but I imagine I do with these games.

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  • Prithvijit Mukherjee
    Prithvijit Mukherjee

    Croatia should be proud of themselves so small country ewith so less population reaching the finals of fifa

  • Isaque Nikolas
    Isaque Nikolas

    Pena que a Croácia não ganhol

  • Fouadi Madi mze
    Fouadi Madi mze

    Un applaudissements nourris de l'intérieur et l'extérieur

  • Fouadi Madi mze
    Fouadi Madi mze

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    Fouadi Madi mze

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  • Fouadi Madi mze
    Fouadi Madi mze

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  • Fouadi Madi mze
    Fouadi Madi mze

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  • Fouadi Madi mze
    Fouadi Madi mze

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  • RB

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  • Domingo

    20:55 How is this foul?! This match wasn't that fair to be honest, I would say that even if I was French. 😡😡😒

    • Munib Farah
      Munib Farah

      there was some contact not a lot

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  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan

    2021 during idul fitri reliving this.

  • Bryan Suh
    Bryan Suh

    Didier Deschamps became another man to win the World Cup as a captain and a coach both after Franz Beckenbauer!

  • Justin

    0:55=Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup final. Russian:I write it reverse

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    France ki maa ki Aankh.......

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    france are champions 2 times

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    I'm Italian and I was rooting for France