Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts
Look at how many monster sand fleas I caught in a single scoop using a sand flea rake on the beach in North Carolina #Shorts #Beach
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  • Dan Moeser
    Dan Moeser

    There's dinner

  • Camille Duyap
    Camille Duyap

    Ohh why I call them parasites.

  • WILD


  • Alex Ghebenei
    Alex Ghebenei

    So at first I thought I wasted my time watching him hunt sand.

  • Tony Kilbourn
    Tony Kilbourn

    Boil em!

  • Leonardo D
    Leonardo D

    These aren’t the Parris Island sand fleas...

  • Artimus Jones
    Artimus Jones

    So what do you do with them?

  • Dragoner Productions
    Dragoner Productions

    Keep in mind these aren't bugs, just small crabs but they are called sand fleas.

  • Christopher Shipley
    Christopher Shipley

    Those aren't sand fleas.

  • Tegan Naidoo
    Tegan Naidoo

    I've seen people cook and eat these "fleas". Why do you catch them?

  • Hello I'm Groot
    Hello I'm Groot

    I live in south florida and that's something I wish I never just saw because now I'm never going in the beach again

  • Johnnyjohnny

    Can you eat them tho?

  • christopher

    Umm what are you gonna do with them

  • rrhuan


  • Corey Twyford
    Corey Twyford

    Are they edible?

  • Jaylen Williams
    Jaylen Williams

    I’m not going to the beach no mo

  • MrTruthAddict

    Sand crabs, not fleas lol

  • Alexis Flores Franco
    Alexis Flores Franco

    Que son esas cosas

  • walter castro
    walter castro

    Muy muy

  • 민꽁님

    조개일줄알았는데 게네~

  • vitriolix

    Why would you want these?

  • Сильвестр с Талоном
    Сильвестр с Талоном

    Это кто, крабики?


    Muy muy 😎🤙

  • Kat Rummel
    Kat Rummel

    Ummm Eeewww🤮

  • Jaspanini

    I'm glad I live in Minnesota😂

  • Wild Bore
    Wild Bore

    What are they good for? Is it just for fun?

  • USMC03-1408

    So... just curious, WTF do you do with them?

  • adam s
    adam s


  • Abentura

    Are they tasty?

  • a guy from nz
    a guy from nz

    Those are sand crabs not sand fleas. They look alike but are completely different

  • MoonS1337

    I can FEEL the waves pulling at my feet and legs by just watching this

  • Hwasa's throne is my face
    Hwasa's throne is my face

    Means the water is clean, the ecosystem is well balanced. Awesome!

  • Nothing but love Stay safe
    Nothing but love Stay safe

    Are those fleas for real?

  • Loyals review
    Loyals review

    Seen those guys up close they look real ugly I brought one to sore and then I woke up with it in my shoe

  • Tom Modeski
    Tom Modeski

    Do they make good fishing bait?

  • Mario1611

    What kind of abomination... 😭

  • Nick

    I feel like his reaction at the end was how I would act when I was 6

  • Центральный Азия
    Центральный Азия

    What is it?

  • emotionally retarded
    emotionally retarded

    Y tho?

  • M B
    M B

    Who actually cares

  • Bano Top
    Bano Top

    Это креветки ?

  • tiger speed
    tiger speed

    Waw 🤯

  • LoUiE BhAbEe
    LoUiE BhAbEe

    😋 Yummy

  • Juan Gil Garcia
    Juan Gil Garcia

    Cazando "muy muy" xd

  • Lidia Dennu
    Lidia Dennu

    Oh hell naw

  • Rachelle Renee
    Rachelle Renee

    Sand fleas???? We call them sand crabs 😃

  • EkaSetiawan

    On my Village the animal name's "Yuyutuk"

  • jomar undertun
    jomar undertun

    I'm glad I live in Norway

  • Haro c;
    Haro c;

    This is the first time I learn that the ocean has fleas... 25 yrs old.

  • ミFAIL

    ¿Que es eso, alguno que sepa?

  • Danja Jeff
    Danja Jeff

    Do yall eat those?

  • Tracey Osterlind
    Tracey Osterlind

    Now what? Use the for bait? Cook them?

  • Kuro Alicia
    Kuro Alicia

    I eat a full bowl of that thing once Taste like shrimp & crab I don't really remember, but you can just fry it & eat them without peel the skin or anything I dig into sand not knowing that thing swimming like that lol

  • 100GTAGUY

    I can hear John Cleese wailing "run awaaaay" as he leads the sand flea escape

  • Kevron

    These aren't the "sand fleas" the Marines talk about at Parris Island or Camp LeJeune, are they...???

  • Mikki Applegate
    Mikki Applegate

    They are so cute

  • Hellfire Heroes
    Hellfire Heroes

    Epic crocs, homie

  • Electric car & bike Norway Sweden Denmark EV
    Electric car & bike Norway Sweden Denmark EV

    Wow! Great short video👍my friend. Hope we are friends?

  • Lion King
    Lion King

    Are they delicious?😋

  • Annyca Miranda
    Annyca Miranda

    That is so 😋delicious when you cook with garlic and butter,

  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark

    I don’t like the name sand fleas, makes my skin crawl

  • Earthworm Chewer
    Earthworm Chewer

    Jesus Christ loves you.

  • Corissa Funk
    Corissa Funk

    I wanna do that! Looks like fun...

  • Wavvy Milkdud
    Wavvy Milkdud

    I called those “sand crabs”

  • Cre4ch

    Sand fleas: *minding their own business* *10 seconds later* Sand fleas: AYO WTF?!

  • Merry Dimla
    Merry Dimla

    Question. Can you eat it?

  • Titan Tanic
    Titan Tanic

    I always thought they were called sand crabs no?

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera

    How edible are these guys ?

  • Sly Wolf
    Sly Wolf

    My first thought? WTF is a sand flea!? Then i saw the video and thought WTF is a sand flea?

  • Gokhan K
    Gokhan K

    Ive never seen those before and i live on long island N.Y. maybe we dont have them here


    What do you do eat them?? I don't get it

  • 760. Ghost
    760. Ghost

    That’s not what they are called

  • Mr. Reed
    Mr. Reed

    What are they caught for?

  • S K I Z Z L E
    S K I Z Z L E

    Idk why but i want to eat that

  • Vineeth T P
    Vineeth T P


  • Ben K
    Ben K


  • Matthew Polis
    Matthew Polis

    No don't fear the jelly fish or crabs fear the crocks

  • Deadly Evca
    Deadly Evca

    those lil poor babies :(

  • Gdawg 0331
    Gdawg 0331

    Parris island 2007 baby!!!!

  • flp madureira
    flp madureira

    Tatuí esse foi extinto aqui no rj

  • Penumbra

    Pulgas de mar

  • Bagchasinkid

    So basically SEA COCKROACHES

  • Zero to Give
    Zero to Give

    Why mess wid the poor critter. Flea powder don’t work! Ya can’t eat em!

  • Crypto Tonight
    Crypto Tonight

    I never knew people harvested these little guys. I'm assuming it's a while thing since there is a device specially made for it. Do people eat them? How have I never heard of this. I lived in a beach town for a good part of my life and never heard of people actively catching them.

  • Harry Hall
    Harry Hall

    Did he just say I'm on a beach right now and there's a ton of sand right there. Nice one mate

  • Big Bro
    Big Bro

    Believe me, it is delicious.


    When those kids that play with bugs grow up... and still think that shits fun

  • Yurlc


  • Suportík

    Well, i am not swimming on a beach anymore.

  • Devin Thurston
    Devin Thurston

    I broke out in HIVS on the beach of hawaii from an apparent "sand flea" so im gonna go out on a limb and say that these are baby crabs....not fleas 🤦

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake

    Small sand flees can enter your skin under your feet always wear shoes

  • enseadadoscorais2

    Why does this hurt me


    Great for surf fishing.

  • BaalFridge

    They're friendly arthropods who keep beaches clean by eating even grosser stuff. They're like spiders: forsaken by most, but doing an amazing job.

  • Azucena Mucito
    Azucena Mucito

    The horror under my feet 😱😱😱😱 I know they are there; but I rather not think about it

  • MAK Kal
    MAK Kal

    White people be weird

  • Elias Garcia
    Elias Garcia

    That's exactly why I don't go into the ocean. You don't know what the hell is in there


    Where do I get one of those tools

  • Pradeep Shanaka
    Pradeep Shanaka

    අනේ අයියෙ ඔයා හරිම දක්ෂයි බුදු සරනයි අහ්හ් අපේ රටේ මේක ට්‍රෙන්ඩින් ආවා... this video was Trending On sri lanka 🇱🇰

  • The heart hugger
    The heart hugger

    Do you eat thise things

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