UFC 262: Ceremonial Weigh-in
Watch the UFC 262: Oliveira vs Chandler Ceremonial Weigh-in live on Friday, May 14th at 5pm ET / 2pm PT.

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  • Marian Dasf
    Marian Dasf

    Chandler tava doido pra apagar,!!!,vraaaaaaaa

  • Libra66

    Tony the type of guy had 3 loss in a row and still being stupid shits.

  • Austin James
    Austin James

    8:30 who tf takes their shirt off in the middle of walking up stairs??? Lol what a clown


    the old soundtracks are better

  • Eternal_Life

    It's just disgusting how men are allowed to wear pants and shoes to the weigh ins but women have to strip completely naked. It's degrading and just embarrassing for the UFC.

    • Rocks

      Ok beta

  • Houston Ras
    Houston Ras

    0:57 anyone know the title of the song playing?

  • haydinho10

    Music Name? 0:31

  • raian bibral
    raian bibral

    Congrats the young brother of tony 19:48

  • Johannes Typpö
    Johannes Typpö

    Dana is not on steroids.

  • Samo hejt
    Samo hejt

    KHABIB COME BACK BRO 😟 COME BACK PLEASE ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦

  • Jeffrey Ng
    Jeffrey Ng

    tony the guy who tells herb dean to protect himself at all times

  • Bronze Excel Director
    Bronze Excel Director

    Olivera, could have done better. But, he pressed on and got the win. Was a good fight. Bother need to sharpen themselves though.

  • Amin Pepe Channel
    Amin Pepe Channel


  • Roberth Urrutia
    Roberth Urrutia

    I come from future, Blonde Tony is the champion

  • Usman Abadi
    Usman Abadi

    as i said.. Chandler to arrogant then he got knock out don't feel you are the strongest the best but keep down earth like khabib..

  • Abraham

    Olivera knocked the hype out of chad mendez big brother

  • Jesus Benavidez
    Jesus Benavidez

    So, where do I get to see the official official weigh-in?

  • Eliko Sim
    Eliko Sim

    I bet everyone here for tony more than oliviera and chandler. Lets go tony

  • Ibrahima Wone
    Ibrahima Wone

    The soundtrack is amazing

  • Tony Martinez
    Tony Martinez

    U can tell who the ufc wants to win lol 😆 my autocorrect initially replaced ufc with fix 😆

  • Abe McGee
    Abe McGee

    was that tremendous sexual tension between oliveira and chandler? dam they were close to kissing

  • sonnyblack0870

    That guy is even translating Rogans handshake for Oliveira

  • tranzLift416

    The end of the road for Tony Ferguson.

  • Leo Leci
    Leo Leci

    Olivera is 1 cold blooded killer!

  • Steven Caesar
    Steven Caesar

    Chandler is a BIG 155 .... 👀

  • Jorge

    Joe and Dana must be on the same cycle..from a distance they look identicle

  • danny blackhorse
    danny blackhorse

    Charles by second round knock out

  • danny blackhorse
    danny blackhorse

    Damn this Card is stack like brick

  • Russel De Guzman
    Russel De Guzman

    Let's Go benny!!!

  • Aurjon Kamali
    Aurjon Kamali

    Oliveira didn't even buckle under chandlers pressure and its the staredowns

  • Test Account
    Test Account

    "hes never fought someone like me" lol the classic line

  • Francisco Caldera
    Francisco Caldera

    I really hope tony gets this win. I think needs this one. It would be extremely disheartening if he ends up losing.

  • Kostas Pantadis
    Kostas Pantadis


  • Camilo Castillo
    Camilo Castillo

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to gain weight before the weight cut, to test the conditioning of the scale...

  • Young_ Mar24
    Young_ Mar24


  • Young_ Mar24
    Young_ Mar24


  • Sanji

    Jacare deserved more cheering from the crowd. Dude is a legend.

  • k c
    k c

    love the energy between Oliveira & Chandler, classy and respectful, but still not friends, no BS fake trash talk and drama, just real aggression like "you're in my way homie, you need to go"

  • Eric

    As much as I don't want to like Dariush, it's hard not to 😂

  • миллениал

    Nurmagomedov WIN

  • BARELD 050
    BARELD 050

    i only saw hot chicks :D

  • Burim Saliji
    Burim Saliji

    Man honestly UFC LW division is the best divison in the world!!

  • Yarvin SFilms
    Yarvin SFilms

    Playlist? They absolutely nailed it!

  • Yorkshireyuken

    calm down joe

  • Irreducible

    Brazil had way more slaves than America......Look it up

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    So sad charles cant speak english lol.

  • Baruch Spinoza
    Baruch Spinoza

    Chucky, one of my favorites, hope he pulls it off! Like his look too, like a character straight out of the matrix!🤣

  • henry rivera
    henry rivera

    I think Oliverio is looking like he’s gonna take it

  • Shavi A
    Shavi A

    Oliveira translator: 21:00 Gringo here wants to know...

  • Shavi A
    Shavi A

    C’mon Oliveira let’s go

  • alexander hernandez
    alexander hernandez

    Dana white got his forehead kissed LOL

  • Miomir Jovanovic
    Miomir Jovanovic

    What is the song in the background when they played the trailer before chandler and oliveira face off around 17:30

  • DirtyBluesStank

    Aroujo 😛

  • Benjamin Fairley
    Benjamin Fairley

    Joe is onit!!!

  • K K
    K K

    I got a feeling Chandler is about to be surprised at how good “Do Bronx” actually is.One if the best submission fighters in the UFC but has stepped up his stand up game phenomenally.This isn’t gonna be a one dimensional fight and might be over quick.On the mat or on the feet.Either guy has the potential to come out on top.But in my opinion I think this is Oliviera’s time in the UFC and Chandler is about to fight for the first time an elite level UFC fighter.Much luck to him.Expecting to see a show.

  • IHMadeThis

    Chandler wins, Chandler calls out Khabib?

  • Hussleman1

    The main event is a joke

  • Mr Red
    Mr Red

    Khabib will come back 💪💯

  • Coen Coen
    Coen Coen

    I like that virgos dude!

  • Jacob Jorgenson
    Jacob Jorgenson

    you don't walk down Olivera...........just saying

  • Casey Dangar
    Casey Dangar

    Charles Oliveiras teeth are so perfect and white that it almost looks fake. Lol

  • Terrance Adrian
    Terrance Adrian

    Oliveira's teeth are waaaay too white man. It's unnatural! Lol.

  • jack black
    jack black

    Tony better do some rolls and wing Chun. Lol

  • shuaibu usman
    shuaibu usman

    I got charles

  • Staples Family
    Staples Family

    That Oliveira dude has some white teeth,to bad Chandler gonna knock out a few of those pearly whites


    Chandler win 1st Round KO 🔥🔥


    Joe makes it ll so much more interesting.....

  • Toyli Shukurov
    Toyli Shukurov

    Ne zaman başlacak

  • Novisad1991

    Tony the type of guy to win this fight and not break my heart again. LETS GO TONY!!!

  • 可乐


  • Kevin Birkhimer
    Kevin Birkhimer

    Just goes to show how stacked the 146 Division is when Braboso is Rank 13th,He has got plenty of opportunities to move up & fight for the Belt but has fallen short on his last 5 fights that's why he is at 13th Ranked, And I think this fight he has to win

  • Kevin Birkhimer
    Kevin Birkhimer

    REMEMBER THE NAME,"Jamie Pickett

  • Kevin Birkhimer
    Kevin Birkhimer

    New up comer to watch is Jamie Pickett,He has been around & YES I know he ain't new to the game or UFC ,I'm saying that he is Raw Talent & is Getting all his tools finally together & sharpen,

  • Dom Oetker
    Dom Oetker

    Wish me luck tonight Guys!

  • Howsurfootballstuds

    Night night Mike Chandler you going to sleep

  • Tyler Hervey
    Tyler Hervey

    goin out ona limb here. Chandler in the deep water too quickly. Charles gonna bring it.

  • seddek nadhem
    seddek nadhem

    Daaaamn the stare between Charles and Micheal only means that it will be a super crazy fight.

  • Joseph Edric
    Joseph Edric

    This seems like a free fight night.

  • seddek nadhem
    seddek nadhem

    It doesn't matter for Barboza to drop weight... He looks the same whatever.

  • Firstfamily

    That translation was shit lool

  • Lifehouse58

    haha Chandler is a bit cringe lol but i guess it sells lol .

  • A C
    A C

    Chandler looks scared to be choked out! 🤣yo eyes don’t lie boy it’s nap time tho. #goolivera‼️

  • Thrash gorkhey
    Thrash gorkhey

    joe ragon ❤

  • Kevin Birkhimer
    Kevin Birkhimer

    CAN YOU DIG IT!!! LET'S GO BABY!!! AWESOME fresh & old card can't wait til the BLOOD FLIES!!

  • kaprikornian1

    Oliveira is my favorite (active) lightweight fighter, let's go!!

  • Shah Ektesabi
    Shah Ektesabi

    Them girls thirsty for Beneil Dariush lol.

  • FPR

    Ok, we can all agree, that either tony can switch bodies, or Charles took his spirit on their last fight.

  • Josh Dutczak YT
    Josh Dutczak YT

    I'd like to see Jacare get a Win tonight!! I felt for him when Holland did him like that.

  • D. W.
    D. W.

    I hope Chandler and Ferguson take it, McGregor is probably Praying Chandler Wins because if Connor does beat Dustin, I don't think McGregor would have a chance against Charles Olivera!!! 👊

  • Ronsonn Swandom
    Ronsonn Swandom

    i think michael chandler could beat izzy

  • Leo Diano
    Leo Diano

    Burgos vs Barboza will be good I think!

  • Young Scout-o-vision
    Young Scout-o-vision

    Promotion really wants chandler to win ......

  • ömer

    ollivera is ice cold...chandler more emotional......

  • Mob Barley
    Mob Barley

    So disappointing when the translators do not give accurate translations.

  • Hingle McCringleberry
    Hingle McCringleberry

    It’s funny how Chandler has only had 1 fight in the ufc so they have to keep showing him punching Dan Hooker over and over again.

  • Hilman Sidni Syahrudin
    Hilman Sidni Syahrudin

    Charles Oliveira is AOT fans😂

  • luis cruz
    luis cruz

    Tony look a bit bigger in this weight in. I will love to see him deliver the body slam!

  • Øystein Dahl
    Øystein Dahl

    Well, if this doesn’t get you fucking fired up about this fight card. I don’t know what will!

  • Darpan Sharma1
    Darpan Sharma1


  • Emanuel Ribeiro
    Emanuel Ribeiro

    need the music playing in background starting @ 16:33