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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)

  • that guy
    that guy

    Put me in the game coach!....I'm ready ...I'm ready...I'm ready...

  • hojjat saadattalab (VFX)
    hojjat saadattalab (VFX)

    Soooo after that trailer what is the song name?

  • Carson Beal
    Carson Beal

    “We don’t have any countermeasures!” “I AM THE COUNTERMEASURE!” 3:14

  • Jimmy Hira
    Jimmy Hira

    Trailer only shows the good bits . When you play it it wont look or feel like this xd

  • Avocado 776 593
    Avocado 776 593

    We need battlefield: 1862 civil war edition War of rights is great but it’s too clunky and doesn’t run well.

  • lewis horne
    lewis horne

    If I had to say what my top 3 bf trailers were it would be 1. BF 2042 2. BF 1 3. BF 4

  • Cauê Villela
    Cauê Villela

    I love this franchise but unfortunately I will have to stop playing because the fees charged for the game are not from Brazil as in many other countries.

  • Lauti Lo
    Lauti Lo

    The trailer is so cool that I literally come here everyday

  • Epic Gamer69
    Epic Gamer69

    I wanna be the first person to do the rendezook in real life. Wish me luck!

  • Not So Famous
    Not So Famous


  • whyyousomad yt
    whyyousomad yt

    Everyone's gotta love stun_gravys rendezook

  • whyyousomad yt
    whyyousomad yt

    I'm so glad that all of the battlefield games lived up to their expectations and I think this game is going to be incredible

  • LeinadHyper

    r/SpaceXMasterRace anyone?

  • keken34

    j'espère que les graphismes seront au rendez vous!!!

  • SageModeisOn

    They brought weather manipulation, now that's cold

  • Dalton Gillespie
    Dalton Gillespie

    Here goes EA..makin there game political again. You think they would learn

    • Avidly

      How tho

  • You You
    You You

    this wont surpass warzone i think

  • Patrick blue
    Patrick blue

    I’ve bought a BF4 server on Xbox for the next 3 months to keep the hype going. The name is ROAD TO BATTLEFIELD 2042 250% TICKETS BEST MAPS MIX. The filters are Conquest, Normal, Ranked and North America is the region. Let’s get this baby populated!

  • Hicham Tch
    Hicham Tch

    I just made the randezook my wall papper

  • nIgHtMouse

    Even if this game isn't good. This trailer is still a masterpiece.

  • itsakm “ItsAkm”
    itsakm “ItsAkm”

    welcome back dice

  • Zzi7 Oio43
    Zzi7 Oio43


  • The Legendary Soldier
    The Legendary Soldier

    Battlefield 2042 - Where I'm from is in 2079 - I know how to take down those enemy soldiers. I've been through too much destruction. - The Legendary Soldier

  • adrian solan
    adrian solan

    I have never been so excited for a game in my life. Lets get it DICE!!!! This brings back so many memories of me and the homies destroying in bf4 conquest. Letss gooo!! We are home boys

  • Yunus Çakıcı
    Yunus Çakıcı

    Dice is flexing with their player count, every scene has way too many soldiers in them 🤣

  • Turbo Duckhead
    Turbo Duckhead

    This is BF4 on the PS5..

  • Hafsaoui Aymen
    Hafsaoui Aymen

    Can we just talk about the RENDEZOOK

  • Tom

    The rendezook almost made me cry. Thank you Battlefield devs for caring about us, we’re coming home boys and girls… ❤️

  • Ya3mor

    *1 million like* Just imagine how many people will play this game

  • AGTGRagheed


  • Ngm Get
    Ngm Get

    Welcome back. We both know this isn't your first time.

  • cookiez

    why is there like penguins like there like what the penguin doin

  • Apohk

    One of the greatest and iconic trailer I HAVE EVER SEEN

  • pitbull factory
    pitbull factory

    *Пацаны, рецепт оладушек •Кефир 2,5% - 500 мл •Мука - 3 стакана •Яйцо - 1шт •Сахарок - 2ст.л •Сода - 1 ч.л •Соль - по вкусу*

  • Mike Kelly
    Mike Kelly

    Just pure chaotic ridiculousness and I’m here for it

  • wik Chol
    wik Chol

    when i saw scene with tornado where this solider use'd wingsuit i thought this is just cause 4 trailer.

  • komrade doggo
    komrade doggo

    finally battlefield 2142 prequel

  • Planxanso

    My gf hates me for how hype I got, 😆

  • Majesty

    i’m proud of you guys :)

  • Green Boi 2011 ✔
    Green Boi 2011 ✔

    3:45 this make me laught

  • Eduardo Palacios
    Eduardo Palacios

    Anyone know the song on 1:43?

    • raabbit

      Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart it says in the description dude 🤦‍♂️

  • Roberto Mandarine
    Roberto Mandarine

    I love BF1

  • Templario 1096
    Templario 1096

    Mucgos rovots no me gustan los rovots dillike ekisde, saludos al yolo.

  • Aurélien A.
    Aurélien A.

    Bro, 1:45, penguins are just here spectating war..

  • Friendly Fire
    Friendly Fire

    %30 Of you just come for F35 Jet scene. Razenvook... Or whatever that god name is... You ARE the Battlefield... You are the Colonel in BFF's. o7

  • Dude Bruh
    Dude Bruh

    Why has no body noticed the penguins just watching the fighting

  • Michael McNew
    Michael McNew

    Battlefield 2042 Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dude Bruh
    Dude Bruh

    Everyone: *murdering each other* Penguins: 👀

  • Oscar G. Martinez
    Oscar G. Martinez


  • Thunderdome

    oh, my, god!

  • Brandon Martinez
    Brandon Martinez

    Cmon can’t wait already pre order 🙏

  • HomeMadeMemes 'n stuff
    HomeMadeMemes 'n stuff

    A campaign for this would have been awesome

    • Playboy_rowdyy


  • Themba's Temple
    Themba's Temple

    that was the greatest trailer ive ever seen in my life

  • Nikola Miladinovic
    Nikola Miladinovic

    battlefield 1942,battlefield 2142,battlefield 2042

  • Zero Iqwar
    Zero Iqwar

    1 million like ...10...100...

  • Marcus Hammarberg
    Marcus Hammarberg

    The way the explosions lines up with the music. I approved of that.

  • pw.m_098

    epic trailer

  • Midnight

    Pointless Melodrama

  • Nick Klass
    Nick Klass

    I hate futuristic stuffs but this put everyone in agreement it look awesome af.

  • Shownuff Husla
    Shownuff Husla

    He'll yeah restore the true king of war

  • zouheir aboulaabas
    zouheir aboulaabas

    the best shout 0:45, you will make you buy this version

  • Alexander Oquendo
    Alexander Oquendo

    Trailer is f'ing amazing. Great job with it. I can't wait!

  • Death Imagination
    Death Imagination

    the last season of battlefield 2042 can we PLEASE GET GUNDAMS!?!?!! ill suck everyone off at DICE in the world of crossovers. i think this is best

  • fernand0

    We all know this game will suck

  • Arijit Mahandeo vlogs
    Arijit Mahandeo vlogs

    Kya tha yah.... Mindblowing... Awsm

  • Sci-Fi Admirer
    Sci-Fi Admirer

    What is the reason for releasing this game in 2042? That's quite a long wait, isn't it?

  • Luan Martins
    Luan Martins

    3:16 awesome 😱

  • FaHad



    3:10 Best part! Cant wait for october 22 lol

  • Me So
    Me So

    It was great right up until the end. That tornado is really cringe. Desperate attempt to compete for the attention of youth who need more ACTION, even it's completely far fetched and unrealistic scenario. There's enough action with all the vehicles and destroyed buildings. This looks like it's directed by Roland Emmerich: Battlefield 2012.

  • Shahab Oveici
    Shahab Oveici

    Bollywood grade action 3:10

  • 999

    If this trailer got 15 mil views now imagine gta 6 trailer, it will break the internet.

  • Tolly56

    Introducing: Just Cause 4

  • Snenz

    hell yes

  • WildBill94

    Please don’t include the goddamned Space Force.

  • HDnorm

    Parents: oh look the neighborhood is having a nerf war! The neighborhood:

  • Diego Ibañez (TheRussianReaper)
    Diego Ibañez (TheRussianReaper)

    Stung gravy

  • Tobi- 98 -
    Tobi- 98 -

    I really would like to play a Battlefield 3 remake But I think this would be as close as it gets I played Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 but nothing felt like Battlefield 3

  • Goga Ruadze
    Goga Ruadze

    and we give it back to you... the Gamers

  • Ethan Harris
    Ethan Harris

    Stun_gravy your time has come

  • Lord Blub
    Lord Blub

    i came

  • LA love
    LA love

    Chills, Battlefield 1 vibes

    • Boltpoke


    • Angelo

      You mean Battlefield 3 and 4 vibes

  • WafflesTheBeardedDragon

    1:46 Those penguins just chilling

  • California Boi Games
    California Boi Games

    This doesn’t look like a video game trailer more like a movie trailer

  • SeemsLegit131


  • DET98thePlaya

    1:46 Penguins

  • david z
    david z

    This looks like an improved version of battlefield 4 (which would be hard to do). Battlefield needs to stick to this model

  • ILostSleeps

    This isn’t a trailer it felt like a movie 😭😭

  • Sqevkrow

    The 26k dislikes are the people who couldn't pull off a rendezook back then.

    • Hoang Vo
      Hoang Vo

      26k dislikes are libtards who want to see a bionic woman fighting on the frontlines during ww2

  • Kirito_ Kun
    Kirito_ Kun

    Better than the battlefield 5 trailer.

  • Muheeb Musah
    Muheeb Musah

    Fast and furious could never🤣

  • Collin “Ghost” Leonard
    Collin “Ghost” Leonard


  • Magos Dominus
    Magos Dominus

    more servers added to bf4 again :)

  • Yasgoku

    When I purchase this game, I'm gonna kiss it so hard! Trust me!

  • Амирлан Багисов
    Амирлан Багисов

    Это в Казахстане?

  • Sebastian Albert
    Sebastian Albert

    Finally we get Canadians

  • 石英

    me: Stop showing us unrealistic game footage in the trailer DICE: 3:15 satisfied? me: (out of words)

  • Doomslayerjk

    This is basically ww3 but it’s a GOOD THING with death

  • tasin mahmud
    tasin mahmud

    Launch date?