Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!
These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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  • Digital Adventurer
    Digital Adventurer

    So now all we need is Ruby to complete the set. Probably would be best for her to go up against a fellow scythe user

  • James

    Yall had mikasa replacing her blades after not damaging them at all. Why?

  • Samus Aran
    Samus Aran

    The fight was clearly one sided.... Idk how you chose the fights, but this one wasnt good, mikasa never had any chance

  • You're*

    Geoff told them to write it so blake wins or they get their checks docked

  • ron wardlaw
    ron wardlaw

    These Death Battles are getting way too easy to call

  • N0isy B0i
    N0isy B0i

    A boring stomp with no real quantifiable comparrison between the two. Not to mention one of the characters is owned by the company that makes this show. We all knew the outcome before we even clicked.

  • TheMilk Man
    TheMilk Man

    Am I the only one who thought this wasn’t really a fair matchup?

  • Shidposting


  • Sarbast Barwari
    Sarbast Barwari

    Im done whit life

  • doquan hughes
    doquan hughes

    This deathbattle was really pointless 🤦‍♂️

  • Christian Luther
    Christian Luther

    So we've had Blake, Weiss, and Yang. Now we just need Ruby to fight Maka Albarn from Soul Eater.

  • John Charles Kazuma
    John Charles Kazuma

    Day 6: Can't stop, won't stop KIRYU-CHAN!!!!

  • X Ghostgrime
    X Ghostgrime


  • Eiji

    Lol and then eren uses founding titan powers and kills her in a second lol

  • Xtream_Exe

    I know I'm late but happy anniversary y guys u made part of my child hood I remember my first death battle I watched was mario vs sonic

  • magasoulshadow

    Did anyone else notice Blake’s blood is purple.

  • ninjalad

    Ah the classic fight of magic user versus basic human.

  • pizza killer
    pizza killer

    Ok guys i love what you do but this is the quality and fps of a ps3 game; not that the battle wasn't awesome though

  • Sarbast Barwari
    Sarbast Barwari

    Just so you know do not get angry this is just for fun so please don’t get angry Me: rages. But yeah it’s just for fun and if you’re sensitive I don’t think you should really watch it

  • Callsign Reddawn
    Callsign Reddawn

    Idgaf 🤦‍♀️

  • Fadinphoenix

    So RWBY is 2 for 3. Unless there is a Ruby Rose vs someone i missed along the way.

  • Yasumedia

    Not sure these two should be fighting anyway. Never felt fair. Shouldn't Black fight someone like Black Star from Soul Eater? Like if you agree. - both use multipurpose weapons that transform into swords and kusarigama - both are the ninja/assassins of their respective teams - both favor speed over power - both use after images to confuse opponents - both attend private monster-slang academies - both belong to some faction/clan with poor reputation.

  • 《LXnley B_Y》
    《LXnley B_Y》

    Does anyone keep on watching the videos so we get to see what's the next video because I did

  • Johnson Louis
    Johnson Louis

    Do gara vs crocodile from one piece next

  • Daniel Aponte
    Daniel Aponte

    Did not expect Blake to win but happy she did

  • Sheik Dickerson
    Sheik Dickerson

    this death battle gets alot of hate i enjoyed it alot i mean the soundtrack was amazing the research was really good the animation was really good to me tho there where some parts where i didnt like it however this is my favirote fight this season

  • Combine Elite Unit #876
    Combine Elite Unit #876

    I gotta remember that DEATH BATTLE is hosted by brain dead idiots, people who even thought this was an arguable battle

  • Victor Alberto Sanz Lopez
    Victor Alberto Sanz Lopez

    So... this is them trying not to got sold off?

  • bugweasel

    Smiling Boomstick is still weird

  • Deadman Plays
    Deadman Plays

    Let‘s be honest. It was one sided. They should’nt done this battle, so we aot fans dont have to see a brutal death of mikasa

  • Almar AZL9S
    Almar AZL9S

    Boomstick that's disgusting. You and Wario have something in common now. - Well anyway going by the title before the battle: I like Mikasa...but I knew she would lose because she has disadvantages against someone that doesn't really rely on stuff that has limited uses. Also Mikasa never went against an agile "super-human-animal." Her experience is against Titans and Kenny Ackerman's human Military's forces that use ODM Gear.

  • Wolfking 118
    Wolfking 118

    Debatable on the “whole less toxic” thing

  • Andreas D.
    Andreas D.

    That was an unfair fight! Mikasa is a slightly faster regular human with no special power vs someone who has a magic weapon and ultra speed and a ki shieald mikasa cant even hope to break

  • Joseph Ferguson
    Joseph Ferguson

    Kinda knew they'd play favorites. They always do.

    • Miss_Merlin

      Love how people always assume that Death Battle "plays favorites" even though they don't.

  • Lightning Bolt 1O1
    Lightning Bolt 1O1

    I figured Blake would win cause her shadow clones is what keeps her on the edge against Mikasa

  • Khalif Aleem
    Khalif Aleem

    Yes what a match thank you death battle that reminded me of the first 2 seasons of death battle please keep that up

  • Wslasher

    Since when can Mikasa deflect bullet shots using a ODM's blades?

    • SirKillalot98

      Levi can and he shouldn't be drastically ahead of Mikasa.

  • Joe Break your sis
    Joe Break your sis

    Mikasa best girl

  • llamacanoe

    Blake had good reason to assume she was allowed to stay in that house! As they say, Mikasa, su casa.

  • Will Doe
    Will Doe

    No fair. yall choose favorites.

    • SirKillalot98

      Weiss a RWBY character lost to Mitsuru a non RT character.

    • Miss_Merlin

      @Will Doe Yes "Favorites" and not just because this MU is an obvious one-sided stomp. Or assume their older episodes are bias even though it's more due to the fact that it had lackluster research which was the case for all earlier episodes of DB.

    • Will Doe
      Will Doe

      @cntoon90skid Rooster teeth literally created RWBY, they didn't create Sonic.

    • cntoon90skid

      No they don't otherwise archie sonic would have won against flash.

  • Classic Rock and Furries Rule !
    Classic Rock and Furries Rule !

    How about doing Toothless vs Smaug?

    • Miss_Merlin

      Smaug and Toothless have better MU's

  • Dormaze

    It's a shame, I can't stand RWBY as a show, not fond of any of the characters either, the music's good though.

  • Todd Tenney
    Todd Tenney

    You guys should totally do a Homelander VS Omni Man!

  • Vincencio Sempronio
    Vincencio Sempronio

    these guys are still a thing

  • saubhagya Bammi
    saubhagya Bammi

    The animation quality of this fight is better than the whole escanor vs meliodas

  • Stains Of Time
    Stains Of Time

    Magic woman vs Strong woman Man I wonder who will win...

  • Kaede Lopes
    Kaede Lopes

    good I loved the battle, you can do my favorite blondes yang (Rwby) vs leone (akame ka kill) thanks

  • Mr Gamingviper
    Mr Gamingviper

    You put a person with actual power against a person with fraction of powers, it was literally unfair

  • Chorizo

    Po vs iron fist are you serious

    • Chorizo

      @Miss_Merlin also I visited your channel and some of the fights you want are either funny or cringey lmao

    • Chorizo

      @Miss_Merlin it was joke because them fighting Seems kinda funny, but it looks like someone has a bad sense of humor smh

    • Miss_Merlin

      Still don't see the problem given the DB community requested this for years but okay.

  • Happy Savage
    Happy Savage

    Both girls can relate. Just so sad, one has to lose. Honestly. What a great video!

  • Christopher Thomas
    Christopher Thomas

    I don't know how I feel about that one but okay...😑😐😶

  • BIG Daddio John Bamford
    BIG Daddio John Bamford

    Mikassa cuts off Blakes hand Blake: YOU SHOULD'VE GONE FOR THE HEAD lol *BOOM! LOL

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees

    Wiz and boomstick vs Rick and Morty

  • Strykerx31

    Cmon you know damn well this is a publicity stunt to sell to RT off, since its in the shitter, and RWBY's a Dying brand.

    • Miss_Merlin

      Or you know it was an actual shitstomp that people requested

  • GnarlyBurrito

    Can't spell Bias without BS

    • GnarlyBurrito

      @Miss_Merlin Death Battle showed their Bias since Yang vs Tifa

    • GnarlyBurrito

      @Miss_MerlinBlake has done nothing over the series

    • Miss_Merlin

      Love how people resort to bias, even though this was a pretty obvious stomp for Blake which was already highly agreed upon.

  • Gelenor

    Not sure who thought this fight was remotely fair or even. These would be a lot more interesting if it wasn't a one sided curbstomp.

  • Kevin Mora
    Kevin Mora

    Omniman vs home lander thoughts Since Superman too op

    • Miss_Merlin

      Good MU, however Omnimnan decimates which is funny

  • zeldaed123

    Po?! Po?! Out of anybody you could pick to pit against Danny Rand, you picked the Kung Fu Panda?! Couldn't you have tried again with Kenshiro, Jonathan Joestar or maybe even Rock Lee?! Is Po seriously the best you can come up with?!

    • SirKillalot98

      Survivors of a tragedy that basically left them orphans, turned out to be the greatest Martial artist of where they were growing up/Training, chosen warriors of Dragons. Masters of Chi and Chinese martial arts. They surprisingly have similarities.

    • Miss_Merlin

      Hmmm, Po Vs Iron Fist is actually thematic (Power Dragon Warrior Martial Artist, with heavy emphasis on utilizing Chi), can debated on, and was heavily requested for a good while. Meanwhile the MU's listed are either not that good to begin with or they have way better opponents.

  • Social

    wow i was sure the battle would end by mikasa running out of gas for the odm gear

  • William Schnabel
    William Schnabel

    River from firefly vs KAHN!!! (star trek)

  • Cantthinkofaname

    From the moment I saw what the cat girl could do it was obvious this was a dumb mismatch

  • Schneeflocke Monsoon
    Schneeflocke Monsoon

    “I’ve yet to meet one who can outsmart bullet.” -Blake, realizing she’s from a tech era almost three centuries ahead of her opponent if not more.

  • Dillon Bryant
    Dillon Bryant

    Am I the only one who noticed they spoiled the ending of attack on titan lol

    • acemckillayoface

      Nope. Am I the only one who noticed the spoiler warning at the top right corner at 5:42?

  • Ted Killa
    Ted Killa

    Omni man vs Superman

  • Im A Believer
    Im A Believer

    The only good thing about this video is the music in the fight

  • Asura 455
    Asura 455

    Wow already 4K downvotes that’s fast for a DB not as fast as the Superman vs Goku (both) but what did people expect it’s magic vs a person who fights slow walking giants. They set this one sided fight up on purpose. Cant show one of their characters getting killed while the parent company is looking to sell them.

    • SirKillalot98

      @Asura 455 I am glad we are able to have a rational and well mannered discussion. I wish you a good day as well.

    • Asura 455
      Asura 455

      @SirKillalot98 I tend to avoid most communities in general. They tend to often then not be unwilling to have that discussion. That’s very true regarding what DB is for though it’s not like the creators are going to change the character just because they lost a DB, most probably don’t watch it. We will see I suppose next fight seems like a random fun one which I have no idea on so should be interesting. Nice discussion mate have a good day!

    • SirKillalot98

      I mean more than half the YT community are fine with RWBY episodes conceptually. Ruby vs Maka is one of the most highly requested Death Battles to make and I am sure a battle between two energetic scythe wielders could be a fascinating fight. Yang vs Bakugo from MHA is also growing in popularity. Death Battle's own passionate fanbase across Discord, twitter and wikis don't mind RWBY episodes if they are treated fairly like every other franchise which Mitsuru and Inuyasha proved. They shouldn't appeal to the minority or the blind ignorant ones. Casuals still don't know after 10 years that the animation is just for fun and not a simulation. While Death Battle are allowed to glimpse or change their minds on a fight concept, they won't always know if a fight is a stomp until research is completed. They even changed their mind on a winner midway due to new information kept popping up (Wally West vs Archie Sonic). I understand people don't like stomps and want more debates where "You know...that could have gone either way", that is why the match making community also try to look for fights that are thematic, exciting and close as possible. But Blake vs Mikasa just fit the first two categories more. I needed to confirm all the information before being confident to say Blake stomped this fight, it's not like Flash vs Quicksilver where it was obvious. Since people on twitter and yt are questioning why Blake was scaled to Mercury and Emerald. or BLAKE IS A JOBBER AND SHOULDN'T HAVE WON. The situation almost seems black and white

    • Asura 455
      Asura 455

      @SirKillalot98 You should still as a company take requests from a fan base with an amount of skepticism . Yeah you maybe getting requests like that but are they good. They could be stating it because they want X to win vs Y not because the fight would be good but so their fighter wins. Fan bases in general now days are toxic if you want to take suggestions fine but the product would be better as a whole of it wasn’t so obvious who would win. It could help deal with the skeptics as well calling the fight biased at least a little as well.

    • SirKillalot98

      Atlus had no collaboration with Death Battle. Weiss was pushed for a Death Battle, so somebody suggested to put the Persona character there. RoosterTeeth have no qualms with their characters being brutally murdered. Blake vs Inuyasha had the cat faunus being mutilated. Bakugo also beat Yang. So RWBY actually have a 3-3 record. Too bad people are still pushing for RWBY vs other franchise matches like Ruby vs Maka Albarn or Cinder Fall vs Azula.

  • Big Cheese
    Big Cheese

    Omni Man From the TV show invincible vs Superman should be the next fight.

  • Tsukuyomi

    Is it just me or does the animation look really choppy?

    • SirKillalot98

      Not you, I notice a slower frame rate than usual.

  • Galen Sterling-Smith
    Galen Sterling-Smith

    What song is playing while they’re going over Mikasa’s bio?

  • Raul赤月

    Superman vs Omniman must happen...NOW

  • Torterra

    *looks to Ruby Rose* You’re next.

  • Shu Kurosawa
    Shu Kurosawa

    It was a fair fight, Mikasa only had one life, while Blake has nine.

  • Victor Orozco
    Victor Orozco

    Honestly I stopped halfway into the fight. Couldn’t finish the rest of the video.

  • A guy with an anime Profile Pic Because I can
    A guy with an anime Profile Pic Because I can

    Hmmmm.... Did Rooster Teeth threaten to cut Death Battle's funding if they made one of their franchise mainstays die again in a fight outside Red vs Blue? Or is this Yang vs Tifa again where the end goal was advertising so they just beef up the character they wanna sell to win and have them fight a overly popular character to get clicks again (Though the same can be said of many Death Battles)?

    • Sushi Boy
      Sushi Boy

      No, Blake has loss in dbx episode where they could have easily made her win lol. Other characters from rwby have also loss against other characters. And in the vid they were actively making fun of rwby. I’m pretty sure the analysis is enough “advertising”.

    • SirKillalot98

      Blake fairly beats Mikasa in what was their most highly requested fight for either character? Mitsuru beaten Weiss so RWBY characters don't have death immunity. Same with Blake vs Inuyasha and Bakugo vs Yang. Maybe do some research on the channel's history.

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia

    Does this mean when Ruby goes to death battle she's going to die because you know Weiss, I'm sensing a pattern here. 🤔

  • Tommy Wang
    Tommy Wang

    Mikasa isn’t programmed, Eren made that up to push her away, using the fact that she loves him so much that protecting him is a subconscious action already

  • Allen2Reckless

    Mikasa deserves to lose honestly. Blake was put at a disadvantage fighting via swinging the entire fight.

  • Vinicius Dias
    Vinicius Dias

    Putting aside all the problems I might have with the analisys I am real happy because, just before the fight started O thought to myself: "All right Mikasa, we both know you will most certainly lose. Please cut her arm for me before you die."

  • Mtdewjunky007

    Aw man, I was hoping Mikasa would win.

  • Ramon Castro
    Ramon Castro

    Damn I was rooting for mikasa but this was a good fight. Po better win the next one

  • Ace Dax
    Ace Dax

    So we first saw Yang fight, then Weiss and now you know that means Ruby is finally up next and I know everyone wants to see Ruby (RWBY) vs Maka (Soul Eater) which personally I don't think is a fair fight at all. I think Ruby (RWBY) vs Shinoa (Seraph of the End) would be a much better and more fun to watch fight.

  • Yuuu

    Never watched RWBY and never will, this video made me seriously mad.

  • StillNoUsername

    Out in the distance, in mourning of a fallen lover, a sullen caw sounded off into the eternal sky.

  • FreelanceArt101

    aura is not Ki.

  • Christopher Andrade Rapini
    Christopher Andrade Rapini

    Death battle ideias : Kratos vs Seiya Superman (Injustice) vs Goku Black Dr Cortex vs Dr Eggman Saitama vs Alex Kidd Scarlet Witch vs Zatanna Gohan vs Superboy Meliodas vs Midoriya Kyo Kusanagi vs Roy Mustang Greninja vs Espio The Chamaleon Morrigan vs Rouge The Bat

  • Judá Novoa
    Judá Novoa

    Vaya despropósito


    Wanda vs Jean gray

  • lorn'elth'alt'mer

    knew it was an unfair match up.

  • OnyxDemon

    The nevermore never hit blake and blake never fought emerald or mercury

    • SirKillalot98

      Well the bridge was what shook everyone up. I just mentioned Roman in case if it didn't happen then Blake could scale to the Nevemore through that. Blake-Roman-Ruby-Nevermore.

    • OnyxDemon

      @SirKillalot98 Idk maybe it's my interpretation course they were just standing there, it it cut back to them still fighting, but yeah. i never said anything about roman, the roman thing is fine. As for the nevermore your right, but if she got directly hit by it and survive then it count in my book. But that's just me

    • SirKillalot98

      Blake did fight Emerald and Mercury offscreen in Battle of Haven V5, joining the fight after dropkicking Hazel. If you assumed her teammates ended up restraining Emerald, Mercury and Hazel, then just attribute the scaling from Hazel. The Nevermore struck the bridge and temple, so some force might be attributed. Either way, V1 Ruby ended up taking the creature down without dying herself. Roman Torchwick was able to beat her down a little, but Blake was able to make some dents in both of their 1v1 encounters. So the scaling applies.

  • Dashzilla93

    Least there's one thing Mikasa won that Bland (Blake) hasn't.... She easily has better character than her.

  • Mr. A9X3L
    Mr. A9X3L

    Only one RWBY member to go now

  • Spartan Orion 07
    Spartan Orion 07

    Hell yea thats my blake 😁

  • AaronMichael

    No idea who Blake is. In the magma mikados kills Erin so she would have won in my books

  • ThatLordMax

    Ackerman In Japanese Sounds Like "Akuma" Means Demon

  • The life of CASSIE
    The life of CASSIE


  • Brannon Jordan
    Brannon Jordan

    Yes po vs iron fist is coming to death battle

  • Moises

    Both Blake and Mikasa were great fighters!

  • Lycanthromancer

    I was hoping Mikasa was going to attack Blake for reading Twilight, which is a crime against nature.

  • RedBunn

    Told you Blake would won because of Rooster Teeth

    • Cuddles zombie
      Cuddles zombie

      Yes, And the death battle eat the RT waste

  • Pretty Peso
    Pretty Peso

    Dear Deathbattle, When I was a child, me and my friends would always watch shows and movies about giant robots. I absolutely loved the show "Megas XLR" and "Transformers". But we always argued about which of the two protagonists would win in a fight. Coop, the gamer for life and part time mechanic who augments his mech with game controllers, or the sworn protector of earth, Optimus Prime. I definately hope you guys give this a read.