UAE Warriors 13 - September 25th - Dubai
0:00 Abu Dhabi TV - Studio
24:35 - UAE Warriors 13 Starts
34:30 - Isaac Pimentel vs Top Noi Kiwram
54:55 - Agshin Babaev vs Gi Bum Moon
1:11:20 - Christina Stelliou vs Casey O’Neill
1:30:47 - Shamil Magomedov vs Feraidoon Alik Zai
1:47:48 - Iuri Fraga vs Hashem Arkhagha
2:00:37 - Imamshafi Aliev vs Elijas Paknys
2:26:25 - Paulo Henrique Teodoro vs Sasha Palatnikov
2:38:05 - Naomi Tataroglu vs Manon Fiorot
2:57:39 - Dean Barry vs Abdulla Al Bousheiri
3:11:00 - Ahmed Tijani vs Chris Barnett
3:22:40 - Piotr Walawski vs Tarek Suleiman
3:43:40 - Taksim Zabitov vs Xavier Alaoui
4:40:48 - Shamil Aminov vs Kyung Pyo Kim
4:51:35 - Chi Lewis-Parry vs Fabio Maldonado
5:06:00 - UAE Warriors 13 - Replays
5:14:12 - Abu Dhabi TV - Studio
After 12 successful editions in the capital, Abu Dhabi, where it made a big name and grew in popularity, UAE Warriors holds its 13th edition in the vibrant city that is Dubai. With the glistening skyline of Dubai Marina and JBR in the background and the breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf, an action-packed evening of high-level MMA is set to take place in the glamourous Rotunda in Caesars Bluewater Hotel, Dubai on September 25.
These breathtaking views paired with an equally impressive fight card promise an evening of pure thrill and entertainment. Thirteen action-packed bouts between ferocious fighters are booked for the evening. Chopper Chi Lewis-Parry (8-0) UAE Warriors’ reigning heavyweight champion defends his belt against his toughest, most experienced opponent yet, Fabio Maldonado (26-14) a former UFC contender with tons of experience in the Octagon against big names including Glover Teixeira, Joey Beltran, Corey Anderson and the current UFC HW champion Stipe Miocic, to name a few.
The evening will feature 2 female fights including the second consecutive appearance of the strong and talented Manon Fiorot (5-1) against the Dutch Naomi Tataroglu (3-2). Manon delivered an outstanding performance in her UAE Warriors debut against Corinne Laframboise, showing a complete game both on the feet and on the ground. Another anticipated bout on the card will feature one of UAE Warriors’ top prospects, “The Crazy Cameroonian” Juares Dea (7-2), who hopes to increase his win streak to 5 in a row. Dea is set to face a very tough and technical opponent in Xavier Alaoui (10-2), who trains in Tristar Gym with superstars such as Georges St-Pierre, Rory McDonald, and Kevin Lee; under one of the best MMA coaches in the world, Firas Zahabi.
Abdulla Al Bousheiri (7-1), returns for the second time to the Warriors after an excellent first performance and a deserved win against Leandro Martins in UAEW 8. This time, Al Bousheiri faces Dean Barry (2-1), one of the most decorated kickboxers ever, who transitioned to MMA 2 years ago and is teammates with MMA superstar Connor McGregor in SBG.
Fights will start on 6:00 PM on Friday September 25 in The Rotunda, Caesars Bluewaters., Dubai. All the fights will be broadcast live on AD Sports and Dubai Sports channel in MENA and globally on, Jungo TV and on UAE Warriors’ KZit channel.

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  • Ivan Lima
    Ivan Lima

    Good afternoon oss

  • FAL

    UAE warriors 1 was better than this one 😕

  • Love All hate none
    Love All hate none

    The poor Afghanistan guy why do they match a kickboxer with a grappling guy

  • Love All hate none
    Love All hate none

    Microphone is pretty fucked needs to spend

  • Kozmow

    you guys need to work on the audio, other than that nice job

  • AltAnd07

    That Dean Barry fight was the highlight of the show for sure! Always good to see Chris Barnett get a W. Too bad it wasn't against the original opponent but still.

  • Peter Longwood
    Peter Longwood

    Sound quality is so poor! Need to separate the music with commentary and also get some commentators that make sense 😂😂

  • Peter Longwood
    Peter Longwood

    Commentators said his ground game was far superior to Dean Barry, yet he stood up with him on his back and shrugged him off and finished him 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Alimzhan Seisekenov
    Alimzhan Seisekenov

    You guys should buy a better microphones, really hard to hear the music and your voices. Plus some noise that makes your voices unclear and fluctuates the volume. Don’t be cheap. Cheers.

  • Vincent Valentine
    Vincent Valentine

    Trash quitting wannabe fighters, and those commentators are so goddamn awful!

  • Douju

    AHHHH! Finally!

  • Daniel Mason
    Daniel Mason

    Where was olie Thompson fight?

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  • Mohmed Alanzy
    Mohmed Alanzy

    هاردلك للبطل عبدالله بوشهري وانشالله يرد اقوى🙏🏻❤️🇰🇼

  • woodeN

    3:44:38 for Xavier

  • Openvibes by Safeer
    Openvibes by Safeer


  • Openvibes by Safeer
    Openvibes by Safeer


  • Nikky Fleming
    Nikky Fleming

    Amazing work ! well done dean 🇮🇪 ☘️

  • Mmmark2013 Mark
    Mmmark2013 Mark

    Хабиб Россия

  • Loo Abazin
    Loo Abazin

    Hashem with tcherkass hat the best

    • Jiang Jun
      Jiang Jun

      He was the most composed, cleaner that fight like it was nothing.

    • Jiang Jun
      Jiang Jun


  • Еркебулан Турымбетов
    Еркебулан Турымбетов

    Таксим красава! Такая стойкость и отвага, не стал убегать и зарубился достоенно. Показал кто такие Арланы!👍🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿👍

  • Hasson Lool
    Hasson Lool

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    • Mohmed Alanzy
      Mohmed Alanzy

      انشالله يرد اقوى

  • D K
    D K

    3:18:20 this brother is funny 😂

  • D K
    D K

    2:06:05 now let's see the Dagestani take the bear down 😂 and it's not first time the Dagestani wrestling the bear 2:08:14 the bear fighting back 😂

    • Jiang Jun
      Jiang Jun

      A7ρƙ yee, my bad. Thought he was talking about hicham

    • A7ρƙ

      @Jiang Jun go search again bro . He is from dagestan Makhachkala

    • Jiang Jun
      Jiang Jun

      He is circassian, not from Dagestan.

    • A7ρƙ

      Aliev is endurance is not good he tired and running last round

  • Rich G.
    Rich G.

    3:18:38 what we came for

  • MGO Hunter
    MGO Hunter

    اتوقع فوز هاشم كان تمثيل والحكم مصدوم وهو يعلن النتيجه

    • FAL

      السبب الوحيد الي يخلي اللاعب يمثل انه خسر هو الرهانات الرياضية و هذي البطولة مافيها رهانات !

    • Loo Abazin
      Loo Abazin

      @MGO Hunter يا خوي كيف تمثيل يعني يوري كان يمثل كمان وانضرب وفقد الوعي كلام غير منطقي

    • MGO Hunter
      MGO Hunter

      Loo Abazin لا اقصد التقليل من شخص هاشم لكن رأيي يمكن يعجبك او لا يعجبك

    • Loo Abazin
      Loo Abazin

      شو رايك تاخذ دور البرازيلي...ما دامها تمثيل....

  • D K
    D K

    1:48:26 that guy wearing Khabib's head gear lol

    • AP chemistry course
      AP chemistry course

      @Абрек Thanks :) and don't forget to tell others about the channel too help more of our people understand the subject. ( упсо Абрек)

    • Абрек

      AP chemistry course its nice to see a circassian so good at chemistry, good work

    • AP chemistry course
      AP chemistry course

      Bruh it's our traditional hat in the kavkaz he is wearing it bcz he is originaly from the kavkaz and you can see him holding the circassian flag so he isn't wearing khabibs gear he is wearing our culture and traditional gear


      It doesn’t belong to khabib it belong to his culture

  • D K
    D K

    There is no disqualification just no contest? 😂

  • MGO Hunter
    MGO Hunter

    صوت الاغاني عند دخول اللاعبين عالي جدا وصوت الموجودين خارج القفص اعلى من صوت المعلقين يحتاج ترتيب بسيط

    • Jiang Jun
      Jiang Jun

      The audio system is shit.

  • J P
    J P

    Congrats sasha , got it done in one , miss you guys already

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  • سبحان الله
    سبحان الله

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    KEMO 3k

    بوشهري بططل

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  • Abu Zawer
    Abu Zawer

    01:49:00 Hashem Arkhagha's fight ☝🏼

  • Fady Al-Humaidy
    Fady Al-Humaidy

    Hard luck Abdullah Boushehri .. you are the real champ... you did a great new style and performance... keep your head up champ ✨🔝🏹💙🔝🇰🇼🇵🇸

    • Fares Shady
      Fares Shady

      اي ولله لا اهوا تعبان و ماله خلق يعوضها ب فايت الجاي🥊♥️


    1:05:55 Aqsin Babayev should have been the winner.Because korean fighter did opposite of match movement.

    • Rak_oDuNo4ka [TIGER2606]
      Rak_oDuNo4ka [TIGER2606]

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      Mirzammad Ali

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    antônio eduardo campos

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