HIGHLIGHTS | Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell
January 2nd, 2021 -- Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.
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  • Kiner

    Beautiful handspeed by Garcia but lack of footwork and head movement.

  • Ronnie Lumanog
    Ronnie Lumanog

    Man you're too far to pacman

  • İbrahim Keskinli
    İbrahim Keskinli

    ryan garcıanın gerwanto davıs macında hıc sansı yok

  • Alan Angcao
    Alan Angcao

    Ryan not having his guard up when Luke is checking the jab is a red flag and if doesn’t learn from that he’ll get exposed by a fighter that has figured this out.

  • Yeshua Martinez
    Yeshua Martinez

    The boy has Mexican style in him.

  • Geez

    He was used to just extend his arms and fade backwards when his opponent is throwing. It's an effective defense, but unfortunately he forgot Luke has long arms as well.

  • cancer 81
    cancer 81

    i dont see garcia last 3 rounds with pacquiao. he's too slow

  • JuiceeDROPS

    I’ve gotten punched in the ribs by my brother and I couldn’t breath for a straight minute 😂

  • Emily T
    Emily T

    I wanna see Ryan Garcia VS Connor Mcgregor

  • Emat TV
    Emat TV

    So this is ryan garcia the guy who wanted to fight Manny Pacquiao. Flat footed. Manny will make him sleep

  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez

    Imagine Ryan vs canelo

  • Juan Carlos Amador Godínez
    Juan Carlos Amador Godínez

    Oscar de la Hoya en su mejor momento.✔️🤔

  • Meldrop

    So this is the guy whos challenging pacman huh

  • Imane Moroccan
    Imane Moroccan

    Nice 👍

  • LiLPicante

    Ryan’s punches look much slower in the ring than on IG

  • Hawaii 808
    Hawaii 808

    I'm not gonna explain why cause it's too much to type but a key rule & a technique that every fighter should work on is when fighting an opponent in an opposite stance, always try to keep your lead foot on the outside of their lead foot. Garcia failed at that which is one of the main reasons he got dropped

  • Whyaye

    Luke should have thrown more shots

  • JL Estrada
    JL Estrada

    Flat footed. Front foot is out of position. Doesn't circle outside. Soft chin. Pacquiao will slay this kid.


    Finishing body shot

  • Roman Vercelli
    Roman Vercelli

    Mas allá de haber ganado esta pelea, Ryan Garcia demostró ser uno mas del montón, es un boxeador desprolijo, técnicamente flojo (con leves mejoras), quijada floja y sin poder de KO, podríamos decir que tiene Hype pero sabemos que eso no sirve de mucho en este deporte mas que para hacer dinero. Yo lamento que los fans lo sigan con demasiado entusiasmo pero ni siquiera puede con un sparring de nivel mediocre (sino busquen Sparring Ryan Garcia). Le queda mucho por recorrer antes de llegar a Gervonta, si no quiere terminar su carrera de manera abrupta le recomendaría que no lo enfrente, está a años luz del nivel de Davis. LAMENTABLEMENTE. Ah! y fue el primer boxeador de nivel contra el que peleo, y casi lo nokea (bue...nivel... uno ahi mas o menos, a quien no le dio el cardio, en el round 3 ya estaba cansado como si fuese el 11)

    • Roman Vercelli
      Roman Vercelli

      @MrMaxinne te doy clases amigo. Cuando quieras. GRATIS

    • MrMaxinne

      Con lo que escribiste, claro está que no sabes mucho de lo que estas hablando. Eres un casual 😂😂😂

  • Harold Tate
    Harold Tate

    garcia want pacquiao? the kid wants to die! hahaha..

  • Rechelda Panchita
    Rechelda Panchita

    flicker jab

  • Ebk Jmunnna
    Ebk Jmunnna

    Y’all really gonna sit and say that Ryan could take tank power if that was tank right hand to land clean like that on Garcia he wouldn’t be able to get up. And if he does he get stopped.

  • Rock Starr
    Rock Starr

    ryan garcia.. offense:88% deffense: 10%

  • Rock Starr
    Rock Starr

    prove how fast you punch when pacman is your opponent in the ring. bradley will just laugh at you if you don't do your quick punch.

  • Mike Kingslave
    Mike Kingslave

    boring fyt....less head movement less footwork...hahaha

  • Alexander Tullis
    Alexander Tullis

    Left hook to the body: is there a more effective punch, after the jab?

  • Abang Jago
    Abang Jago

    Ryan garcia bkl di gilas klo mlwan davis

  • Jake Espun
    Jake Espun

    Luke messed up for not pressing after that nice ko

  • Garrett Wood
    Garrett Wood

    @ 7:09 You see Campbell land a nice sounding body shot on Garcia before he pulls away, and Garcia TKO’s him with the same body hook. Give em a taste of their own medicine

  • Yue kai
    Yue kai

    pacquiao will destroy this kid

  • my iq is 2
    my iq is 2

    Garcia vs tank Davis

  • Mat Evangelista
    Mat Evangelista

    I love it

  • Hate Me B1tch
    Hate Me B1tch

    He got knocked down by something than can easily be fixed, always keep your hands up! He'll improve no doubt.

  • ivan

    garcia vs pacquiao really lol

  • Paul Snow
    Paul Snow

    Very entertaining fight. GARCIA RULES

  • Ride1Ph

    Not this Time Ryan Garcia... Respect The legend. U Know What I mean.

  • Khalid Atia
    Khalid Atia

    Drug money gives you power

  • donde se puede comprar roman
    donde se puede comprar roman

    Este es un paquete creado

  • John

    Wboy throws noythun... The 2, and he's Lefty. Smh.

  • John Gabriel Mongcawe
    John Gabriel Mongcawe

    I think naoya inoue is the best match for ryan garcia. :)

  • Joshua fyb
    Joshua fyb

    Fast hands slow defense

  • Martin Rivero jr
    Martin Rivero jr


  • TrulyJustace

    Who else wasn’t expecting Ryan to get knocked down like that? 😳

  • von Cruz
    von Cruz

    Is this the kid who will fight pacquiao

  • Sergio Rivera
    Sergio Rivera

    Ryan Garcias a beast!

  • Corn Dawg
    Corn Dawg

    That kidney shot, made him bow down


    Garcia never lose

  • Alexander Ga
    Alexander Ga

    Ito yung lalaban kay pacquiao?😆

  • Max Media Solutions
    Max Media Solutions

    Is this the same guy who challenge PACMAN? lol

  • Kususiyah Kususiyah
    Kususiyah Kususiyah

    Kimg ryan win by body shot

  • Carlo G Danieles
    Carlo G Danieles

    Dreaming to fight MP is just a dream for garcia hes way to far to reach MP!!!if he like to retire early he should fight inoue

  • RoBx 718
    RoBx 718

    When tank connects its over for that boy

  • Salvador Franco
    Salvador Franco


  • Hank S
    Hank S

    Ring Generalship: This term describes a boxer who is generally controlling the action and putting himself into position to land clean punches, or employing a strategy to make his opponent fight his fight

  • Jose z
    Jose z

    i wish i had the chance to become a boxer. But my ma aint supportive for shi.

  • ueLord notoria
    ueLord notoria

    Mangangarap kapa kay Pacquiao ha! Hahahha

  • john michael palazo
    john michael palazo

    Idiot Ryan at 2nd round knockout by left hook 1-2 punch's only, now you want pacman? Brainless boxer ever! Losser

  • Erniel Mascarinas
    Erniel Mascarinas

    Fast hands but flat footed. Not enuf.

  • tirso cruz
    tirso cruz

    Nice K.O in Round 1..whahhaa very happy.but u almost sleep in the cambass 😋😋😋😋👍👍👍but anyway congrats

  • Menis Ducich
    Menis Ducich


  • Mark Teague
    Mark Teague

    A bit of a wake-up call for Ryan, and then showed us all why he is the legend he is. Awesome fight :)


    Who will win manny or garcia?

  • โอโซน เองจะใครล่ะ
    โอโซน เองจะใครล่ะ

    what is​ this.

  • Руслан Утешкалиев
    Руслан Утешкалиев

    Хрустальная челюсть, 2 ой Амир хан!!

  • jacky pilongo
    jacky pilongo

    what f manny pacquiao fight to ryan hahahhaa

  • cold muffin
    cold muffin

    don’t ever compare this kid to floyd😂

  • Вася В
    Вася В

    Красавчик,после такого накаута продолжить бой ,ещё и выйграть,характер👍👍👍👍👍

  • David C. Untalan Jr.
    David C. Untalan Jr.

    3:26 and 4:41 that's a signature punch of manny pacquiao.

  • chileyork

    Another fixed fight for Ryan García but he’ll have a short career


      This wasn’t a fixed fight. Ryan legitimately won. I can tell you’ve never got hit on the liver before

  • Mike

    Love Ry but if he fights tank like this.... throwing all those wild flurries at one time. He will be KO forsure! Love the kid tho just gotta tighten up on his defense!

  • BVAS1430

    The fight was over when Campbell turned his back. They are ignoring basic rules now.

  • Leo Walters
    Leo Walters

    Ryan garcia is not taller than 5’8

  • Д, С Д, С
    Д, С Д, С


  • Basily0

    Pacquiao will take this kid's soul out of him

  • napster gamer
    napster gamer

    How can u win over pacquiao my friend if u fight like that😂😂😂

  • Chriatian Valencia
    Chriatian Valencia

    Ryan did the classic amir khan 😂

  • Tae 1038 Ray
    Tae 1038 Ray

    Yeah ryan

  • herandokcboi

    Now imagine pac's left

  • Jr Castillo
    Jr Castillo

    It should of been jorge linares fighting garcia but i know oscar was scared linares was definitely going to put ryan to sleep

  • Ernesto Powers
    Ernesto Powers

    Who let these kids fight like this

  • James Huynh
    James Huynh

    Bruh imagine manny throwing 2 hit combo right to the body and that over the top left how many lefts can ryan take from pacquiao

  • Guillan Cody Torre
    Guillan Cody Torre

    Is this the one challenging pacman?

    • ascended savage
      ascended savage

      Im pretty the fights off

  • Boxing Empire E
    Boxing Empire E

    I’d beat Ryan gervonta Haney and any mf at 130 135 140 bring the smoke

  • Мах Хаким
    Мах Хаким

    Слабый стал че то... .

  • Xfiles Megaman Ten
    Xfiles Megaman Ten


  • Nick Page
    Nick Page

    When he hit cambell with that body shot you can see him say “okay”, once someone says that that’s enough. Haha

  • Guillermo Robles
    Guillermo Robles

    Gervonta es too much for ryan

  • eleterete

    Are you serious to challenge with Pacman? Mister Ryan Garcia????

    • ascended savage
      ascended savage

      Im pretty sureThe fights off

  • Itchy-Back Gaming
    Itchy-Back Gaming

    I think ryan is ready for pacman🤣🤣🤣

  • Suka Suka KRYBR
    Suka Suka KRYBR


  • Christopher Gibson1987
    Christopher Gibson1987

    Where is this can't believe there is a crowd.

  • Neil Pangan
    Neil Pangan

    You're flat footed and you swinf a lot.. Hope you dont do that to pacquiao.

  • Luis Tellez
    Luis Tellez

    And Campbell should have pressured him that why he lost

  • Aaron Valenzuela
    Aaron Valenzuela

    cambell a lil bit of a coward for turning his back

  • Reynaldo

    Ryan fights are always exciting.

  • Mr. Jay TV
    Mr. Jay TV

    Wanna fight for the Filipino pride??? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Carlin Spencer
    Carlin Spencer

    7:38. That ripple effect!!

  • NBM Boxing
    NBM Boxing

    Don't dream fighting Pac or else ur in big trouble!

    • Butter Toast
      Butter Toast


  • Northwest investigative reporting
    Northwest investigative reporting

    What an absolute beast this young man Ryan Garcia