YUNGBLUD - god save me, but don’t drown me out (official video)
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Directed by YUNGBLUD and Gavin Gottlich
Executive Producer: Ross Anderson
Producer: Samin Saadat
Director of Photography: Catherine Derry
Editor: Sasha Moon
Grade: Caroline Morin @ Wash
Production Company: Mr Anderson Limited / Feud Creative
Art director: Elena Muntoni

Storyboarded by Toon53 Productions:

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#Yungblud #godsavemebutdontdrownmeout
Music video by YUNGBLUD performing god save me, but don't drown me out. © 2020 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

  • xx Noah
    xx Noah


  • Christopher Dickson
    Christopher Dickson

    Hey I tried to kill myself on halloween

  • Kevin Ku
    Kevin Ku

    is this Avril Lavigne brother or son lol

  • mikah bradford
    mikah bradford

    So think you

  • mikah bradford
    mikah bradford

    This song save my life

  • EB and Ures
    EB and Ures

    This guy is not only hot (i'm not gay but heheheheh), but incredibly talented. He is the most amazing pop artist of our generation, all of his songs have very relatable and incredible stories that relate the the generation he writes for. Much love Dom.

  • TheMags53

    31 YO and I still feel like a mid 00's emo kid trying to make sense of this life.

  • Mughal Vlogs
    Mughal Vlogs

    hey I’m trying to listen to yungblud more what are some good song recommendations?

  • Panda gang Xoxo
    Panda gang Xoxo

    I think the teddy bears a savige. And yeah

  • TheDiamondLyfe

    Teacher: Ahhh paper cuts!!!

  • Gary Holy Jr
    Gary Holy Jr

    God Save Vulvas

  • Evan glad
    Evan glad

    I love you so much and I know what you're trying to get through in this song to show what you are like and it don't hide what you are like and don't pretend to be someone you're not and I'm here with you I understand what you're going through I'm 14 and everyday I feel like no one gets me when I fuck up or act stupid no one can accept me

  • Yasmin Osuna
    Yasmin Osuna

    *For anyone lying in their bedroom at 4am wondering why they aren't good enough...* Me: Where are the cameras???

  • Ralondra Lougy
    Ralondra Lougy

    So happy we found one another Yungblud + BHC 4 life

  • Joshua Mccard
    Joshua Mccard

    love you music. see how was your background i am so lsot ion pain suffer from cysts people dispeect who i am. i am so confused who am. it like my life is flashing away. but have so much talent. but i am struggle an me and wife. it is really truth. do believe in god. been through so much. see it in your soul. you got big fan with your beautiful heart. you have amzing lyric wow you are great spear me so much with your word. i cry everyday trying break these bad tear into joy. i been bully all my life and on parent. i am 34 yhear old. i am trying fix it hurt so bad. i love music. i sing too. but my brain is confused. my grammar sucks. i do believe in myself come to music. love make album before i die, just wont figure that out. before i leave thnis word behind before my time wrong out

  • Lee lightwood
    Lee lightwood

    Family: *yells at me* Friends: *bully/harrass me* Bvb, yungblud, fob' siw etc: you aren't alone Me: *just laying there with a lighter in my hand* ik

  • Arthur Bl.
    Arthur Bl.

    Aw crap is it water in my eyes ?

  • jacquline Samad
    jacquline Samad

    "And I won't let my insecurities define who I am" love that and can relate.

  • Mjsmokin

    YUNGBLUD is like chemical romance mix with your old time emo rocker boy lol i loove it ♥

  • Shannon Corley
    Shannon Corley

    Sitting here and crying my eyes out because I feel so fucking understood

  • The Dying Lovers
    The Dying Lovers

    thanks, im crying ♥

  • • ۷ıơƖɛɬ ɱơƈɧı •
    • ۷ıơƖɛɬ ɱơƈɧı •

    My mum coming into my room at 4am like: 3:17

  • Angelina Schoenmakers
    Angelina Schoenmakers

    this video is a copy of my life

  • Eleni Karageorgiou
    Eleni Karageorgiou


  • Hugo Jackson
    Hugo Jackson

    I'm so glad he took the reigns of embodying MCR/The Used revival and ran with it.

  • Renee

    the intro... I feel called out

  • TDEY

    This song came up on my feed just now. I've been awake since 5am cos my home life is so bad. I hate being a brown girl and all the doormat inequality bullshit that comes with it. You'd think I was a kid but I'm a grown ass adult struggling with life and wishing it was over. Music like this tho makes me want to hang on and write songs like this for others so they don't feel so alone either :(

  • Essie Brooks
    Essie Brooks

    And just like that I’m a 14 year old.

  • Aku Siapa??
    Aku Siapa??


  • Lacey Collier
    Lacey Collier

    Where did that bear come from? Was it always there?

    • TDEY

      I think it's his imaginary friend ? I don't know that's how I interpret it :)

  • Maddi O'Connor
    Maddi O'Connor

    The beginning gets me every fuckin time... I relate to it so fuckin much🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Fin Official Music
    Fin Official Music

    i can't believe that i'm just discovering his music ... i've heard his name on some features ... but holy shit ... YungBlud please sing on one of my tracks with me ...

  • Maylon FJ
    Maylon FJ

    nova cara do rock!

  • Maylon FJ
    Maylon FJ

    Brasil aqui!!!!

  • Foxes Fanai
    Foxes Fanai


  • Jessie A. M .
    Jessie A. M .

    🖤🖤🖤🖤I’ve never connected to a song more .. this song has meant the world to me .. u will never know Dom🖤🖤

  • Hot Fish Abs
    Hot Fish Abs

    Billie Eilish: I make weird music videos YUNGBLUD: Hold my beer please

  • Tyler Ruhland
    Tyler Ruhland

    This song reminds me of an other song but I can't find it . I believe the song is from the 90s

  • Miss Manda
    Miss Manda

    oh shit this came up on my recommended and my little emo heart is so full

  • C-Dub Media LLC
    C-Dub Media LLC

    As a 39 year old white man, who loves every genre of music, I can say a lot of these new artists are horrible. I have just discovered this cat. I can say I like this guy's music.

  • mary duerksen
    mary duerksen

    okay but the girl at the coffee shop was so fuckin pretty

  • Jonathan

    song starts at 1:41

  • your local loner
    your local loner

    I totally didnt cry the whole vid... Uh...

  • InfinityOnHi

    i really don't like this, and i don't know why. it seems forced, and not genuine at all. like he's intentionally trying to make this music instead of letting it come from the heart. kind of like how someone feels forced to be nice, even if they don't feel like it to someone who is suffering. as compared to the mars video, which i could feel was genuine for some reason. anybody else get this feeling, or is it just me?

  • Apip DWe
    Apip DWe

    Like from me. I also want to have a good doll and accompany me at any time and be a protector for me because there is no such human out there. thank you yungblud for creating great lyric / song. I'm alone and it feels so sad

  • Michelle Green
    Michelle Green

    Im a mom of triplets and a son I'm 32 it's a crazy life I've lived being abused getting thru I'm not married to the most amazing man I should be happy but my past and demons are pulling me down I'm a great mom I love my kids it's just hard ❣️

  • Sarah Phillips
    Sarah Phillips

    This song is so much like me and finally I stood up against the control of family religion and yes i lost it all,family, friends and u know what yes i am mostly alone but free from all the control and so happy with who i am. Never ever ever let anyone tell u how u should be

  • FineLine Bae
    FineLine Bae

    This song made me happy. Something I forgot how to feel for a long time.

  • Ann Black
    Ann Black

    Cant even listen to this song without crying smh

  • Desired aura
    Desired aura

    This is definitely going to be on repeat for the next ten weeks if not more.

  • lechuga a
    lechuga a

    En realidad son las 7 :(

  • sais Armyyy
    sais Armyyy

    I don't mind if I'm not good enough, life sucks anyways

  • Taylor Dunaway
    Taylor Dunaway

    He really is out here channeling Gerard Way in such a good way

  • Noah Gandy
    Noah Gandy

    your gay

  • Sophie Gabaree
    Sophie Gabaree

    the dude said "WHOTEVAH"

  • Hannah Mrvich
    Hannah Mrvich

    how does he see into my soul i truly want to know.


    Lol fools in there feelings

  • Janee Spencer
    Janee Spencer

    what did we do to deserve you

  • Neko _Chan
    Neko _Chan

    Eu simplesmente amei cara... isso tá incrivel!!


    God Save Us In 2021

  • Camila García
    Camila García

    El inicio es tan real.

  • Wolfie an Muffin
    Wolfie an Muffin

    I felt really called out in the beginning montage

  • Estrella Larico
    Estrella Larico

    A beautiful song without a doubt

  • Anthony Cotogno
    Anthony Cotogno

    This dude voice is a gift

  • TOP.

    Uhm it's good vibe

  • Skye Hunt
    Skye Hunt

    You also got me throw not felling like I can be me but when I listen to your songs and 10 things yungblood can’t live without you are right and you got me to be me thank you yungblood

  • Skye Hunt
    Skye Hunt

    You inspirer me to be me thank you and love you for you and love your misik

    • Skye Hunt
      Skye Hunt

      Love yungblood

  • aj

    Bro, this is just what I needed today 🙌

  • Aisha 24 Ts
    Aisha 24 Ts

    When will you watch a new Music vídeo ?

  • Lelia_smh 4499
    Lelia_smh 4499

    He should made a song with Conan gray

  • aldrin _
    aldrin _

    i got major mcr - im not okay flashbacks at the beginning

  • Sam Grannon
    Sam Grannon

    Fact- you can’t smile while you’re breathing. Sorry, just wanted to make you smile. 😅

  • K- Baby
    K- Baby

    damn this is more powerful than my last few brain cells

  • Deztiny Scouten
    Deztiny Scouten

    It's like an episode of skins

  • Isobel Hobby Norrris
    Isobel Hobby Norrris

    It REALLY freaks me out that my old secondary school drama/headteacher is in this video, the first time i watched the video i had to stop and restart the video

  • Hannah Taylor
    Hannah Taylor

    This shit had me crying like I'm 2

  • Kiwiis funny I guess
    Kiwiis funny I guess

    Oh my god I hate his voice. The song has a good message but I hate his voice.

  • Aristi Chatzipanagioti
    Aristi Chatzipanagioti

    IF I see one more comment "LiKe iF yOu DiDn'T cOmE fRoM tiK tOk", I swear... Why can't we stop caring about how people found the song and just enjoy it together?

  • Brooklyn

    Yo fr I'm in bed AND IT'S 4AM literally I was like wait wtf😂😂 As I read the first part

  • Justine Horner
    Justine Horner

    Quite literally is 4 am rn...and I def needed this thank you!


    i need such a teddy bear

  • 49Giants

    I thought the bear was gonna ask for a few of those pills !

  • Zoye Boykin
    Zoye Boykin

    Tell me why wen i seen the are you OK I won't to cry

  • RaD. Zeek
    RaD. Zeek

    I don't know but the part where he sang "I won't let my insecurities define who i am, i am" really hit my feels

  • Jasmin sikandar
    Jasmin sikandar

    I'm crying

  • Karma Leal
    Karma Leal

    Am I the only one hearing him saying can’t save all of us instead of God save all of us

  • Larose Foster
    Larose Foster

    Calm me down, before I sleep 'Cause I don't know where I've just been And the morning seems so far away And the drugs just hit, so I'm wide awake Not gonna waste my life, 'cause I've been fucked up 'Cause it doesn't matter So, waste my time, and God save all of us And the walls, they'll shatter And I won't let my insecurities Define who I am, I am Not gonna waste my life, 'cause I've been fucked up 'Cause it doesn't matter Take a breath and try to think straight 'Cause there's so much pressure on my fuckin' brain And my blood runs thin 'cause I'm off my face And my shoulders weigh more than I can take (I can't fucking take it) Not gonna waste my life, 'cause I've been fucked up 'Cause it doesn't matter So, waste my time, and God save all of us And the walls, they'll shatter And I won't let my insecurities Define who I am, I am Not gonna waste my life, 'cause I've been fucked up 'Cause it doesn't matter God save, God save all of us God save, God save all of us God save, God save all of us God save, God save all of us God save, God save all of us God save, God save all of us (and I finally know) God save, God save all of us (and I finally know) God save, God save all of us (someone else silent, you too) God save, God save all of us (and I finally know) Not gonna waste my life, 'cause I've been fucked up 'Cause it doesn't matter So, waste my time, and God save all of us And the walls, they'll shatter And I won't let my insecurities Define who I am, I am Not gonna waste my life, 'cause I've been fucked up 'Cause it doesn't matter Goodnight, everybody See you tomorrow I could think we might be alright, you know Oh fuck

  • inconnue 33
    inconnue 33


  • Anna Lena
    Anna Lena

    I really need that song now.Thank you 😖🖤

  • thomas The train
    thomas The train

    why does dom lowkey give me drop dead fred vibes-

  • Joanna uraraka
    Joanna uraraka

    Wow I'm looking to my life.... Well I guess I don't deserve love or a life 🖤

    • Mysterious Deity
      Mysterious Deity

      You do deserve love and life, I’m sending you love

  • Lena Feldhaus
    Lena Feldhaus

    this video gives me goosebumps every fucking time thank you for this dom!!

  • Paweł Zieliński
    Paweł Zieliński

    Every fan of Yungblud must comment this video:

  • Iggsyman

    Your image is very unique like all humans should be but society tries to dilute.

  • Dam’s

    The clip was inspired by Twenty one pilots - My Bloods.. sure xD

  • alex yokeley
    alex yokeley

    i dont get why the girlfriend got mad at him she can clearly see hes not okay

  • Linda

    This broke my heart and healed my soul at the same time 🖤 I am just so damn thankful to life in the same decade as yungblud 🙏🏻✨

  • stephany c:
    stephany c:

    this is so good wth

  • Henny Bubu Productions
    Henny Bubu Productions

    Song of the year❤️

  • Maitri Begur
    Maitri Begur

    YUNGBLUD so gets teenagers. First parents and now this. God, I just love him