2014 FIFA World Cup | The Official Film
Brazil 2014 always promised to be a special FIFA World Cup. Hosted by a nation that has come to represent the very best of football, edition number 20 of the beautiful game's greatest spectacle was never likely to be just like the others.

And we were not disappointed. Brazil 2014 proved extraordinary in all sorts of ways, with packed stadiums and passionate crowds treated to thrills, upsets and a record number of goals. Relive it all with the 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Film!

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Brazil 2014 highlights:

Brazil 1-7 Germany | Match Highlights

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    #WorldCupAtHome | Four days, four classic #WorldCup matches coming up 👌 Fri: Brazil-France (Germany 2006) Sat: Brazil-Argentina (Italy 1990) Sun: Portugal-Spain (Russia 2018) Mon: USA-Germany (Canada 2015) 🔔 Subscribe to FIFATV for updates : kzit.info/two/PLCGIzmTE4d0g2ZpaT5jiaOXSjt9KixbDw

    • Cesar Bonilla
      Cesar Bonilla


    • Jhan Doriel
      Jhan Doriel

      And England? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • Diego C
      Diego C

      Please activate Spanish subtitles. Porfavor activen los subtitulos en español.

    • Carlos Bautista
      Carlos Bautista

      2010? 🙏🙏

    • D A Nicholaus
      D A Nicholaus

      Pls upload the Die Mannschaft film!

  • lucas Gabriel
    lucas Gabriel

    Coroi lemanha, pegava leve pow...

  • Lea MPunkt
    Lea MPunkt

    Brazil 2014 was by all means the best World Cup ever. Brilliant and passionate games, so many emotions off and on the field. Seeing this countrey and its people being so passionate about this sport and their team, yet so open minded and welcoming to everyone around the world. And it was the very first time a european team won the Cup on south american soil. It was a worth winner and it was just a great time.

  • Moruos

    26:35 LAUTRE

  • Nigel Benn
    Nigel Benn

    Fiercest of rivals as we are as a Brit, Germany really filled me with pride back then. Went all the way into South America and flattened all opposition. Fair play or should I say faires Spiel Deutschland.

  • Carlo Paez
    Carlo Paez

    the 2018 world cup film is much better

  • Ced Burner
    Ced Burner

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    Beck Bode

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  • Ladislau-Alexandru Horvath
    Ladislau-Alexandru Horvath

    A lot of things were missing and it would have been great to have the bigger picture as well, but still, I can't remember the last time I was in tears when I watched a movie.

  • Shubhechha Chakraborty
    Shubhechha Chakraborty

    FIFA world cup final 2014 is the most painful final that I have ever watched till now being an Argentina fan. A regret which will always remain in my heart!

  • Bonnie Hillkjhfght
    Bonnie Hillkjhfght

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  • Mr Eshoo
    Mr Eshoo

    Germany really deserved this World Cup. What a team, lets go Germany!!! Watching euros 2020 and looking forward for the win

  • i bleed bayern
    i bleed bayern

    germany took that world cup by storm 😎

  • Anja

    Does anyone know the song at the end of the film? It's so beautiful.

  • rocky racoon
    rocky racoon


  • Bryan Hopkins
    Bryan Hopkins

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    Mag Hazell

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    Tuhin Mia

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  • Rahman Yusuf
    Rahman Yusuf

    My favourite world cup

  • Justin

    See nostalgic:Nope Learn Portuguese:✔️

  • Justin

    Best World Cup ever,I in Brazil that time!I wish Brazil host in 2040 :)!(I travel to Brazil after Pandemic)

  • Jose Antelo
    Jose Antelo

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  • Pinto Wizzy
    Pinto Wizzy

    My worst World Cup 🥺🥺Messi deserves but lost 💔

  • shakir smith
    shakir smith

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    THE REAL CHAMPION IS "Angela Merkel"...


    Long live Germany 🇩🇪 Brazil 🇧🇷 Argentina 🇦🇷 ... Love form India 🇮🇳

  • Verrell Roberto Papu
    Verrell Roberto Papu

    Uefa euro2021 12june 2021 12july2021,summer paradise day 2021.parry football world

  • eleni giannoutsos
    eleni giannoutsos

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  • Tiago Bogado
    Tiago Bogado

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  • Leouches

    I think there is so little football in this FIFA documentary because FIFA didn't have the rights of the FIFA world cup. That's the only explanation I see.

  • Daniel Salinas
    Daniel Salinas

    Song at 43:44?

  • Holger Messner
    Holger Messner

    Absolutely stunning documentary! Loved it very much.

  • Solomon Killeen
    Solomon Killeen

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  • daxter hunter
    daxter hunter

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    Yoon Robichaud

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  • S Dot
    S Dot

    This film focuses WAY mor on the culture of the host country than any of the other of the World Cup films. This is cool and all but I want football highlights. They misses so many from this World Cup in this film.

  • yvan E
    yvan E

    Might as well change the title if you going to keep the attention on Brazil and not the games that really made the competition special that year

  • Wave King
    Wave King

    I lived in Mallorca while this World Cup was playing and i've watched the games in a small Restaurant at the beach VIBESSS!!!

  • Pu Meister
    Pu Meister

    1954 : Helmut Rahn, 1974 : Gerd Müller, 1990 : Andreas Brehme und 2014 : Mario Götze ! ! ! !

  • ujfyuiy yuiy
    ujfyuiy yuiy

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  • Sebastian Molina
    Sebastian Molina

    one of the greats to a flop ;( James what happened

  • Wilhelm Dietz
    Wilhelm Dietz

    I really wanna see those brazilians cry when they show the 7-1

    • adridj *
      adridj *


  • Noway Ibarbo
    Noway Ibarbo

    7:09 music ?

  • Joanne Handley
    Joanne Handley

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  • Oop MAster
    Oop MAster

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  • Rachitha De Soysa
    Rachitha De Soysa

    The best team won ❤️

  • Joel The Slasher
    Joel The Slasher

    4 years later what comes around went around for brazil when germany was humiliated back I world cup 2018

  • Salman Ahmed
    Salman Ahmed

    Thank You For The Wonderful Documentry

  • Mian Zeeshan
    Mian Zeeshan

    Germany Semi Final never forgetabble.. Finally 😁

  • Patrix Clan
    Patrix Clan

    That Gotze Goal hurts to this day....

  • Matias

    el video en el minuto 50 ya termina.

  • Billy Goat
    Billy Goat

    Can someone help me? What is the name of the last song???

  • Mexican 89
    Mexican 89

    It’s funny seeing the “Diversity” in a lot of these teams. When in reality they will never be like the U.S.🇺🇸when it comes to “Diversity”. The U.S.🇺🇸is the only country in the world where you can be of any “Race”, “Ethnicity”, etc & be considered from the U.S.🇺🇸. A lot of these other countries who have diversity are representing a false narrative. They’re not really from those countries & it’s genetically impossible for them to be considered “Brazilian🇧🇷” or “Italian🇮🇹” or “Dutch🇳🇱” or “French🇫🇷”, etc. Like for example the “Japanese🇯🇵” have the perfect representation of how their country is. The only people who can be “Japanese🇯🇵” are “Asians”. The same thing can be said for “Ghana🇬🇭” or “Ivory Coast🇮🇪”. The only way you can be considered from those countries is if you’re “Black”. The list goes on & on. I’ll break it down for you by continents. (Africa) is made up of “Blacks” & “Arabic’s”. (Asia) is made up of “Asians” & “Arabic’s”. (Europe) is made up of “Whites” & “Latins”. (S.America) is made up of “Hispanics” & “Latins”. (N.America) is made up of everyone. Eventhough (Mexico🇲🇽) is made up of “Hispanics” & (Canada🇨🇦) is made up of “Whites”. Since the (U.S.🇺🇸) is part of (N.America) too that explains why (N.America) is made up of everyone. Boom! There you have it ladies & gentlemen!

  • Asia Nula
    Asia Nula

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  • Camila Dias
    Camila Dias

    The best world cup ever

  • Apple

    51:05 is that a guatemalan bird? Queztal ? if so that's beautiful :D

  • Bittoo Rawat
    Bittoo Rawat

    I want Argentina to win the world cup 2022

  • Space Man
    Space Man

    Brasil - Germany 1 - 7 😂😂😂🤣

  • Flute Basket
    Flute Basket

    Brasil sucks

  • Arsenic

    34:51 Lol, it's Krul for the Dutch, but it's crueler for Costa Rica. That's why I love english commentary!

  • Eric Hammond
    Eric Hammond

    Watching Brazil getting destroyed on their own home field was far too satisfying. They were so cocky at that point and the tears tasted great

  • Sir Clark
    Sir Clark

    Better than the 2018 one in my opinion. Is that an unpopular or popular opinion?

  • Joseph

    Marco Reus.... 💔

  • Sailor Cutie
    Sailor Cutie


  • Đạt

    Germany dog



  • IsaacClarkeDS

    This is most likely a documentary about Brazil not about the world cup. Boring! If i want to learn something about Brazil and their people and country i watch a fking doku. Pretty Bad Video! Shame on you Fifa

  • khaled kalidou
    khaled kalidou

    messi for ever...

  • The idiots are Winning
    The idiots are Winning

    Brazil’s dream was to prove continental supremacy, beat Chile, Columbia then beat Europe’s best and go on to beat the 2nd strongest South American team and great rivals in the final for an epic South American home ground final. NOPE 7-1 LOL

  • J.S.L

    so sad how neymars injury wasn't featured

    • Rahul njr
      Rahul njr

      Yes if was there against Germany the result might have gone another way.... 😓

  • Alexandre Curado
    Alexandre Curado

    😷👍🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪✌️💪😍 Germany!

  • Captain Yokovick
    Captain Yokovick

    Got goosebumps

  • Edi Z
    Edi Z

    the worst brazilian team of All Time

  • Alejo López
    Alejo López

    Enano infeliz ese Bruno con todo el respeto que se merece estar apoyando a Alemania selección que destrozo mató a Brasil en vez de apoyar a Argentina a un Sudamericano

    • Tongas Fernández
      Tongas Fernández

      pensé lo mismo que vos, 7 se comieron no se olvidan mas!!!

  • Rosendo Zepeda
    Rosendo Zepeda


  • prashant pathade
    prashant pathade

    Who is the commentator of the final match, he also commented in Ger v Fra and Ger v Brasil !

  • Sera001

    The first referee of the world cup Croatia vs Brazil was the worst referee to open the tourney and the worst the world saw.

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man

    2018 movie much better

  • Danny Mensah
    Danny Mensah

    Can I know the title of the soundtrack at later part of the documentary. The slow song

  • Danyal Khan
    Danyal Khan

    Greatest World Cup that’s ever been. Period.

  • ahuaman2002

    4 años despues mexico vengo a brasil y argentina jajajaja

  • Miki Ramirez Jr.
    Miki Ramirez Jr.

    I wish they covered more soccer & less Brazil. The Fifa 2018 World Cup film is way better.

  • Quentin

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  • Vicente Torres
    Vicente Torres

    I need the 2010 FIFA World Cup Official Film, with the best team ever: Spain. The winners of two Eurocups consecutive and the World Cup. Furthermore, the first African World Cup.

  • afsaldurranihotmail

    whenever i feel down i come here and see the final match and the freekick messi got in the end and the way he sky rocketed it. after seeing that my mood becomes happy and fresh. lord pessi the choker

  • Topias Aaltonen
    Topias Aaltonen

    We are one👑

  • Krishna

    I was 10 and I was lucky that I didn't watched this sadness of Brazil team but from then I used to watch their ever matches , it's soo sad for a nation which loves football by their hearts . For Brazilians football is a religion , they have alott of fans not only in Brazil but countrys like us which is unlucky to even qualify for the world cup , but watching Brazil and Argentina in the world cup is joy for us , and I hope one day our country too qualify for the world cup Iam form India and my wish Is to see the world cup returning to Brazil one day and they winning it 💓🇧🇷. . Love from India 🇮🇳

    • Alexanda Piters
      Alexanda Piters

      I was 9 at that time but enjoyed each and every single match of that world cup... Btw I'm from your neighbouring country, Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Dennis Rodrigues da Silva
    Dennis Rodrigues da Silva

    I expected much more about this movie. It looks like more Brazilian official movie than FIFA world Cup movie. Where is Spain x Netherlands match on group stages?

  • Hoang Nguyen
    Hoang Nguyen

    0:53 What's wrong with it?

  • Álvaro Sebastián Ojeda Ojeda
    Álvaro Sebastián Ojeda Ojeda

    1 years

  • Amir .AB10
    Amir .AB10

    if neymar was fit they would win that world cup

    • Arsenic

      Lol no way. The german team played as a team. You can not win if you only have individual stars, you need to play as a team and Brazil simply did not do that. Germany did. The end.

  • Natan 027
    Natan 027

    51:55 o mlk torcendo pra Alemanha só pra ir contra a Argentina 😂😂😂😂

  • Jeanette Armstrong
    Jeanette Armstrong

    The accessible asterisk acutely trade because snowboarding startlingly perform until a holistic chain. sophisticated, unused prepared

  • hallo tschüss
    hallo tschüss

    Götze's final goal was incredible

    • Arsenic

      That was the most excited I have ever heard a German commentator!

  • Kumar Rajadityam
    Kumar Rajadityam

    This brazillian kid is an epitome of the term: Being JEALOUS.

  • lbvl0mc 99
    lbvl0mc 99

    45.27 what a beautiful woman. And also as more as I see the 1-7; the more I feel they were sold out.

  • Danslan Devies
    Danslan Devies

    Germany has tried to win their 4th World Cup since 2002. Especially Miroslav Klose. And their effort come true in 2014. But Joachim Loew did mistakes in 2018 when he recall the same player who was not hungry for World Cup anymore.

  • Cleyton Farias Barbosa Farias
    Cleyton Farias Barbosa Farias

    A Melhor Copa do Mundo!😍

  • Francisco Oviedo-Landaverde
    Francisco Oviedo-Landaverde