Electric Science Free Energy Using Magnet With Light Bulb At Home 2019.
Electric Science Free Energy Using Magnet With Light Bulb At Home 2019.


    It doesn't work!!!

  • Dinesh Chandra Sharma
    Dinesh Chandra Sharma

    Very educative

  • Nuri Çelik
    Nuri Çelik

    vay amg biraz hizli ol be,amma oyalandin

  • Jesus Bergantin
    Jesus Bergantin

    Young bulb kc un ung rechargeable bulb


    Non-sense Total bullshit, u have used bulb holder that is inbuilt with a charger and charging battery. Why is there a charger for holder, its only purpose is to charge battery that is inside the bulb holder. It is not science it is called making people fool. If u r genius try to get this for normal holder

  • Harshit Foujadar unit 3
    Harshit Foujadar unit 3

    Ye video fake hai isme charge hone wala bulb holder hai LOL 😬

  • Silver vision Media
    Silver vision Media

    everybody beware , this is fake video

  • Juan Fernando Angel Angel
    Juan Fernando Angel Angel

    This device does not work; it is necessary for the magnetic field to vary in the coil to be able to generate electric current. Este dispositivo no funciona; es necesario que el campo magnético varié en la bobina para poder generar corriente eléctrica.

  • Sandra Gomez
    Sandra Gomez

    Jajaja falso

  • michael llema
    michael llema

    No need magnet & coil for a rechargeable lamp. Just close the circuit and it will light.

  • Alexandre Dionisio Milanez
    Alexandre Dionisio Milanez

    Ahhhh !!! Olha so o Magayver fazendo suas gambiarras !!! Se fosse tao facil assim ninguem pagava energia !!!

  • Morajaa Malky
    Morajaa Malky

    It is a big lie. Don't believe

  • عالم الكهرباء
    عالم الكهرباء


  • Alessandro Magagnotti
    Alessandro Magagnotti

    I tryed, doesn't work.....

  • Jorge Silva
    Jorge Silva

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  • Shibani Rabha
    Shibani Rabha


  • Захит Макамят
    Захит Макамят


  • Вика Иванова
    Вика Иванова

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    Naks Inventions

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  • Kiruba Kiruba
    Kiruba Kiruba

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  • allah son
    allah son

    He could post his parts n English at bottom of screen.. Ya khochu butylku vody,chto eto kak pozhivayete? Eto klyovo,pozhauluysta do more,chto vy delayete na yykhoonykh

  • allah son
    allah son

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  • Shiv Raj
    Shiv Raj

    Is this works???

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    Jagdish Kushwaha 1345 gmail com

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  • Mahesh S
    Mahesh S

    Is it possible? If yes, then on which principle its working?

    • Abdalbaqi Alama
      Abdalbaqi Alama

      The principle is the hidden battery inside the lamp ...all you need to light the lamp is to connect wire between the ends of the lamp...you don't need magnet

  • Nelson Enamorado
    Nelson Enamorado


  • mervaldian saurus
    mervaldian saurus

    It's a fake video because physics law of conservation of energy says that the amount of energy will always be the same in the universe you couldn't harness energy from nowhere.

    • maveric19871

      Have you heard about potential difference? + - So how about magnets? Take two big ones and merge them with ++ or -- how long your muscels will stand. 10s? And where is your law now?

  • pawan kispotta
    pawan kispotta

    वह क्या बात है भाई कमाल है यार

  • Yousef alzain
    Yousef alzain

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  • Сергей Бебель
    Сергей Бебель

    Тупой фокус из акамулятором

  • Geek Geek
    Geek Geek

    Free energy? You are quite smart. I guess all the physicists, especially Faraday were wrong then:)

  • César Yosimar LV
    César Yosimar LV


  • markzzful


  • bijyendra kumar
    bijyendra kumar

    Do not make public fool

  • Alex Hetherington
    Alex Hetherington

    Well I dont need a spanner and wire. I can produce light in the bulb just by blowing on it.

  • Терентий Алексеев
    Терентий Алексеев


  • Armando Rodríguez
    Armando Rodríguez


  • L-Star Tech
    L-Star Tech

    Reed switch

  • Guendouz Ouasti
    Guendouz Ouasti

    C'est du n'importe quoi. ...On ne produit pas de l'énergie comme ça c'est trop facile ...Et puis s'agit il d'un courant continu ou alternatif ? Je doute de cette méthode pour moi le magnétisme et mouvements ça donne du courant autrement dit Stator et rotor

  • Bambang Adi
    Bambang Adi

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  • Юрий Калайда
    Юрий Калайда

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  • Seb Lano
    Seb Lano

    usless trick...lost of time

  • Abhiram Hari
    Abhiram Hari

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  • Eduardo Juliao Gomes
    Eduardo Juliao Gomes

    E muito mentiroso

  • Phuc Phạm
    Phuc Phạm


  • Tito Weng Vlog
    Tito Weng Vlog

    I collect 7pcs magnet I do the same but nothing happened..this is absolutely fake.


      dont u see this non-sense has used a holder with a charger. Why is there need of charger, because there is already an inbuilt battery inside the holder.

    • Sunil Jangra
      Sunil Jangra

      Copper wire use krr bhai

  • Raju Khan
    Raju Khan


  • Joseph Younge
    Joseph Younge

    So that's where the 10mm went

  • Юрий Забара
    Юрий Забара


  • Mag Axel
    Mag Axel

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    عربى دندش

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  • nasko shishkov
    nasko shishkov

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  • Husan Nazarov
    Husan Nazarov

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  • Agus Permana
    Agus Permana

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  • Chjk Vjhg
    Chjk Vjhg

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  • quang truong minh quang
    quang truong minh quang

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    Fake won't work

  • Whalley Weedz
    Whalley Weedz


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  • Александр Петрович
    Александр Петрович

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  • David Martinez Villegas
    David Martinez Villegas

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  • Chandu kumar
    Chandu kumar


  • Shaun Jones
    Shaun Jones

    Why has the board been cut in a zigzag from one end to the other then put back together

  • Lucson Nelson
    Lucson Nelson

    Here's a better thing you can do bro, since you're genius. For 15 minutes × by x it took you, I'll give you that. Listen to this if you want to improve you skills buy a 600v capacitor, plug it in a system for 10 minutes, cut the wires off without touching each other then carefully peel them off and hold them in your mouth.

    • Whalley Weedz
      Whalley Weedz


  • Valdinei Antonio
    Valdinei Antonio

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  • Jun Cris Salvilla
    Jun Cris Salvilla

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  • neubinho soares Soares
    neubinho soares Soares

    O cara nem desligou o interruptor pra fazer o teste

  • #padil Smd
    #padil Smd


  • Rifki Sikece
    Rifki Sikece

    Bos pake lampu 5wat yg jadul atuh yg gitumah ada tomatis

  • jana babu chary
    jana babu chary


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  • Evie Chanel
    Evie Chanel

    G. O. B. L. O. K video

  • AKA Digital Media Center
    AKA Digital Media Center

    Fake, yo también tengo esa ampolleta y es a pilas.

  • Anil Maurya
    Anil Maurya

    Very false

  • Muang Boih
    Muang Boih

    It is fake there will be no way electricity without magnetic flux build up and collapse

  • Luke Erdman
    Luke Erdman

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  • Luke Erdman
    Luke Erdman

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  • iDoL Kabakal
    iDoL Kabakal

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  • Martha Zamora Reyes
    Martha Zamora Reyes

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  • Roger Williams
    Roger Williams


  • Virdee Rojas
    Virdee Rojas

    Where do I get the magnets?

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    nirmala devi

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  • Reynaldo Iway
    Reynaldo Iway

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    • Luke Erdman
      Luke Erdman

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