Brazil 1-7 Germany | Extended Highlights | 2014 FIFA World Cup
Watch extended highlights of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ semi-final between Brazil and Germany.
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  • Abel Cordova
    Abel Cordova

    Deberían poner las fotos de todos estos jugadores para que sus hijos nietos y todo brasil les rinda homenaje y lis llevé rn su corazón

  • Hemione Lazaro
    Hemione Lazaro

    Shittiest defense I ever saw

  • Michael Dicks
    Michael Dicks

    This day the Germans were immortal gods playing with puny humans..rumors say brazil crys itself to sleep up to this day

  • Dirk Möller
    Dirk Möller

    You can even hear the german fans singing : "Oh wie ist das schön, sowas hat man lange nicht gesehen.." A loud minority.

  • Tata6

    I am from germany and proud but..,. I can't stand this little kid crying his heart out. I want to hug him and give him 100 of goals. For gods *** my heart hurts seeing him like that.

  • Imperator

    11:06 It think the funniest thing are those Germany's fans, they look so worried: "Don't score no more, I've got a family"

  • KA- BOOM!!!
    KA- BOOM!!!

    Lol didn’t expect this song to play in the beginning

  • Ders snek in me boots
    Ders snek in me boots

    5:10 back in 2014 i thought the commentator said "this is f*cked!"

  • Paul von Tarsus
    Paul von Tarsus

    That world cup was peak Germany. I watched this match with a Brazil fan haa!

  • Michael Lubin
    Michael Lubin

    Match or clinic?

  • Hoang Long Vo
    Hoang Long Vo

    Imagine the halftime break Coach: Ok Ok anyone hasn’t scored yet?

  • ِ ِ
    ِ ِ

    this is satisfying to watch XD

  • Joker

    Better lose 7x1 than lose two world wars

  • Geri

    We all know Neuer let that one in

  • Vlad The dude
    Vlad The dude

    That time Germany had monster 💪🏽💪🏽

  • Douglas Daniel
    Douglas Daniel

    If I translate this into American football terms, it means that means a score of something like 42 (or 49, since there is no extra point kick in soccer) to 6 (or 7). In American football this would be an embarrassing rout. But considering that it is far more difficult to put points on the board in soccer than it is in American football, the scope of the disaster is clearly far more monumental. What happened? Why the Brazilian defense just fall apart?

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami

    😭😭😭, next year Brasilia will win.

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami

    Can someone tell me why Neymar wasn't playing???

    • Mattafix Mattafix
      Mattafix Mattafix

      Neymar was injured in the game against colombia!

  • jack Heshad
    jack Heshad

    This game was fix. I can prove with video footages. I was silence since 2014 but not anymore

  • RM Catanio
    RM Catanio

    11:06 Neither Brazil and German fans were happy. LOL!

  • Bala Shanmugam
    Bala Shanmugam


  • Jan-Åke Oskarsson
    Jan-Åke Oskarsson

    The Brasilians think they already won the game , before they had play. But with a terrible defens work, they lost.

  • TT OzzY
    TT OzzY

    Not gonna lie...I earned a lot of money that day..🤣✌🏻

  • Time Traveller
    Time Traveller

    Monday morning in Brazil: Mom: "Son, wake up. It's 8!" Son: "What!? Are they still scoring!?!?"

  • Bakemono Tagari
    Bakemono Tagari

    At this point, the jews got it easy.

  • A V
    A V

    4:24, who’s that lol

  • easternXING

    This is literally FIFA equivalent of Germans Blitzkrieg during WW2. And the Brazilian response is similar to the Allies: 1) bewilderment 2) disbelief 3) hopelessness 4) despair. Trust the Germans to steamroll their opponents in every theatre.

  • Ritik Thakur
    Ritik Thakur

    After seeing this match I am glad India does not plays football.

  • Jenifred Lorenzo
    Jenifred Lorenzo

    When you're so hyped with your own game, then somebody came along and played it so well for you..

  • Unhipsnow633476

    im guessing rommel was the coach of the german team

  • Keefer Marr
    Keefer Marr

    manager should of pulled Julio and not for his performance. Can't treat your keeper like that.

  • Otto Toto
    Otto Toto

    Neymar knew this was coming and was wise to arrange an injury in the prior round. Still dont like him.

  • Red Finish
    Red Finish

    TBH in this match the defence was like sleeping 😂

  • wahyu kurniawan 35p
    wahyu kurniawan 35p


  • literal doc
    literal doc

    The germans really resurrected the blitzkrieg tradition on this one

  • Ivan serna giraldo
    Ivan serna giraldo

    germany king

  • Guy Manperson
    Guy Manperson

    I keep hearing “YAH...DAS GUT” in my head in a sterotypically german guys deep voice

  • chris Ace
    chris Ace

    In order to make this more embarrassing the German players (if this was around) could have done the default dano

  • Adil Sarker
    Adil Sarker

    Given how bad maicon and Dante were sleeping in the defence, one might think the two Bayern Munich defenders wanted the Germans to win.

  • Adil Sarker
    Adil Sarker

    Marcelo was the only one playing that day

  • Rizky Dadayeuhan
    Rizky Dadayeuhan

    have nothing to do with black man's pelle

  • kevin perry
    kevin perry

    This is iconic!

  • Sonja Nieher
    Sonja Nieher

    Haha 9:53

  • Abhiraj Arora
    Abhiraj Arora

    Extended Highlights, more like extended injuries and insults.

  • Aaryan Chourey
    Aaryan Chourey

    Germany really humbled the Brazillian team.

  • Qiqi

    I like when oscar scores one goal at the end, they didn't celebrate like hugging or something and just accept that they already lost

  • Andi

    Ight, its time to come back again

  • Muhid Hassan
    Muhid Hassan

    Wow 😳

  • Fardin Hasan
    Fardin Hasan

    Argentine fans be watching this day and night😆

  • Pirhancid

    Man i would had been a bresilian player, i would have just rage quit a the end of the match, heading to the cloackroom without shaking any hands.

  • Taka Shi
    Taka Shi

    I am not even brazillian, but dang this is just sad


    9:37 is the guy on the left flipin off the camera😂😂


    “The little boy is crying”😂😂😭

  • Kross Kross
    Kross Kross

    Neymar Jr 🥺🥺

  • Altier Nation
    Altier Nation

    How to torture a whole nation. . . Without violence

  • Hello sir, I'm looking for crack got any crack?!
    Hello sir, I'm looking for crack got any crack?!

    28 mins ; Germany-5 Brazil-0 "Stop, stop... they're already dead" 😂😂

  • bexie1989

    I'm from the UK and I couldn't watch this match. I had just moved into my first place the day before and had no TV or internet yet. Just texts from my dad, updating me on the score... between goal 2 and 4, I remember didn't even have time to write a reply!

  • InksNightmare

    2:43 any Skyblock players?

  • jayman105

    Brazilians had been too arrogant for too long before this game happened. Home game, home stadium, and they were already labelling it a slam dunk long before the game started. And then, GERMANY HAPPENED.

  • Denny Kharisma
    Denny Kharisma

    Yihaaaa I really love this moment

  • jean-marie zeyen
    jean-marie zeyen

    the brasilians are stunned...they are pining for the fjords..

  • Nutzer 123
    Nutzer 123

    Nun ja, dieser Kommentarbereich ist nun Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 🇩🇪

  • Gaurav Shinde
    Gaurav Shinde

    Yeah.. All hail Germany...

  • The Fang
    The Fang

    Am not a Brazil fan but it really feels bad to see the country which worships football being smashed in their own backyard

  • otop p
    otop p

    So satisfying!! LOL

  • Pagz Pagapulan
    Pagz Pagapulan

    It's so sad yet so satisfying.its like playing a game with an A.I. in easy mode

  • Bijay Prasad Modi
    Bijay Prasad Modi

    Meanwhile people in the comment section ᕙ(͡°‿ ͡°)ᕗ

  • Aldiansyah Hantili
    Aldiansyah Hantili

    Indonesia vs germany 8-0

  • Aamir Sohail
    Aamir Sohail

    Assisit king ozil

  • Aamir Sohail
    Aamir Sohail


  • Roxikoko

    So disappointing . . . . . . . . . . Germany let that last goal in

  • SG Lightning Gaming
    SG Lightning Gaming

    Wow brazilians are cry babies they don’t know it’s just a game

  • Jerry The British Infantryman
    Jerry The British Infantryman

    Jokes aside, Neuer was a beast

  • Jack Wu
    Jack Wu

    0:12 “12 Julio Cesar”

  • Vin Jay Ace
    Vin Jay Ace

    "I've never seen a goal less celebrated in my life" lol.. This commentator was going in 😂

  • Vin Jay Ace
    Vin Jay Ace

    I imagine for the german fans in the stadium it was fun and games on the 2nd goal and anxiety on the 6th. lol

  • said official
    said official

    Commentator-Who wants next


    i wanted every german player to score that day

  • Rajat Batish
    Rajat Batish

    Oscar played well

  • Caiotto 1973
    Caiotto 1973

    it's only me, or the Germans t-shirts have a.... particular palette of colors?

  • Sjors Bakker
    Sjors Bakker

    As far i understand football and well i dont. never ever underestimate zhe germans

  • Pure Shop
    Pure Shop

    The squealing swim parallely boil because node hooghly knot of a tidy vault. tasteless, handsome society

  • Mr hook
    Mr hook

    That year Germany is overpowered....

  • Skip Ads
    Skip Ads


  • Jonathan Del rosario
    Jonathan Del rosario

    but why are they crying? it is just a game.

  • Brian Bread
    Brian Bread

    This makes me wanna experience something like this again.

  • RE: Viant
    RE: Viant

    12:42 "and i've never seen the goal less celebrated in my life" well said commentator.

  • krishnendu shome XD
    krishnendu shome XD

    Germany just blitzkrieg them 😎😎😎

  • Srikanth Raman
    Srikanth Raman

    Was Neymar not picked for this game?

  • Vaibhav Sharma
    Vaibhav Sharma

    Football is the national sport of brazil. Brazil is not the national sport of football

  • Rik Misra
    Rik Misra

    First half was like a ramdom guy playing Pess or Dls...

  • Sampan Grover
    Sampan Grover

    you know you messed up bad when they have to scroll down to list the no. of goal scorers.

  • Canadianvoice

    When you realize people are crying over a sports game though...

  • ajipon

    The German goalkeeper was Neuer, and the Brazilian goalkeeper was nowhere.

  • legendary righteous
    legendary righteous

    brasil had so much luck that year. gremany finally end it...

  • astronix _
    astronix _

    I wonder what the brazilian coach said at half time...

  • Dhur B
    Dhur B

    Ozil is so nice he didn’t want to score 🤣

  • Coolbreezed

    This was a scary week after. My family had bet alot of money on brazil. They wanted the coach's head for this

  • Coolbreezed

    I wanted to clown on Brazil but if you've ever seen some Brazilian women you wouldnt clown on that country. They take a huge W in that regard

  • Soap

    Ooh, I was in school and we had to randomly pick teams from a jar, so papers with random countries that were participating. I got Germany It took all my luck, I’m very unlucky now C: help