Why I'm Coming Back To YouTube
Please watch the whole video. This is very important to me.
I love y'all, so so much!
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Thanks for watching, and much love!

  • NoahJ456

    I really tried not to cry in this video. The stuff discussed in here is super important to me, please watch it all.

    • To High
      To High

      Bro i need you to smile you are realy my Favorit KZitr and streamer.!

    • crazy tech
      crazy tech

      Fellow me guys 🙈🙈🙈

    • ßilly Florida
      ßilly Florida

      Glad youre back Noah. Scared me a little w/ the last video 🙊

    • swampswine123

      you tryed not to cry i tryed not to cry

    • Laleb

      I’m 22 years old and I have been watching you since you started, you never changed and you always made me laugh and enjoy my life truly. I feel like you were my inspiration to always be myself and stay true to myself no matter what. I almost cried just watching this you’ve been such a huge part of my life. We all love and appreciate you Noah.

  • Dane Mescall
    Dane Mescall

    I do not want to sound like I’m hating... but Noah took a break that was shorter than the time it took to solve the rev ee

  • LMB Recon
    LMB Recon

    because i need money 😂

  • dragon baf
    dragon baf

    Hey welcome back love to have you back

  • EGX _
    EGX _

    I see nothing disingenious about what you said

  • anime gaming
    anime gaming

    This man deserves a aot salute

  • Squashy

    Kinda sus

  • Zac Lynch
    Zac Lynch

    Thank god for this .Imagine losing pat and noah in such a short time.I swear if Lex or JC or someone else thinking of leaving I hope they know they will miss out on die rise remastered.🦥🛖🎳🐧

  • Trent M
    Trent M

    Been watching for a long long time. Glad to see you won't be going anywhere :)

  • Rico A
    Rico A

    For the money... nothing more nothing less lol.

  • Dillon McKinley
    Dillon McKinley

    Love you Noah glad your not gone❤️❤️❤️

  • J-Corral

    Leo DiCaprio crossed my mind going “Im not Fkn leaving!!” All jokes aside, thank you for coming back!

  • IAmSnoozy

    welcome back dad

  • Master Of Spades
    Master Of Spades

    Noahj u finally found out what youtube is about.. Its to help people its for people to enjoy watching others.. You remind me of markiplier one of the greatest KZit rs there is.. And what keeps him going.. Is cuz he loves helping people.. So good for ypu

  • koner king
    koner king

    Why u gotta make me cry, keep up the great stuff man!!

  • braxton peterson
    braxton peterson


  • Kneko Vasquez
    Kneko Vasquez

    make up your mind you leave or you dont

  • One dB
    One dB

    Noah you fell off, my guy this is 2014 KZit crap get with the program it’s 2021. Last time I watched you I was in Middle School I’m graduated now, you haven’t grown mentally which is good but also not really if you think about it

  • justin travis
    justin travis

    numba 1 content creator U the man Noah

  • Hanley Hicks
    Hanley Hicks

    Stay strong 💪🏼 head up we love you man, inspiration to all creators 🌍❤️ - (you’ve helped me on a weekly basis kept me distracted from bad head space throughout one of the most mentally challenging years. More importantly made me laugh and feel so much better after watching your videos!)

  • James Appleton
    James Appleton

    Nothing but respect for Noah. Utter legend

  • Tyler Marton
    Tyler Marton

    That makes me happy you’re not leaving you help me with so many Easter eggs my friend like it when I play zombies with them to do the Easter egg currently we did the fire bace Z one because you help because you posted a how to video to

  • JustADrako

    The tears shed over just 2 videos is unbelievable I love you noahj thank you for everything

  • Ghost afk
    Ghost afk


  • juggernog

    WHY did you do this it was the longest break on KZit


    homie dramatically “left” KZit and came back on the same day

  • rezmo


  • Mardigrxs

  • Bradley Kater
    Bradley Kater

    Diamond play button could be a new goal just satin

  • hunter kyburz
    hunter kyburz

    we love you noah

  • Gregory Dando
    Gregory Dando

    I am glad you decided not to leave. I love your content and like many people have said, your content helps us escape tough times etc. Keep doing what you're doing fella.

  • Dennis H
    Dennis H

    What? All my tears for nothing?

  • Arik Ruybe
    Arik Ruybe

    This was a stunt but eh

  • Jasin Kurti
    Jasin Kurti

    Literally stay off KZit bro, you can’t even get an EE tutorial right.

  • Trevor Mooney
    Trevor Mooney

    Well I'm glad you're not leaving you too cuz I watched you for I can tell you how long glad that you stayed with the platform I know it means a lot to a lot of people thank you again



  • Sal

    Thank goodness u not gone

  • Rawr 69
    Rawr 69

    This is the most KZit shit I’ve ever seen

  • RTCP5807

    What a break

  • Lewisbros 5
    Lewisbros 5

    Love you Noah❤️

  • Christopher Hony
    Christopher Hony

    Thank you Noah for years of quality entertainment.. I am 42yrs old and have been watching since black ops 2 days. I still go back and watch the H1Z1 videos for hours during work. You've helped make my days better. I appreciate everything you do on here. Glad you're back and keep up the hard work. You're not just a KZitr you're a role model and a place to turn to make these hard days much better!!

  • Matthew Coleman
    Matthew Coleman

    This is just a publicity stunt. He made a video, got people talking, and then two days later “I’m Back”? Cmon.

  • Geeked Up
    Geeked Up

    i feel like this is how cory feels

  • death

    Taco bell 😳

  • Incognito

    Love you Noah keep up the great work man!

  • Tjay Gatari
    Tjay Gatari

    Such a damn 🐐

  • Hazzard2452

    The King returns when he is needed thank you Noah 👑👑

  • Ethan A.
    Ethan A.

    You know Noah I am graduating high school this year and it’s very difficult for me I am losing everything and everyone I knew and your videos have helped through the very painful process I had my last choir concert last night and I couldn’t stop myself from crying tomorrow is my last concert of my high school career and I’m not ready for it to be over yet. So to you random person who may see this comment I only say this. Take all the time in the world be with your friends your family cause it hurts like hell whenever it’s all gone

  • HerbieHD

    THANK GOD!! Don’t watch as much as i used too BUT THAT JUST MEANS A NOAH BINGE NIGHT!!

  • Micah Johnson
    Micah Johnson

    @NoahJ456 bro you are my favorite video game/content creator I have been watching you since I was in the 7th grade and I am now in the 11th grade. I loved coming to your live streams weather it was you just vibing while hitting 5K likes on the stream and doing the crab rave or you rage quitting to dying to a horde of zombies while playing COD. You were always making memories that may have seemed short lived or not important at all to other people, but it meant a lot whole lot more to me and a lot of other viewers. One of my favorite memories was when you played multiplayer on modern warfare to get the obsidian camo to only find that it was completely trash and it looked like someone just sprayed your gun with black spray paint after you worked so hard to get it. You were so mad and the face that you made was priceless, but it's times like those that I enjoy the most so I am truly glad to hear that you are here to say. Thank you for the memories that you have helped us viewers and fans make and I hope we can make many more.

  • BloodyMc Tandy
    BloodyMc Tandy

    Always loved watching you play video games on KZit you playing zombies is insane!!

  • Steve Zep
    Steve Zep

    It was only 2 days

  • Joseph Cox
    Joseph Cox

    10 mil here we come

  • Joseph Cox
    Joseph Cox

    you stoped me from jumping off a brige with this video because you are my favert youtuber


    Do you not realize how many people cried those few days bro, im so goad your back.

  • Camden DeAngelis
    Camden DeAngelis

    welcome back ( ;

  • T Dorsey
    T Dorsey

    Man you are a legend. Much respect.

  • Stuart Reynolds
    Stuart Reynolds

    Well KZit is the best their is no one on the internet that even comes close.

  • Sadick Arauz
    Sadick Arauz

    Bro just work to 10 mil 🙂

  • Riley Lycan
    Riley Lycan

    I would just like to say. It's not just you who helps all these viewers it's every single youtuber that puts either a smile on our faces or makes us know that there is still things that we can do. You guys encourage us to keep strong to keep moving forward, even in the most darkest times. You guys are more than just youtubers or just people on the internet, You guys are like family to us. Just never give up on making others happy as well as with yourself. Just know that we all love every single one of you guys. No matter what.

  • Psn Ps4
    Psn Ps4

    We Love you bro.... ♥️♥️♥️

  • Beezy The Nomad
    Beezy The Nomad

    Dang hadn’t seen you since Yoteslaya days. Wow how far you’ve gone

  • brayden arellano
    brayden arellano

    Resubscribed 😊

  • ブギーマン

    Yesterday: I’m leaving Today: I’m bacccccck

  • zak H2O
    zak H2O

    bruh you are relley helping me

  • Zboy 115
    Zboy 115


  • Bradley

    You didn’t leave homie it’s just the viewers that did.

  • Brandon Murray
    Brandon Murray

    5m sub stream then you say you’re quitting KZit I knew you where lying

  • jimmy budgysmuggler
    jimmy budgysmuggler

    This is one of the most wholesome videos I've ever seen on KZit, Noah your a good man.

  • Cristofer Arellano
    Cristofer Arellano

    Who are you it just came up of my recommended video idk why

  • Damian Boyle
    Damian Boyle

    really had me worried ive watched you for years upon years glad you found a reason to stay

  • king sloth
    king sloth

    Why do people lie about things in videos like this. Who's heart strings are u pulling on just watch these videos waiting for swagkage and seththeprogrammer post.

  • Laneal 14
    Laneal 14

    I love Noah but this is kinda weird. He wasn't going to leave in the first place you can tell.

  • Fakeboomer

    Its ok Noah we all understand


    Glad to have you back

  • potato

    this vid mad me smile

  • scrambled ripper
    scrambled ripper

    The break took less time than the time between the 2 post before this one

  • He Who Took A Dump On A Porcupine
    He Who Took A Dump On A Porcupine

    Hope you enjoyed your break!


    You're a clown

  • Chezare Chapman
    Chezare Chapman

    Man stop saying you quitting. Its jarring

  • TheBunnyHop34

    "I'm leaving KZit" from the person who signed a KZit exclusive deal lol. Good marketing play for your EA sponsorship. gg.

  • Forrest

    Of course it was just a drama post for views


    Who are you?

  • Alex Wareham
    Alex Wareham

    So happy you decided to stay man. And for the right reasons, you mean a lot to us. Keep being you.

  • Not a Switch gamer
    Not a Switch gamer


  • Fionn Keogh
    Fionn Keogh

    umm ok ur back ig

  • John DeGroote
    John DeGroote

    Remember that time Nohaj456 left KZit

  • Rhys Jones
    Rhys Jones

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i cant wait for dying light 2

  • ErasedFrenzy

    This is Bc the new season of apex came out

  • __

    Fnaf endings be like

  • Spongepods

    I have the same feelings rn for my memepage... I finally hit 100k but now I’m just doing it to do it not cuz I enjoy it. 100k was a goal I’ve had for years now I’m there and it’s like what should I do now.

  • Bob Merly
    Bob Merly


  • RayCharlezz

    I'm trying to upvote a million times but I cant

  • Finest

    You know how tight I was going to be. I need those reaction videos man

  • Dylan Towers
    Dylan Towers

    Livestream origins high round for 24hrs as a welcome back stream

  • Unexpected CatCam
    Unexpected CatCam

    The money ran out

  • Dababys Jawline
    Dababys Jawline

    A ZOMBIE/CALL OF DUTY KZitr just made the best come back video, love your vids man glad your not leaving

  • Todd Weinberg
    Todd Weinberg

    Never heard of you.

  • James Flood
    James Flood

    They're making another call of duty game right now. You can't quit yet 😂

  • Fernando Ruiz
    Fernando Ruiz

    I respect you Noah

The End.