Billie Eilish - Your Power (Official Music Video)
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Directed by Billie Eilish

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  • Kübra Yedek
    Kübra Yedek

    Omg Bille💚🖤

  • Vero Bustos
    Vero Bustos

    No se salteen los anuncios así se cuentan las vistasss

  • تاج راسي بابا
    تاج راسي بابا

    استمري ياحلوة 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶👍👍👍

  • Ife Kodua
    Ife Kodua

    Her vocals are literally out of this world.

  • Jesse Strachan
    Jesse Strachan

    What she is singing about is not revolutionary but im stoked shes continuing the message. X

  • Chammi 28
    Chammi 28

    Does anyone else feel like the first few cords of the guitars and her “OOh’s” sound like it’s from another one of her songs. Coz when I first heard it, my niece had me listen to it and at first I thought it was an acoustic version of one of her songs...and for the life of me I cnt figure out which song it is.

  • Ivan

    🐶​Doge Coin Too the moooon


    I dig her vibe. Love her music and enjoy her artistic expression but I think I'm going to have to play this song a lot to see if I love it. I understand the concept but the lyrics don't really say much. I do love that heavy breath at the very end like at the end of "Bad Guy" Something about that single aggressive breath at the end.....Love that shit! Her artistic expression is aesthetically pleasing. She's an incredibly talented young woman. Good for her and all her success. She definitely deserves it. She's KILLING IT 💀🥀❤

  • illuminati Vatsa
    illuminati Vatsa

    Try not to abuse your power I know we didn't choose to change You might not wanna lose your power But havin' it's so strange . . . . 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Cost D Champ
    Cost D Champ

    👣🛰🎭🔥 #udaterecords

  • Valentina Cáceres
    Valentina Cáceres

    Por que tantos dis likes 😔 está re buena la canción amooooo❤️😍

  • J Valley
    J Valley

    I didn't even know about this video because the internet won't shut up about the lingerie shoot. People should pay more attention to her music than her body, but people are gross so you know they won't.

  • Jonathan Cabriales
    Jonathan Cabriales

    22 seconds of silence because he was 22

  • Rena Gómez
    Rena Gómez

    beautiful to the song!!! And also you 💕

  • _Uchiha Mari_
    _Uchiha Mari_

    OMG you are very beautiful

  • purpochango c
    purpochango c

    I listen to this song for like 4,000 time

  • ؔ ֓
    ؔ ֓

    ‏نعتقد بأنّا جيدون جدًا في التخلي، ثم يمر لون، لحن، مكان، رائحة أو عنوان، ونرى جيدًا جدًا ذاك الذي يؤلمنا

  • سيوفي كيمنغ / Seoofi gaming
    سيوفي كيمنغ / Seoofi gaming

    Neither Shakira nor Jennifer Billie Eilish is the best❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • ايتو

    هل م̷ـــِْن عربي 🙂؟

  • ؔ ֓
    ؔ ֓

    سوف امحي كل تلك الذكريات اللعينه وامضي بوحدتي مره اخره

  • Darin Darin
    Darin Darin

    We are fan you my billie 🙃🖤

  • bakir khaled
    bakir khaled

    Iloooouuuvvvveeee bili 😍😍😘😗

  • NanoArts Net
    NanoArts Net

    So luv this Dope-ah-Mean! 😎 🛼

  • Y.M Beatss 2
    Y.M Beatss 2


  • Çikolata Kek
    Çikolata Kek

    POŞET GUY 😂 ( TÜRKLER anladı yabancılar bu ne diyor 🇹🇷 ) 👇

  • Natasha L
    Natasha L

    Chillingly beautiful

  • Lukas Dutkaitis
    Lukas Dutkaitis


  • Miftah Miftah
    Miftah Miftah

    Gila lagunya menyentuh bgt

  • Nuage
    Nuage Our cover, it has been an honor ! ♡ love u Billie

  • عٌأّشُـقُهّـ لَيِّسِـأّ
    عٌأّشُـقُهّـ لَيِّسِـأّ


  • Fernando Sánchez Briceño
    Fernando Sánchez Briceño

    I don't know why but this song makes me feel confuse

  • Mark Goldfain
    Mark Goldfain

    Love the ending with the sound of a final breath.

  • Khadija Imziln
    Khadija Imziln

    I love you Billie so much

  • Nicole Tuczynska
    Nicole Tuczynska


  • Alexa Danae Nolasco Franco
    Alexa Danae Nolasco Franco

    I love you ☝️😍❤️

  • Queen M
    Queen M


  • Veronica poling
    Veronica poling

    *This song is absolutely beautiful*

  • Laura Dotson
    Laura Dotson

    "Sitting in a scar of stratification"

    • Jacinto Gonzalez
      Jacinto Gonzalez



    في عرب منطربين؟

  • Kaća Stamenković
    Kaća Stamenković

    I'm so proud of this girl :')

  • Nathan Kawele
    Nathan Kawele

    If is see one more “sad twerking” comment-🙁

  • charity shae
    charity shae


  • Thierry Master
    Thierry Master

    Cameroun africa love you

  • Наталья Озорнина
    Наталья Озорнина

    Прекрасная песня!

  • khadija imziln
    khadija imziln

    I love you Billie so so much

  • roli

    me: has to study for final exams my brain: try not to abuuuse your power

  • Naomi Victorino
    Naomi Victorino


  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz

    un comentario en español felicidades, descansa yo te protejo de los comentarios en ingles.

  • Ash 1M
    Ash 1M

    I am only 2 years old and i swear her songs make me fly in the vast expanse of my sweet thoughts... So Soothing... Haters would think i am a liar

  • Evelynpalma Avecilla
    Evelynpalma Avecilla

    I love this song more that my own life.

  • Janko Blackwalker
    Janko Blackwalker

  • UnicornPet!


  • Ebrahim Albanna
    Ebrahim Albanna

    I can't wait for the album.. If this song alone I am addicted too for 6 days none stop than how is the entire album

  • Family Love Castle
    Family Love Castle

    I already get the vibes and meaning of the song but the abuse of power is thick and spreads so far into so many aspects of our lives. The future deserves better and it starts with us- truly loving ourselves is a good start and then caring for our little ones with the overflow of that love so they know what it is and what it isn't by contrast

  • cabriel aliev
    cabriel aliev

    so so very beautiful.when i listen this music its time i go other world.

  • deathakid

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande


  • umut koc
    umut koc

    nerde bu Türkler buraların çoktan alınmış olması lazımdı 🇹🇷

  • nicøle

    This girl is exquisite. She's been in the limelight for years now and many people are still trying to downplay her t̶a̶l̶e̶n̶t greatness. I think it's time for those people to finally give props where props are due. I'm listening to this song just smiling and thinking "Damn, ANOTHER one!" Life is hard, but I'm grateful to be alive in a time where artists like Billie are creating such distinctive and quality music, so someone like myself can just sit back and listen, relax and unwind. 😌

  • stevieboyralph

    What a beautiful song. Great vocal.

  • Glen Banks
    Glen Banks

    JESUS, I hate her voice!

    • alfayım

      why im just asking

  • My Self -
    My Self -

    I am not the bald guy

  • Taeisbad

    OMG. Billie was 16 years old when she was getting groomed by a 22 year old. "Your Power" leaves 22 seconds blacks out in the end purposefully, to indicate her past. The album "Happier Than Ever" has 22 songs. OMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOMGGOMGOMGOMGOMOGMGOMGOIKMGOMOGMGOMGOMGOMOGOGMOOGMG

  • moran beat
    moran beat

    She’s not using a real snake in the video because she’s vegan. A vegan queen 👑

  • Tushar Chikhalthane
    Tushar Chikhalthane

    Missing xxxtentacion 🖤...

  • Valentina Oliva.
    Valentina Oliva.

    Pega juerte

  • Ash 1M
    Ash 1M

    I am only 2 years old and i swear her songs make me fly in the vast expanse of my sweet thoughts... So Soothing... Haters would think i am a liar

    • Seus shaders
      Seus shaders


  • João Tangerino
    João Tangerino

    Billie Eilish is a phenomenon! At just 20 years old, she has already collected 7 Grammy Awards (with 10 nominations). She will definitely win many others. ❤

  • billy lusk
    billy lusk

    Shes just one of those rare singers that come along now and then , amazing. Scared me to see that snake wrapped around her throat

  • Billie the Queen
    Billie the Queen

    Billie face and perfect does not give

  • Tina Buleshkaj
    Tina Buleshkaj

    Love you Billie

  • Sienna Barnes
    Sienna Barnes

    At first I was concerned with how chill this music video was until the snake started strangling her and I was like OK THAT’S BETTER.

    • Akon popping
      Akon popping ..... ... ..

  • Blassom Empress
    Blassom Empress

    Sees snake Me: My brain: J hope: I.. I HATE SNAKEU

  • Azra Badshah
    Azra Badshah

    Oh 👀

  • Mathew Guerra
    Mathew Guerra

    I love her all her music

  • Aisha Gilani
    Aisha Gilani


  • Elio Nava
    Elio Nava

    You could tell that it is a good song when it has been only 6 days ago since this was applouded, and it already has 41 million views.

  • Nathaly Ambrosio
    Nathaly Ambrosio

    É isso que eu estou vendo msm? A música dela está com a legenda em português


    It not too late to say I love you Billie, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I should have dropped a comment first, my bad😊😇

  • Modesta Castillo
    Modesta Castillo

    Guao qué experiencia ella con esa serpiente y después que hizo ?Cómo se la quito después 👍

  • Julie Ann
    Julie Ann

    Don't let the serpent reptile take your consciousness and power away 😊🤩

  • سن ستيج
    سن ستيج

    I hope everyone who sees my comment subscribes to the channel

  • angie velasquito
    angie velasquito

    I love you Billie you are just as beautiful as you are

  • Veliki Fan Bili Ajliš
    Veliki Fan Bili Ajliš

    This is beautifull

  • Laura Elizalde
    Laura Elizalde


  • Yonka

    she's so cute

  • Adelyn Wong
    Adelyn Wong

    somehow reminded me of the government

  • Anita Martínez
    Anita Martínez


  • Zewos gang
    Zewos gang

    love you billie 😍

  • Omar Fathy
    Omar Fathy Listen to this song I will love you promise you, my friend

  • Fabson Tomi
    Fabson Tomi



    apoco eso es musica

  • Lina'a Mohmmed AL_hasusa'a
    Lina'a Mohmmed AL_hasusa'a

    مافي ترحيب💛🌷

  • sidefish

    everything about "her" gives me the creeps

  • Sunset Forever
    Sunset Forever

    Am I the only one that had this video posted a day after my b-day

  • Wh at
    Wh at

    Im 100 percent sure that this is about Drake

  • Chris Cahill
    Chris Cahill

    not a huge fan of what's been released so far, hoping there is some good stuff on the new album!

  • Leonardo Vela
    Leonardo Vela

    Que hermoso 😍😍😢

  • avuxia

    Billie's voice is so calming 💕

  • Azeo


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