Groggy & Dazed fighters - Rare situations
This is unique combat sport compilation!
For the first time you can watch Groggy & Dazed fighters Weird & Rare situations on KZit! There are no other compilations like that! Knockdown in Combat sports usually mean end of the fight, especially in MMA but in some rare situations fights will continue ... and it is very weird. Sometimes Dazed fighters refuse to stop fighting and continue to fight with referees, rope or cage, with air... These fighters have a warrior's spirit! They are a truly warriors!
So take a break from knockout and enjoy in something new and unique Top 18 Dazed fighters Weird & Rare situations ... and one bonus at the end ;)
0:00 | Intro
0:34 | Top 18 Dazed fighters Weird & Rare situations
5:25 | Top 10 Dazed fighters Weird & Rare situations
8:50 | Top 5 Dazed fighters Weird & Rare situations

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  • Xi MvP iX
    Xi MvP iX

    That Superman punch 🤣🤣

  • Haayn 92
    Haayn 92

    Last 1 was stupid of the ref guy is literally out on his feet all he had to do was pull guard not choke the guy u can make the fighter more disoriented by doing what he did smh

  • Dr Krazzy
    Dr Krazzy

    Ref at #1 isn’t classy at all smh

  • franky volce
    franky volce

    the choosen one is number 2 ... so funny .. he think the fight start woooooooooooooooooooooooow ;)))))))))))

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    Slidermix Tube سلايدر ميكس


  • D' sories
    D' sories

    Your mind still in fight. We'll human has limits. He's get hard shot that's why brain can't process properly. It's like Glitch in real life.

  • Saw Chan
    Saw Chan


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    Rachid Harrak


  • Reda aboubakr
    Reda aboubakr

    Just animals

  • Sebastian Seidel
    Sebastian Seidel

    Schit Vidio distojad

  • Sam Singer
    Sam Singer

    #1 &2 are the best👌

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    Il Conte Orlok

    Thanks for the great video!

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    I full support is done my friend, hope you visit to my small hause and leave a gift tnx😘💖🙏✌️

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  • Dick Kcid
    Dick Kcid

    Lots of brain injuries.

  • Prabusiliwangi Prabusiliwangi
    Prabusiliwangi Prabusiliwangi

    Hot hot sexi

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    hali Yaryyary


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  • Озод Далер. Шагиев
    Озод Далер. Шагиев

    Красавчики все ситуации ценет и уважает бойцов молодцы.

  • Tina Thomas
    Tina Thomas

    That can't be good for your brain.

  • Kirk Newton
    Kirk Newton

    7:20 #8 Great stoppage. Alot of refs would of let him get hit to the floor first.

  • LibertasVeritatis

    10:35 it was super necessary!

  • Tenzin Sonam
    Tenzin Sonam

    #1refree was really sucksss

  • ghhbbc ggffh
    ghhbbc ggffh


  • daan stylezz
    daan stylezz

    How come the other fighters dont help the referee...

    • Chiimo Shakur
      Chiimo Shakur

      Thats what i think too. If i was me i will do that haha

  • Jus De Liette
    Jus De Liette

    Kegan Ashura LMAO

  • أبوبكر boubker
    أبوبكر boubker

    from Morocco all my respects to all those brave wariors both winers and loosers...that s the man bravery spirit

  • Albert Aqarunov
    Albert Aqarunov

    Ay ble😁😂😂😁😄

  • Manuel Gallegos
    Manuel Gallegos

    No cap the last referee wierd asf man is half unconscious and he started choking him

  • Max Phillip
    Max Phillip

    the reptilian part of the human brains a strange thing

  • Leandro Piñero
    Leandro Piñero

    number 1 is the GOAT

  • Igor Shluker _
    Igor Shluker _

    10:16 Хорошо, что Лысый Из Браззерс его вовремя остановил!...

  • pug rose carrie phone nut
    pug rose carrie phone nut

    good thing they didn't have what happened locally: in an amateur mma fight, a fighter's grandma was overheard coaching and cheering her grandson, "BITE HIM! BITE! HIM!" naturally our master can't stop laughing even after the event ended.

  • Jecoy Son
    Jecoy Son

    #2 is most funny

  • Angelo Bovara
    Angelo Bovara


  • Mirzaboburxon Uroqov
    Mirzaboburxon Uroqov


  • Lightup Darkness
    Lightup Darkness

    When your best punch landed was on the ref :/

  • LL L
    LL L

    When a fighter got KO, his brain is messed up, a very dangerous sport.

  • Mitchell Bowman
    Mitchell Bowman

    Could you imagine getting concussed and then they flicker the lights

  • Earlvin A
    Earlvin A

    10:40 Jorge Masvidal disagrees

  • Rick Swu
    Rick Swu

    #1 Referee seems Lil bit aggressive.. Tryna expose his skills 😡.. I recon that's not how it should be dealt with the situation.Just my opinion

  • Михаил Соклаков
    Михаил Соклаков

    Со стороны смешно) Только эти травмы очень серьезные

  • Оne million
    Оne million

    Армэн АНАНЬЯН 👊🌽

  • Toni Ywaya
    Toni Ywaya

    The mind goes on a certain mode and stays there

  • Sabrina Kapawan
    Sabrina Kapawan


  • Tommy Gunn
    Tommy Gunn

    They all remind me of Ricky Bobby when he was on fire.

  • Redentor Carpio
    Redentor Carpio

    mga nabaliw sa bugbog bwaaaahahahahahha

  • Many Gybes
    Many Gybes

    i don't know what ad came up before you watched this video, but doodle drawings are super annoying

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    Tien Nguyen

    Bị uýnh riết rồi quáng gà luôn @

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  • REspeKT REspeKT
    REspeKT REspeKT

    4:36 that's right keep that jab on him smh 😆

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    ابوميثاءالشميري الشميري


  • Anastazius Cyriacus
    Anastazius Cyriacus

    Not funny to me

  • Paulo jung
    Paulo jung

    O ultimo foi nocauteado e finalizado na mesma luta, isso é um recorde!!!

  • Renaldo Fulford
    Renaldo Fulford


  • Buhay America
    Buhay America

    Numbers 2, 3 and 8 are too funny 😂

  • giovanni ipito
    giovanni ipito

    very nice !! from Sicily

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    Thank you mute button!

  • jdhustler88

    this is gold

  • arik x
    arik x

    dont fight and drive

  • Bewok kicau burung Bewok
    Bewok kicau burung Bewok


  • Matt Abraham
    Matt Abraham

    Black dude lying and still throwing punches is hilarious

  • Joshua Sarrazola
    Joshua Sarrazola

    #1 literally lost twice in one match!

  • 회색

    Ref: Aye bro you lost chill down Fighter: *Aight imma headout* 4:03

  • Lolito Buhayo
    Lolito Buhayo

    10:39 Coach: man stop fighting the ropes this is embarrassing

  • murat kılıç
    murat kılıç


  • GoodKnight5252

    This is so not funny! and yet it is hard not to laugh

  • hung dinh
    hung dinh

    Great, anime draw #lovedrawing

  • Dennis Johnson
    Dennis Johnson

    My fave is #4. The way they had to break down what just transpired to him. Wad u mean I lost. I was kicking his ass. Uh that was the ref. Ur opponent is the guy on top of the ropes celebrating.

  • Kalle Schönberg
    Kalle Schönberg

    Ha, ha ha brain damage ha, ha, ha....

  • Teddy

    All of them are like small puppies humping legs lol

  • Teddy

    Sad and funny at the same time lol

  • edd nhaila
    edd nhaila

    After knock out men turn to zombies.

  • Rick Robitaille
    Rick Robitaille

    Hope ufc never gets a ref that has a short fuse Or it would be on...

  • Amandio Luiz Gusmão de Andrade
    Amandio Luiz Gusmão de Andrade

    Isso não pode ser chamado de esporte. Soco e pontapé na cara do cara. A bíblia manda fazer coisas boas com as mãos.para que tenha o que repartir com quem tiver nessecidaade

    • Henrique Pt
      Henrique Pt


  • Tyron James Combate
    Tyron James Combate

    It seems like it's funny but What i see instead is a spirit of a warrior.

  • صح خطا
    صح خطا


  • Google ACCOUNT
    Google ACCOUNT

    i think the call that Brain damage?


    Dont do drugs

  • Dimas Irvan
    Dimas Irvan

    The number 2 is crack me out...

  • Zé Froes
    Zé Froes


  • Ya Red
    Ya Red

    04:18 Joe Rogan on DMT fighting with machine elves

  • Ko Ko
    Ko Ko


  • Panagiotis Koufogiannis
    Panagiotis Koufogiannis

    experiments and mind control thats wy the boxers gettig crazy

  • Евгений Палеев
    Евгений Палеев

    Ага, а в топе, бойца вырубили, он придушил рефери, а тот рубанул тренера и врача



  • Saleh PANDU
    Saleh PANDU

    If you die to the ring what will be

  • Luk Zone
    Luk Zone


  • Vedat Özdemir
    Vedat Özdemir

    Dayağı yiyen şaşırıyor rrr

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    kenn zain

    A, K.O.cost a million dollar🤣🤣🤣

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    Oppo A5


  • Yusli Adnan
    Yusli Adnan

    1:13 that referee in defence skills mode 👏👏👏

  • freedom voice
    freedom voice


  • Larsen Villaranda
    Larsen Villaranda

    In Russia, ref is there not to protect you but to choke you. #1 will prove that.

    • Trildin

      Yea i was wondering.. doesn't it seem like a bad idea to choke someone out who just got hit in the head so hard they aren't operating correctly?

    • Alexander M
      Alexander M

      Hella fucked up 😆

    • Ray Medina
      Ray Medina


  • Remigio Collera
    Remigio Collera

    How come that you do that, you make a better sportman.

  • Mukund Jump Roper Kolhatkar
    Mukund Jump Roper Kolhatkar

    1:19 awesome sprawl...

  • Dhidotz channel
    Dhidotz channel

    Number 2 is the best