King Von - Armed & Dangerous (Official Video)
From the album "Welcome to O'Block". Out now!
Shot by @jerryphd
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Official music video by King Von - Armed & Dangerous © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / EMPIRE

  • Tyrone Franklin
    Tyrone Franklin


  • Roblox Gaming new
    Roblox Gaming new

    This is fire it so cool but rip von 😭

  • Baddie_Jaliyah

    If you dislike that means you fron 63rd if you like and you fw king von that mean you from o block love you von rip🙏🙏

  • Roberta Koroma
    Roberta Koroma

    R.I.P king von I hate Quando Rondo

  • Jaiden Ortiz
    Jaiden Ortiz

    This was ass

  • ky


  • Arniya Copeland
    Arniya Copeland


    • Arniya Copeland
      Arniya Copeland

      I have a dumb

  • Nygell Charles
    Nygell Charles

    Rip king of Chicago!!

  • Owo Char
    Owo Char

    It's ok.

  • shacore robinson
    shacore robinson

    Yeah bro

  • Zef FPS
    Zef FPS

    why does the man hes balling against look like what james harden looks like in the off season lmfao

  • Carmelo Allen
    Carmelo Allen

    We miss you

  • SsJuice 12
    SsJuice 12

    1:23 when i was singing the song with him my voice was starting to match his no cap

  • kingmalik 55
    kingmalik 55

    Rip von😢🤧

  • valarity Trac
    valarity Trac

    Rip OTF gang

  • Killamurkya

    Welcome back. This isn’t your first time here.

  • Delila Stubbs
    Delila Stubbs


  • Gaming with Putta Man
    Gaming with Putta Man

    R.I.P Von

  • KY - 06TA 906357 Darcel Avenue Sr PS
    KY - 06TA 906357 Darcel Avenue Sr PS

    king von♥️♥️♥️

  • K4den _playz
    K4den _playz

    Yo why was this so damn fire on god bro rip von

  • Nayef Ryad
    Nayef Ryad

    R.I.P king von he was the best rapper from Chicago❤️

  • TysOnzMindset

    @00:38 his mower was not on hahahaha

  • Xllx Strickland
    Xllx Strickland

    Rip von grandson ❤️🕊🕊

  • alex T
    alex T

    Blood for Life👹🌡️🐾💉🇮🇹

  • Jamari Melvin
    Jamari Melvin



    His mama pop out like "boy, goddam what happened!?!"

  • Dj Sass
    Dj Sass

    King von rip bey fans

  • flip mode
    flip mode


  • Tylon Baker
    Tylon Baker

    Rip von 🥺💗

  • Kiaja The queen
    Kiaja The queen

    RIP to King Von HE was a king of storyteller Rip

  • DJ king
    DJ king

    Fly high 🕊️🕊️🕊️

  • Sue'yung Davis
    Sue'yung Davis

    rip bro i love u see u in heaven

  • ItsMarcosDuh

    Don’t be sad he died. be happy because he beat the SHIT out of TOOKA NOW HES JUST WAITING FOR QOUNDO AND LIL TIMMY

  • Corey Gray
    Corey Gray

    R.I.P my Chiraq brother Detroit is here for you💯💯💯💯 West side Chicago what’s good Detroit and Chicago Vs Everybody...R.I.P King 👑

  • Kenton Rowland
    Kenton Rowland

    King von rip

  • Cream Irish
    Cream Irish

    Westfield Mall no rat... Investigation of Children Place Hospital

  • Karl Ditz
    Karl Ditz

    Too way he could take shots...certainly not from close.

  • Prince Rodgers
    Prince Rodgers

    King von have hall of fame intimidator

  • Quan Pinkston
    Quan Pinkston

    Honestly i didn't listen to him until he died .. but dammmnn... the king was🔥🔥🔥and🥶🥶🥶at the dance m same time.. my gawd

  • Victoria Copes
    Victoria Copes


  • Elaine Riley Jackson
    Elaine Riley Jackson

    Poor baby i don't even know you, but it hurts me so bad how you was done. RIPeace Young King~

  • Black Queen Wakanda
    Black Queen Wakanda

    Im mad at myself I was sleep on Von til he died now Im like damn 😤 R.I.P Von

  • Alex 1,333 1
    Alex 1,333 1


  • Damien

    r.i.p king von

  • Xeno_Clipx

    rip bro

  • Clix Is daddy
    Clix Is daddy

    Von was a caring dude no lie he really spilt 100k with his team

    • Clix Is daddy
      Clix Is daddy

      Rip legend

  • tonia Duncan
    tonia Duncan


  • FirstClassXavier

    Tell me I screamed AND 1 when he made that layup at 1:23

  • Only Slappers
    Only Slappers

    Need a von movie 💯🔥

  • jeremiah Noble
    jeremiah Noble

    rip king von

  • you fool
    you fool

    rip von the you my son im yo daddi had me dieing

  • Tyson Xavier
    Tyson Xavier

    Xavier King Von Friend

  • Selimhan BS
    Selimhan BS


  • Amelia Crawford
    Amelia Crawford

    So fire🥺😭

  • Faze Jaja
    Faze Jaja

    Wait how king von is still alive

    • Shad FC
      Shad FC

      He recorded this before he died

  • Jinx3r

    his son gonna bring the same heat 1 day trust me R.I.P

  • Tiawanna Mccallum
    Tiawanna Mccallum

    rip king von ur rapping was so good

  • Admir Xhafa
    Admir Xhafa

    R.I.P King Von

  • Lil Jay2x
    Lil Jay2x

    if u a real von fan u listen to him years ago not just the popular song

  • J'amir Ellis
    J'amir Ellis

    He aint even live to see 2020 christmas sad

  • Deaja Edwards
    Deaja Edwards

    He was on live when he made this music video 🥺🤟🏾

  • Chizzy Hunter
    Chizzy Hunter

    rip von

  • King Yashnoor
    King Yashnoor

    Alright so now only x, pop and peep need to release a song called armed and dangerous. Fr tho, rip king von, jw, pop, x, peep and others

  • andrew chinapoo
    andrew chinapoo

    Who ever kill king von will be sorry an begging on their kness i swear just let grow up an see

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    When start realizing Von is on Durk azz in this rap shhh

  • Nasezy Lyle
    Nasezy Lyle

    rip but how

  • Everything/Nothing

    Armed & Dead

  • Yung Donny Boy
    Yung Donny Boy

    10 millions views in a week you already is the greatest forever and will always be remembered 🙏💯💯💯no matter what the problems

  • •LayLay• Foriegn
    •LayLay• Foriegn

    ayyyy i fuck with this song soo it’s raw asf king von killed it 🔥 2021 all year 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  • Wolfpack Goated
    Wolfpack Goated

    Rip king Von

  • Lillie OSOCOOL
    Lillie OSOCOOL


  • Kierra Nicole Edmond
    Kierra Nicole Edmond

    🗣 YAASSS VON !!! 👏🏽🔥💯 Talk Yo Shi ❤️ Rip King 👑 🕊#GoneButNeverForgotten🤞🏽

  • TIS Comedy
    TIS Comedy

    Rip von 🇿🇼❤this song is platinum certified

  • Willy

    Rip von

  • Tiffany Wheeler
    Tiffany Wheeler

    U my son I'm yo daddy

  • 21 pilotd
    21 pilotd

    Man RIP Von gone too soon

  • Savage Ak 47
    Savage Ak 47

    R i p v o n

  • PoloLoveOffical

    what other people mean when they say rip: Rest In Pace :what i mean: Return If Possible

  • Tiana Waleed
    Tiana Waleed

    goes hard. Rest easy king

  • Loner BF Ψ
    Loner BF Ψ

    If you learned the song in the first 3 times you listened to it when it first came out your a legend

  • Roamone Charles
    Roamone Charles


  • Amare Colon
    Amare Colon

    Rip von

  • MrBacon

    rip von

  • Noel Kuony
    Noel Kuony

    I thought this nigga dead

  • Forever Shifting
    Forever Shifting

    😩😩😩😩😩 I’m so sad he’s gone

  • Lyrical Juice
    Lyrical Juice

    This is heat

  • A1_400

    Rip Von🕊❤️ one of the best storyteller in the rap game

  • A1_400

    The people who disliked this are from 63rd

  • Meagan McNeal
    Meagan McNeal

    king von still alive

  • Markayla Jones
    Markayla Jones

    I miss von😞

  • Joshua Hamilton
    Joshua Hamilton


  • Jordan Playz
    Jordan Playz

    Edit for Von R.III.P

  • KaLeigh Opher
    KaLeigh Opher


  • Harikumar G
    Harikumar G


  • Itz_SxdVibxs

    People who dislike are from 63rd

  • JJWats22

    If von killed quando he would get praised but he dead and quando in the wrong

    • Cortey Watkins
      Cortey Watkins

      True...however thats because they way he carried himself

  • Brian Scholla
    Brian Scholla

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥

  • Gyanna Rivera
    Gyanna Rivera

    king von is not dead he died november 6th and posted the 1 week ago

  • Pape Dia
    Pape Dia


  • Moon Cat
    Moon Cat

    Juice wrld