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  • MsLadyFuchsia

    Romsky's program is by far the most gorgeous and well-choreographed out of em all. Once the jumps get more consistent, this program will be so frickin' awesome than it already is!

  • Ute Eller
    Ute Eller

    I would like to recommend the way of your friendly sometimes excustiing competitions you have for others and previous situations.

  • TheYellowPhoenix

    Is the exhibition gala still online somewhere?

  • Bxeachy Gaming
    Bxeachy Gaming

    Nice job Canadians, Roman and Nam were beautiful and although their score didn’t come out on top, their performances were amazing. Lots of love from Canada ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Skating Analysis
    Skating Analysis


  • anibalsagenev

    That Canadian guy, Roman, not too bad uh? Too bad he had those falls

  • Maria Piano
    Maria Piano

    Yuzuru IS the winner and the PCS of him and of Nathan are just ridiculous.

  • SeabassFishbrains

    Shoma and Roman both have such gorgeous, artistic skating and such a wonderful presence on the ice, I'd rather watch them skate and fall on every jumping pass than watch literally anyone skate with 5 clean quads and lackluster choreography and transitions. Their skating is entrancing, just like Stephane Lambiel was to me when I first became a fan of the sport. All of course with their own unique styles. Regardless of the scores, the ranking, the ISU politics or any of the toxic fans in the sport today, just seeing this kind of skating marks a quality competition for me.

  • ElifBilge Uslu
    ElifBilge Uslu

    Nathan chen is my favorite, when i watch his performance i fell something different i can feel all the emotions his skating is so passionate and i really don’t get why is so underrated i mean yuzuru is also great tho but people should talk about Nathan too , he deserve it !💖

  • laitila frey
    laitila frey

    Great event So happy to see Roman Sadovsky Here.

  • Dan Villarama-Velasques
    Dan Villarama-Velasques

    You will always love one and that is Yuzuru They're all great But I love to watch a thousand times like Yuzuru A show to watch and entertaining like Jason Brown

  • Dan Villarama-Velasques
    Dan Villarama-Velasques

    Yuzuru is still on the lead as he handle things gracefully indeed. I love to watch him no matter what score he got

  • Babyyoda 1234
    Babyyoda 1234

    Nathan Chen was really happy today!

  • Babyyoda 1234
    Babyyoda 1234

    My brain: YoU Got TO COnSenTraTE On tHiS Me: I JuSt WaNt To ReAd moRe CoMmETS My hands: ScRoLls DoWn My eyes: ReAdS MoRe cOmMeT

  • Babyyoda 1234
    Babyyoda 1234

    why did I not get a smile from Shoma Uno today? 😭😭😭😭 There’s a rumour that Yuzu has asthma but... really????

  • A. Hana
    A. Hana

    First of all, the Japanese team had to comply with their 14 days quarantine rule and their practice time between world championship and world team trphy got cut short. So, it's not surprising why a lot of their athletes are not in their top form. And Yuzu just recovered from his asthma attack the two weeks before which was during the World Championship with Rika got injured.

  • Olga Lazarevska
    Olga Lazarevska

    Wonderful commentator!!! So many great and kind words for EVERY skater despite the performance! So much support for them and no bias. I wish I could hear more from this commentator in the future!

  • Likeafever

    Yuzuru the more interesting program for me. Better at jnats of course, the program is so graceful, the last 3A majestic. I loved Kolyada and Jason despite the fall.

  • Aomma Pink
    Aomma Pink

    so proud of you yuzu

  • Alina Tyo
    Alina Tyo

    Yuzuru, it was a great performance!😍👍❤❤

  • 0LUNA 0
    0LUNA 0


  • Rosa Rosa
    Rosa Rosa

    It was very nice to see how different countries applauded each other and how the public supported the athletes with the flags of their countries. Thank you very much Japan for making this tournament lively and warm!

  • M

    Roman 💔

  • hq mar
    hq mar

    nathan keeps on surprising me, every time i think he can't get better he get better! such a beautiful performance

  • jj smith
    jj smith

    The whiners are out in full force again.

  • Mark Lester
    Mark Lester

    Nathan rules again ! 🥇

  • tyrone lewis
    tyrone lewis

    The Gold medal in Olympic is Nathan do not see any of the other men beating him his jumping is consistent unlike the other men

  • Maksin Trankov
    Maksin Trankov

    Nathan aways so so powerful and consistent ❤

  • Лаура

    Чен вообще космос

  • Riadla10 EnH
    Riadla10 EnH

    True figure skating means first and foremost YUZURU. The rest are just competitors. It seems that Nathan Chen does not want to innovate anything, he persists in the same dry and monotonous figures. Even Jason Brown diversifies, he has a colorful skating, with original pirouettes, with interspersed tano jumps and with his hands on his chest. Chen performed the jumps monotonously with only his hands on his chest. It's boring, no matter how many rotations in the air, he would do.

  • Wong Erica
    Wong Erica

    Love yuzu’s programme...very touching..the score is meaningless

  • A Z
    A Z

    Nathan is the King no doubt.

  • Rahma Elf
    Rahma Elf

    Yuzuru and Shouma you are great. thank you for your hard work

  • jj smith
    jj smith

    My marks for Yuzuru Hanyu: Yuzuru HANYU - JPN Elements Value My GOE 1 4Lo 10.50 3.00 2 1S 00.40 0.00 3 3A+2T 09.30 3.00 4 3Lo 04.90 2.00 5 FCCoSp4 03.50 2.00 6 StSq3 03.30 2.00 7 4T+2T 11.88 X 2.00 8 4T+1Eu+3S 15.73 X 1.00 9 3A 08.80 X 3.00 10 ChSq1 03.00 2.00 11 FCSSp4 03.00 2.00 12 CCoSp4 03.50 2.00 X 10% bonus Sub Totals 77.81 24.00 Total Technical 101.81 Program Components Factor My Score Skating Skills 9.25 Transitions 9.25 Performance 9.00 Composition 9.00 Interpretation of the Music 9.00 Factor by 2 PCS Total 91.00 OVERALL SCORE 192.81

  • jj smith
    jj smith

    My marks for Nathan Chen: Nathan CHEN - USA Elements Value My GOE 1 4F 11.00 3.00 2 3A+2T 09.30 2.00 3 3Lz 05.90 2.00 4 4S 09.70 3.00 5 CCSp4 03.20 2.00 6 CCoSp4 03.50 2.00 7 StSq3 03.30 2.00 8 4T+1Eu+1F 11.55 X 0.00 9 4Tq+3T q 15.07 X Q -1.00 10 3A 08.80 X 3.00 11 ChSq1 03.00 2.00 12 FCCoSp4 03.50 2.00 X 10% bonus Q under rotated Sub Totals 87.82 22.00 Total Technical 109.82 Program Components Factor My Score Skating Skills 9.25 Transitions 9.25 Performance 9.50 Composition 9.00 Interpretation of the Music 9.00 Factor by 2 PCS Total 92.00 OVERALL SCORE 201.82

  • Soares Jr
    Soares Jr

    Deveriam desabilitar os comentários. Totalmente desnecessários!

  • Al Wa
    Al Wa

    Yuzuru thank you! I loved your performance! Yuzu and Misha are so great! I will always support you:)

  • J.A. Prufrock
    J.A. Prufrock

    Yuzuru and Chen are the best but the Russian guys have progressed significantly.

  • Torben Rudgaard
    Torben Rudgaard

    Nathan... always 20-30 points ahead of everyone else... Incredible skill!!

  • Jacqueline Blance
    Jacqueline Blance

    The best free program is by far Kolyada's, with or without mistakes, his FP is absolutely stunning.

  • Алма Жалтырова
    Алма Жалтырова

    Семененко Женя молодец не подвел команду так держать

  • Марина Коннор
    Марина Коннор


  • Sabine Bach
    Sabine Bach

    Shoma Uno was great so much personality on the ice🥰

  • Sabine Bach
    Sabine Bach

    Today I understood what Yuzu wanted to express with his programm. I can't tell you guys i don't have any words just tears. He reached my heart💔💕

  • Betsy F.
    Betsy F.

    YUZURU Hanyu estoy orgullosa de ti campeón ningún juez de pacotilla tocará tu legado.

  • Sofía Drazer
    Sofía Drazer

    Timestamps 16:50 Nam NGUYEN 🇨🇦 24:50 Daniel GRASSL 🇮🇹 32:58 Shoma UNO 🇯🇵 41:19 Adam SIAO HIM FA 🇫🇷 48:46 Evgeni SEMENENKO 🇷🇺 1:04:41 Roman SADOVSKY 🇨🇦 1:13:10 Mikhail KOLYADA 🇷🇺 1:21:30 Kevin AYMOZ 🇫🇷 1:29:40 Jason BROWN 🇺🇲 1:38:03 Yuzuru HANYU 🇯🇵 1:47:07 Nathan CHEN 🇺🇲


      Thx :)

    • Jacqueline Blance
      Jacqueline Blance

      Thank you!

  • Dioning

    Okay, I seem to see a pattern here, whenever a champion skater train in canada, you would see many of these kind of comments championing those skaters to the sky while also downplaying other rival skater. Like with Yuna, now with Yuzu. Love both of them, but i wish the other fans would not keep blaming the korean/japanese fans, this behavior (the ones written in english esp) seems to come from the canadian fans, or atleast international fans. I mean look at koola king.

  • IncompetentISU

    That triple axel quad toe attempt from Shoma was so exciting!!

  • Mila Mendoza
    Mila Mendoza

    Grateful to be able to witness Yuzuru Hanyu's greatness, there will never be someone like him, he's the perfect package.

  • Елена Лысенкова
    Елена Лысенкова

    Семененко- молодчина, просто умница, все так замечательно откатал. Супер!

  • Alla '
    Alla '

    Как можно Жене Семененко составить такие низкие компаненты.

  • Mila Pogor
    Mila Pogor

    Мишин конечно гениальный тренер,стольких чемпионов создал,низкий поклон ему.Ребята чудо как хорошо выступили.

  • Rawia Ibrahim
    Rawia Ibrahim

    Yuzuru Hanyu the absolute legend you are! Greatest skater in the history of the sport!

  • Rawia Ibrahim
    Rawia Ibrahim

    Anyone wants the commentator to shut up? annoying and so misinformed.

  • Warren

    All these guys are all freakin' phenomenal in their own ways...

  • Gabriela Fernandez
    Gabriela Fernandez

    Mikael kolyada ,excelente .

  • Hanneli Tavante
    Hanneli Tavante

    1:37:00 - Life goal - have the same level of good vibes that Jason Brown has

  • Lucia Olivetto
    Lucia Olivetto

    Yuzuru Is Always wonderful skating; Nathan was very good, not perfect technically but strong; but they are very different in skating; Nathan Is strong,. Yuzuru Is poetic and magic. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏for both, but ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️only for Yuzu

  • Via Rose
    Via Rose

    how in the world yuzu got 2nd for pcs i have no idea (✨corruption✨) but nate did really well technically so the win was fair. also feel bad that yuzu popped his salchow but hey ho

  • Jeremy

    Whoever gave Nathan's pcs score, I want what they're smoking.

  • Kristie Rockwill
    Kristie Rockwill

    It is interesting that they always use Yuzu for the cover picture. In the end we know that he is The Figure Skating itself. Yuzu, you are the Light!

  • Yuzu And Nathan Fan
    Yuzu And Nathan Fan

    WHERE WAS YUMA KAGIYAMA?! Great job Yuzu and Nathan tho :)

  • Jeremy

    Mikhail kolyada always messes up at the same point in this routine at every competition. Once the first half is complete, he loses stamina

  • jj smith
    jj smith

    So I am curious, after reading some comments how would you have scored Hanyu's and Chen's long program. What technical and PCS marks would you have given them? Use the score card for the technical elements that they actually did to determine their tech marks. You can add your own GOE values. For example, if a skater only did a double axel you can add whatever GOE value you think appropriate, but you cannot change the jump to a triple axel.

  • Nelsa

    Everyone was awesome! ♥ I love to watch Ice skating!!

  • adios nonino
    adios nonino

    Nathan~ U r the best Love u so much❤

  • Bhaagyalakshmi Sajeev
    Bhaagyalakshmi Sajeev

    Everyone did soo well....Yuzu, you were amazing like always...Congrats Nathan......Sending hugs to Roman and Shoma😘

  • Ольга Харькова
    Ольга Харькова


  • Ольга Харькова
    Ольга Харькова

    Женя, Браво! Миша, браво! РОССИЯ - ВПЕРЕД!!!! ВЫ -ЛУЧШИЕ В МИРЕ! Любим ВАС!

  • Adam Menzies
    Adam Menzies

    Kolyada has my favorite arms in all of men's skating. Just such great carriage.

  • soo’s vlogs
    soo’s vlogs

    nathan chan is the king. At this moment, no one can beat him. Period.

    • Mark Lester
      Mark Lester

      Hahaha, really ! I'm also very happy, nobody beat Nathan since 2018 Milano. It was his first gold - at Worlds - 47.63 points over second place !

    • Betsy F.
      Betsy F.


  • Libertad Siempre
    Libertad Siempre

    Евгений Семененко - герой!!

  • Libertad Siempre
    Libertad Siempre

    Михаил - бесподобен...Какая артистичность!!! какие прыжки...какие приземления.. .. Есть недочеты, но он -Наша гордость!!!!!

  • Татьяна Малиновская
    Татьяна Малиновская

    Самый любимый! Уже можешь не стараться)

  • maryljoe

    First live competition for the Canadian guys in over a year. Only other one was virtual. Great effort given the opportunity. Keep moving forward!

  • Oleg Rostov
    Oleg Rostov

    Phenomenal Nathan !

  • Mari Bera
    Mari Bera

    Спасибо за прекрасный комментарий!!! Юдзуру и Нетан браво !!! Их выступление - фантастика!!!

  • F K
    F K

    Nathan, you are amazing, the best skater today in every aspect, just incredible, don't pay attention to hateful critics and bots )))

    • Al Wa
      Al Wa

      The best overall but definitely not in every aspect.

  • Irena Laszczuk
    Irena Laszczuk

    Молодец Женя! Мастерство Мишина - Респект!!

  • Mariia Kashpur
    Mariia Kashpur

    Шома, что с тобой происходит?

  • SingSongEric

    Oooof Roman... two steps forward, one step back, so sad. Team Italy's gotta be a feeling pretty good, they'll likely finish 4th overall despite counting 0's for not having a 2nd man to skate, that's quite a feat. Someone go convince Carolina Kostner to come out of retirement and Italy could challenge for a medal in Beijing!

  • Olga Bevza
    Olga Bevza

    Какие талантливые и бесстрашные парни в первой пятёрке 🤩👏👏👏

  • Mariia Kashpur
    Mariia Kashpur

    Yuzuru and Jason - best in music interpretation and artistic qualities. Nathan best in technique. Shoma is my favorite, but it's been so long since he was on the podium :( Perhaps, he needs some help from Mishin or another strong jump technician.

    • Jacqueline Blance
      Jacqueline Blance

      @Mariia Kashpur Reread my comment: with or without mistakes, this choreography and program is the best IMO, not taking into consideration if he fails to deliver in the 2nd half. This choreography is itself a masterpiece.

    • Mariia Kashpur
      Mariia Kashpur

      @Jacqueline Blance Not for me. His program may be good, but he fails to deliver in the second half.

    • Al Wa
      Al Wa

      Imo Misha was so great too:)

    • Jacqueline Blance
      Jacqueline Blance

      The best free program is by far Kolyada's, with or without mistakes, his FP is absolutely stunning.

  • cella demar
    cella demar

    Yuzuru 💞💗💞💗💞💗💞💗💞💗💞💗💞💗💞💗

  • Alexandre Amirizian
    Alexandre Amirizian

    I’m a sad Canadian

    • Jacqueline Blance
      Jacqueline Blance

      Noooo, don't be sad! Canadian skaters have suffered a lot during the pandemic. This was their first live competition in over a year!

    • libertango

      Add me, too😂

  • jj smith
    jj smith

    Disappointed that Hanyu and Chen both gave watered down performances in the long program today. After the battle at the recent World's, I fully expected both to come out guns blazing trying to skate even better than three weeks ago. They both appeared a bit cautious and maybe even a bit tired after a long season.

    • Oleg Rostov
      Oleg Rostov

      jj It always been like that after Worlds ! I was convinced that Nathan would lower BV ....

    • libertango

      @citruscider yes, and most men did 3A2T...nothing wrong with that, still at this level...Great Shoma tried 3A4, oh boy. Thanks for trying!

    • citruscider

      Yep the only exciting one was shoma attempting 3A+4T!

  • miho3A

    1:42:35 Yuzu beautiful!!!!!!!!!

    • Anahí Londero
      Anahí Londero


  • Serena Manfrida
    Serena Manfrida

    Go Jason go!

  • jj smith
    jj smith

    I love Kolyada's choreography. His long program is the best in that regard. He skated with passion, but could improve on that. If he could only skate cleanly and add back his quad lutz he will defo win a medal at Beijing in 2022.

  • Наталья Амирджанова
    Наталья Амирджанова

    Красавец Нэйтан! Дико упростив программу и нифига не напрягаясь, на "отвали", он опять привез Ханю 10 баллов! Не надоело японцу регулярно проигрывать Чену?

  • Solecito

    Yuzuru ♥️

  • ольга калашникова
    ольга калашникова

    ребята откатали на мировом уровне, спасибо!

  • Anna R
    Anna R

    Yuzuru, you are true fighter. Your will to fight can be an example for many, not only athletes. I believe "Between Heaven and Earth" is your greatest program, full of wonderful metaphors and subtle beauty. Thank you and good luck!

  • Franca Mancini
    Franca Mancini

    Molto bello da seguire, meravigliosa l'eleganza di Yuzuru quando pattina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Жани Босс
    Жани Босс

    Нэйтан ты супер! Чемпион

  • citruscider

    Shoma was the only exciting one here tbh, attempting 3A+4T!!!!! That opening 3A was +5GOE.

  • Соф'я Лясек
    Соф'я Лясек

    Нейтен Чен разочаровал..смазаная хореография...((( Не тот прокат ..не прокат Чемпиона Мира .

  • Алина M
    Алина M


  • Ермек Исабаева
    Ермек Исабаева

    Мише и Жене надо хотя бы еще один квад добавить и улучшить компоненты и связки усложнить

  • louisa

    Yuzu is the winner for me , so proud of him